Interview of Ramon DEKKERS by Serge TREFEU (2008)



Serge TREFEU: Hello Ramon, how are you well?

Ramon DEKKERS: Very well in full form

How old are you?

39 years

Where you were born and in which area you grew?

In Breda in Holland

Was child you brawler? 

Not at all

In your district there was much young man who practiced Thai boxing?

Not, there was only one Thai boxing gym in the city, it was not known the muay Thai…

Do you have a children are you married?

Yes, I am married and I have children who live in Holland

Today where do you live ?

I always live in Breda

How did you discover boxing and towards which age?

Towards the 9 years age, a gym opened close to at home, I was to see, I pushed the door and here…

Your first fight do you remember it ?

I do not remember it but I saw again the video and I had gained by K.O with the first round…

In which category you did fight?

I started to 50 kg after more to 60 kg

You practiced other sports before making Thai boxing ?

I have make judo and Boxing

How was called your first gym of boxing and how long you remained in this gym?

It is Meang Ho Hemmers and it is my gym since always. Cor Hemmers was my trainer. In the gym there was, Lieuwfat, Masseurs, Verheijen, Bas Ruten…

In Holland, which was the best fighter in Thai boxing moment when you began Thai boxing?

It was Gilbert Ballantine, best moment I faced it several times later (3 wins for Ballentine, 1 win for Dekkers by KO)

Rob Kaman is one of your good friends, is what you often training with him?

Yes, often I went in his house to Thailand in Pattaya, I trained with him over there

Which was your first important title?

My title of champion of Holland then my title of Europe Champion against French Andre Richard Nam, after I had my titles of World Champion…

You were already put by K.O at the time of a fight?

I was never put K.O. I already fell, I was sounded, counted, but I was always raised…

Which was your promoter when you fighting?

I had many promoters. In Holland it was Tom Harinck, in Thailand Songchaï and France Sami Kebchi

Which is your most beautiful memory of fight?

My first title of World Champion against Namphon (Lumpinee Champion 1990) in 1990 in Amsterdam

And your worse memories fight?

All the remainder… (he laughs)

At the time you has good money with a muay Thai, lived you only thanks to Thai boxing, your job was a boxer professional?

Yes. When I became World Champion I started to have much money. I lived very well of the boxing

Your nickname of fighter is “The Diamond” from which comes this nickname from fighter?

It is Songchaï the promoter Thai who gave me this nickname. Because the diamond it is the hardest raw material…

Sometimes has called you also “Mike Tyson of Thai boxing”, loved you also this nickname?

Yes much because I was always a fan of Mike Tyson

Sometimes you fought in Kick boxing and Full-contact, you loved these styles of boxing?

No I did not like too much. I fought in Full-contact against Khalid Rahilou (French World Champion Full-contact and World Champion Boxing WBA). And I prefer fight in muay Thai…

You preferred fight with the elbows or without the elbows?

I preferred without the elbows. I like especially much the lows kicks

Which is the style of boxers whom you liked to fight, technicians or punchers?

No importance, I fight any boxers

You fought much in Thailand, in which year you went for the first time to Thailand and which old you had?

I went over there for the first time in 1990 for the revenge against Namphon. I fought in Lumpinee Stadium for the title of champion of the world.

Your first fights in Thailand you them a make in which stadiums in Bangkok?

I fought much in Lumpinee Stadium, and a little in Radja Stadium and also often to the King’ Birthday

You remember the names of your fighters in Thailand?

Not only some ones, there is too much…

How much do you have make of fights in Thailand?

About 50 fights…

When you went to Thailand you was training in which camp, where?

I never remained very a long time in Thailand. I went in my friend Rob (Kaman), I training it low, I fought then I set out again in Holland. I training a little with the Sityotong Gym in Pattaya, it is all

Do you know Jocky Gym of Bangkok, is what you already training over there?

Yes I know the gym but I never was to training over there

Had you one day the opportunity to compete for a belt of Lumpinee or Radja?

In 1992 I fought against Thai Issara for a belt of Lumpinee. I lost the fight because I had not carried out the Ram Muay (whai khru)…

The hardest fight that you are make in Thailand it was against which fighter?

Against Sangtiennoi and also against Den Muangsurin

In did the Nineties, much of personalities of Thailand know to you, is what you the King of Thailand had one day the honour to meet ?

Not I never met it but I think that he knows me…

Does the culture Thai interest you it?

Yes I like

You have much tattooing is what you were already made traditional tattooing thai?

Yes I have make Buddhist tattooing on my hands. Tattooing with the long needle…

Why you never practice the Ram Muay (way khru) before your fights?

Because I came to fight me not to dance (he laughs)

You have fought much in Japan, how much do you have fought over there?

25 fights

The fights was in muay Thai or kick boxing?

In Muay Thai

One much also fight in France, how much do you have fight in France?

Here I have make 40 fights

You fighting all the French great champions, which for you that champion opposed the most difficulty to you?

It is Jo Prestia…

In France enormously of people remember Ramon Dekkers like a very great fighter, is what that does to you pleasure?

Yes enormously pleasure which the French public remembers me. But when I came to France, nobody invited me, I speak about the promoters…

Do you know the old French champions?

Not too

In had your long career you chosen fighting very often, which caused you many wounds, can you speak us about your wounds in particular those which you had with ankle?

Yes I was often wounded in particular with the ankles. I fought too much with step enough time of recuperation. For example I fought Saturdays in France and to wound I fought Wednesday in Thailand!

These wounds you one often made lose fights, if it were has to start again would also often fight you?

Yes I liked to often fight. But if were to be remade I would pay more attention to my wounds and I would wait which are well cured to fight again…

Today you are a gym can you speak us about it, in which year did you have open your gym and how much have you students?

I took again the gym of Breda. I have many students and many fighters. Nicky Holtzken who often fights in K1 max in Japan. I have also Stephan Leko (fighter of heavy K1) and full with others…

Thank you very much and CHOOKDEE?

Merci beaucoup et à bientôt (Ramon said this phrase in French!)


Ramon DEKKERS “The Diamond”

Weight: 59 kg to 67 kg

Size: 1, 68 m

Numbers of fights: 210. 185 wins. 20 losses 5 draws. 98 K.O!

Title: Holland Champion Thai Boxing

                  Europe Champion Thai Boxing

                  8 times World Champions Thai boxing and Kick Boxing!

                  Champion in four divisions of weight: - 59 kg, - 63 kg, - 67 kg and - 70 kilos kg!


Ramon DEKKERS was the first Westerner to beat the Thai champions to them. In Thailand it is considered as an alive legend of the muay Thai. All over the world are name is to etch something on one’s memory in the story of kick boxing. Many champion one beaten but little one made a success a career as prestigious as him. Its punch and his exceptional courage allowed him to bring down the biggest champions of his time. "The Diamond" made the terror reign during of long years on all the boxing rings of the planet …

The list of the champions that he beat is impressive, in more he beat them at home. He also delivered memorable fights by losing of few in points or by stop on wound against big champions of whole world.

The champions that he beat: Ramkisoen (K.O), Andre Richard Nam (K.O), Mike Morris, Gilbert Ballantine (K.O), Namphon, Cherry S. Wanich (K.O), Bunchaï, Rittichaï, Coban (K.O), Joel Cesar (K.O), Sangtienoi (K.O), JO Prestia, Decharwin (K.O), Pralomran (K.O), James Thai Jump (K.O), Hassan Kassrioui (K.O), Taro Minato (K.O), Hiroshi Yoshitaka, Fernandos Calleros (K.O), Hector Pena (K.O), Gerald Mamadeus (K.O), Marino De Florin (K.O), Kenichi Ogata (K.O), Duane Ludwig.

The champions that he faced and who one beaten: Joao Vieira, Andre Richard Nam, Gilbert Ballantine, Jomhod Kiatadisak, Issara Sakkreerin, Superleg, Den Muangsurin, Coban, Sangtienoi, Sakmongkol, Orono, Chareonthong, JO Prestia, Chanoy, Dida, Rahilou, Rayen Simson, Namkhabuan, Jerry Morris, Luiz Guilherme, Saimaï, Dany Bill, François Pennachio, Takayuki Kohiruimaki, Andre Menzentsef, Joerie My...


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