by Serge TREFEU (2013)



Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you?
SAMKOR KIETMONTEP: Very well, thank
How old are you?
I am 38 years old 
You come of what region of the Thailand?
I am of Buriram in Isaan (northeast)
You are married, do you have children?
Yes and I have a son who has one year

Do you have brothers and sisters?
We are three children in the family and I am the only one to practise Muay Thai
Child you were rather a brawler or at all?
No I did not brawl too much, little at the school several times, but really rarely...
You began the boxing at which age?
In 6 years, I fought a few months having begun to train me, and I won my fight, I gained 50 bahts, it is good in 6 years (Laughter)
How you discovered the boxing?
Thanks to the professor of the camp Sitboonmee, the camp of the champion Kongsak Sitboonmee today. But at the beginning there was nothing in this camp just a punch bag and some pairs of gloves...

You began Muay Thai in which camp?
To the camp Chor Rachatasupak to Buriram...
You fought a lot in Isaan?
I have make more than about fifty fights in Isaan, then I fought only on Bangkok, I trained for Chor Rachatasupak to Buriram and I fought in Bangkok, I have make my first fight for Lumpinee in 16 years, in 17 years I fought for the belt of Lumpinee in 108 lbs against Nongnarong Luksamwrong, I lost in points...




You always stayed in the camp Chor Rachatasupak during your career?
No I have make many camps, far too much (Laughter), after Chor Rachatasupak I left to Bangkok where I was at first in the camp Dirak, there was Rungrungnapadiu who was a TV7 champion at that time, I stayed two years in this camp, then I was in the camp Carryboy, there was Lonachai who was a champion of the Radja, I also stayed two years in this camp, then I was in the camp of the great champion Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, the champion whom I faced twice (1 victory, 1 draw), I stayed three years at Sangtiennoi, then I went later to the camp Ingram Gym, the camp of Sagadpet, champion of the Lumpinee, I stayed two years in the Ingram Gym, and finally I ended my career to the camp Muaythai Plaza 2004, a camp near the stadium Lumpinee, there was Jomhod (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion) who had come train here also...




In what category you fought?
At the beginning in 108 lbs, then in 122 lbs, in 130 lbs and in 135 lbs, and I ended in 154 lbs (70 kg)
What are the titles which you gained?
I gained the belt of Lumpinee in 122 lbs, in 130 lbs and in 135 lbs, the belt of Thailand in 135 lbs, World champion WMC's belt in 154 lbs, I also gained the tournament Marathon in 154 lbs!



Against whom you gained your belts?
My first belt in 122 lbs, I gained against Chernung Sit Yutapoon in 1995, then the belt in 135 lbs gained against Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj in 1997, and the belt in 130 lbs against Rambojew in 2000, I put back my belt in game in 130 lbs against Nontachai Kiatwanlop whom I gained at points, my champion's belt of Thailand I gained against Thongthai P. Burapa in Lumpinee and my belt WMC in Hong-Kong against russian Varaxa in 2011, the tournament Marathon it was in the King's Birthday in 2005 in Bangkok, I gained in final against a english I don't remember the name...


How much have you make of fights, how much have you of victory and defeat?
I have make 300 fights for 248 victories, 50 defeats and 2 draws



You gained many fights by KO?
Not many about fifteen only...
You had which style of boxing?
I was Muay Khao (Strong in knees) with a powerful left middle!


What was your hardest fight?
It was against Pichitnoi Sithbangrajan in Lumpinee, I lost by KO against him in a very hard fight, he put me KO with an uppercut, I was only 17 years old. Pichitnoi was Muay Mat, very strong in fist, he became later a world champion WBA. My fight against Nungubon Sitlergchai was also very hard, I lost by KO against him it was a formidable to puncheur, it was also in Lumpinee but there I was 19 years old, one it is twice met, I gained the first fight but I lost the revenge...

Your best memory of boxing until today?
When I gained my first belt of Lumpinee, it was a big moment for me. My victory on Wangchainoi Sor Sirada (5 times champion of the Lumpinee) in Lumpinee, it is also a good memory, it was a very great champion!

What are the known Thai fighters that you faced?
There was a lot, Namkabuan (defeat), Wangchainoi (victory), Lamnammoon (1 victory, 4 defeats), Silapathai (defeat), Karuhat (victory), Jaroensap (victory), Sangtiennoi (1 victory, 1 draw), Khaoponglek (victory), Seanchai (1 victory, 1 defeat), Pichitnoi (defeat), Nungubon (1 victory, 1 defeat), Chernung (victory), Nongnarong (defeat), Rambojew (victory), Nontachai (1 victory, 1 defeat), Namsaknoi (3 victory, 1 defeat), Matee (defeat), Terdkiat (victory), Thongthai (victory), Khunsuk (1 victory, 1 defeat), Jompoplek (victory), Attachai (victory), Singdam (defeat), Yodseanklai (defeat)...

You met Yodseanklai, it was for which weight?
Yes I fought against Yodseanklai for the belt of Thailand in 154 lbs, I lost in points but 154 lbs it was not my natural category...
You fought a lot abroad?
Yes everywhere in Japan, in Hong-Kong, in England, in Italy, in Holland, in Canada, in Belgium, in France, I met many foreign fighters...



You know French boxers?
I know just man Stong Skarbowsky, he fought as thais at that time, today not I cannot say to you, I don't know too much the foreign boxers...

For you who is the best nakmuay foreigner?
The best it was Ramon Dekkers, there was not of more hardly since...
And the best Thai boxer at present it is who for you?
I find today the young Yodvichai very strong!
Who was your promoter in Thailand?
In Thailand it was Songchai Ratanasuban
What was your purse in the time?
My biggest purse which I have to gain was 300 000 bahts!

But during final of the tournament on the King's Birthday I gained the sum of one million baht!
What technique you loved most in fight?
My middle left leg of course!
After your career you became a trainer, what is that you have your own camp?
Yes now I am trainer but I have no gym to me. I trained for a long time in Hong-Kong in one gym, and I give seminars in several countries, today I am in France for a seminar...




Thank you and Chookdee

Thank you







Samkor dominated the Thai circuit during the end of the 90s and the beginning of 2000s. This formidable fighter was a real machine of war which sent his left middle to repetition such a machine-gun, his famous "Left leg" hurt has many of his opponents. The biggest fighters of the 90s and 2000 were all defeated in front of phenomenal "Batman", he beat champions as Wangchainoi Sor Palangchai, Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee, Karuhat Sor Supawan, Jareonsap Kiatbanchong, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, Khaoponglek Luksuritam, Seanchai Sor Kingstar, Nungubon Sitlergchai, Chernung Sit Yutapoon, Rambojew Dongolf Service, Nontachai Kiatwanlop, Namsaknoi Yutthakarnkamtorn, Terdkiat Siththeppitak, Thongthai P. Burapa, Jompoplek Sor. Sumalee,Attachai Por Samranchai, Khunsuk Petsuphapaan!
Samkor also fought a lot in Japan where he beat great champions Japanese as Satoshi Kobayashi, Hisayuki Kanazawa, Masaaki Kato and Satoru Vashikoba. Then he made a second career in Europe but it was no more same Samkor as in his peak...



สามกอ เกียรติมนต์เทพ

Real name: Somsak Nuasai
Weight: 61 kg
Size: 1m74
Number of fight: 300. 248 Wins. 50 Losses. 2 Draws
Title: Lumpinee champion in 122 lbs, Lumpinee Champion in 130 lbs, Lumpinee Champion in 135 lbs, Thailand Champion in 135 lbs, World champion WMC in 154 lbs, Winner of the tournament Marathon in 154 lbs





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