by Serge TREFEU (2013)

(Thank to Timothy Dharmajiva)




Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you?
How old are you?
I am 17 years old 
You come of what region of the Thailand?
I am of Pak Chong near Nakhon Ratchassima in Isaan (northeast)
Do you have brothers who are fighters?
Yes my younger brother is a boxer also
You were a brawler when you were a child?
No I never brawl...
You began the boxing at which age?
In 10 years
You fought from the age of 10 years?

How you discovered the boxing?
My father was a fighter before, it is him who taught me Muay Thai!
You began Muay Thai in which camp?
To the camp Sit Tong Sak, near in my home, I stayed there approximately 6 years, I have make hundred of fights for camp, today I am in the camp Sitsongpeenong, in Bangkok, for two months...





You have your room in the camp?
Yes I stay now in Sitsongpeenong





In what category you fight?
I fights in 144 - 145 lbs
What are the titles which you gained?
I just come of gained the belt of Lumpinee in 145 lbs, on June 7th, 2013!



Against whom you gained this belt?
Against Fahmongkol Sor Jor Dangrayong!
How much have you make of fights, how much have you of victory and defeat?
I have make 110 fights for 80 wins and 30 losses
You gained many fights by KO?
I just gained 10 fights by KO
You have which style of boxing?
I am Muay Khao (Strong in knees) and Muay Bouk (Fighter)
What was your hardest fight so far?
Against Seksun Or Kwanmuang, I lost twice against him, in Lumpinee, it was in 2012!

Your best memory of boxing?
My victory on Fahmongkol for the belt of Lumpinee!
What are the known fighters that you faced?
Wanpichit (Victory by KO), Kwankao (1 victory by KO, 1 defeat), Aikmongkon (Victory), Mapichit (Victory), Phetpanomrung (Defeat), Lekkla (Victory by KO), Seksun (Defeat), Tuantong (Victory), Yodtuantong (Victory), Jomtong (Defeat), Sittisak (Victory by KO), Nong-O (Defeat), Fahmechai (Victory by KO), Phetboonchu (Defeat), Damien Kwaytonggym (Victory by TKO), Wanchalerm (Defeat), Petchmankong (Victory), Fahmongkol (Victory)...











What technique you love most in fight?
Knees and elbows!
You have already fought abroad?
Not never

You know French boxers?
Not too much...
For you who is the best nakmuay foreigner?
I do not know too much the foreign fighters...
And the best Thai boxer at present it is who for you?
It is Kem Sitsongpeenong!
You fight for wich promoter?
Mr. Wachirarattanawong
Today you lived good thanks to Muay thai?
Yes my life is now much better thanks to the boxing!
Thank you and chookdee for your fights!
Thank you chookdee to you too


Thongchai made left from the champion's new generation which arrives in the Thai circuit, he beat of very good fighters as Mapichit Sitsongpeenong, Lekkla Tanasuranakorn (KO), Tuantong Pumphanmuang, Yodtuantong Petchyindeeakademy, Sittisak Petpayathai, Fahmechai FA Group (KO), Damien Alamos (TKO), Petchmankong Kaiyanghaadaow, Fahmongkol S.J. Danrayong, and is only 17 years old he is already a Lumpinee champion!

Thongchai is a formidable fighter, very strong with his techniques of knees, his fighter's nickname in Thailand is from now on "Khun Kao Palang Ma" (The fighter in knee with the power of a horse). Since he joined the Sitsongpeenong gym, Thongchai set of the muscle by rising of category, it is thus even more powerful, when he will be old enough to fight in Europe, this fighter risk of making damages in the category of 67 kg and 70 kg!




Real Name: Saranon Glompan

Nickname fighter: « Khun Kao Palang Ma » (The knee fighter with the power of a horse)

Date of Birth: January 22, 1996

Home Province: Nakhon Ratchasima

Normal Weight: 158lbs (71.5kg)

Fight Weight: 145 - 150lbs (65.8 - 68kg)

Height: 5’ 10” (178cm)

Fight Record: 126 Fights. 76 Wins. 50 Losses

Title: Lumpinee Champion in 147 lbs


Important fights of Thongchai:

In 2009

On September 1st, in Lumpinee, he beats in points Wanpichit Raflonearsaona (101 lbs)
In 2010 
On January 5th, in Lumpinee, he beats by KO Wanpichit Meenayothin
On February 16th, in Lumpinee, he loses in points against Kwankao Chor Rajapatsadu-Esarn
On August 3rd, in Lumpinee, he beats in points Phayanon Sor Tummarungsi
On September 22nd, in Radja, he beats in points Mutoo Kaiyanghadaogym
On November 16th, in Lumpinee, he beats by KO Kwankao Chor Rajapatsadu-Esarn

In 2011
On February 25th, in Lumpinee, he beats in points Aikmongkon Kaiyanghadaogym
On June 1st, in Radja, he beats in points Mapichit Sitsongpeenong (Thailand Champion in 105 lbs)
On November 9th, in Radja, he loses in points against Phetpanomrung Kiatmoo9 (Three times Thailand champion)
On December 9th, in Lumpinee, he beats in points Yodpanomrung Por Chaiwat
In 2012
February 8th, in Radja, (Fight main event), he beats by KO Lekkla Tanasuranakorn (Thailand Champion in 2005, Lumpinee champion in 2010)
On March 9th, in Lumpinee, he loses in points against Seksun Or Kwanmuang (N°3 in Thailand)
On April 3rd, in Lumpinee, he loses in points against Seksun Or Kwanmuang (N°3 in Thailand)
On May 22nd, in Lumpinee, he beats in points Tuantong Pumphanmuang (Thailand Champion in 140 lbs)

On July 13th, in Lumpinee, he beats in points Yodtuantong Petchyindeeakademy (N°7 Lumpinee)
On August 7th, in Lumpinee, he loses by KO against Jomtong Chuwatana (Twice Radja champion, World champion WBC)
On October 4th, in Radja, he beats by KO Sittisak Petpayathai (N° 10 TV7)
On November 2nd, in Lumpinee, he loses in points against Nong-O Kaiyanghadao (3 times Lumpinee champion, Twice Thailand champion)
On December 4th, in Lumpinee, he beats by KO Fahmechai FA Group (Lumpinee Champion in 122 lbs)

In 2013
On February 7th, in Radja, he loses in points against Phetboonchu F.A.Group (4 times Lumpinee champion, 4 times Thailand)
On March 8th, in Lumpinee, he beats by TKO Damien Alamos (Lumpinee Champion in 140 lbs)
On April 5th, in Lumpinee, he loses by KO against Wanchalerm Auddonmuang (N°5 Lumpinee in 135 lbs)
In May Thongchai changes camp and joins the Sitsongpeenong camp, he rises of category and pass in 147 lbs
On May 10th, in Lumpinee, in 154 lbs, he beats in points, Petchmankong Kaiyanghaadaow (N°6 Lumpinee in 154 lbs)
On June 6th, in Lumpinee, he beats in points Fahmongkol S.J. Danrayong (N°3 Lumpinee in 147 lbs) for the vacant belt of Lumpinee in 147 lbs, Thongchai gain the belt of Lumpinee and becomes the new champion of the Lumpinee in 147 lbs!


Lumpini Stadium 7th June 2013

Fahmongkon S.J. Danrayong vs. Thongchai Sitsonpeenong for the Lumpini Welterweight Championship





Lumpinee Stadium