special report by Serge TREFEU (2015)





The training of the professional boxers in Thailand is very testing. Because the Thai boxing is one of the sports most hard to the world. The preparation of the boxer for the fight is thus extreme, he has to possess an exceptional physical condition to be in great shape when he rises on the boxing ring.

The life of the boxers in training camps in Thailand is Spartan, the fighters train every day, they have only Sunday as rest day. Their training (Sôm) is based a lot on the physical condition. Every camp has his own style of training but we find more or less the same exercises in all the camps.

The boxers get up at dawn to go to run more than 10 km. Then, they make their usual exercises which are, generally, the jump rope, the skipping about on big tires of trucks, rounds in paos and sparring, the work in the punch bag and the endless session of clinch. They also execute several muscle development exercises suited to the Thai boxing, such as the strengthening of the nape of the neck with a weight attached to a rope, pull-up, of to climb of rope, long series of push-ups and abdominal muscles...

At about 11 am, they eat all together then have a nap. Near 15 hours afternoon, they make again a jogging of several kilometers before taking back the training.

At about 6 pm, they finish finally their hard day. After the dinner, most are fatigued and go to bed early to be able to attack the next day a new infernal day. They sleep in tiny rooms, crowded, with simple mattresses on the ground. The heat and the mosquitoes are their worst enemies for night. But they are so much tired that they could fall asleep anywhere...

Here is « 12 Commands » of a classic training that the professional boxers in a camp of boxing make to the everyday life.


At the beginning of the session at 5 am

1. 15 kilometers jogging (Wing 15 Kilometeur)

2. 1000 knocks of knees in the punch bag (Tii Krasop 1000 Krang)

3. 5 round in the punch bag with kicks (Teh Krasop 5 Yok)

4. 5 in 7 round in Paos with kicks (Teh Krasop pao 5-7 Yok)

5. Strike twice (Middle) in Pao 200 times (Bern pao 200 Krang)

6. Strike in front kick (Tip) 200 times (Tip Krasop 200 Krang)

7. Clinch from 40 till 50 minutes (Pam 40-50 Natii)

Muscle development exercise (Kai Borihaan)

1. 3 round to climb on the rope (Piin Cheuk 3 Yok)

2. 500 series of abdominal muscles (Len Klaam Tong 500 Krang)

3. Pull-up in the bar 100 times (Haun Bar 100 Krang)

4. Seize with the mouth and lift barbell 100 times (Kaap Luuk Puun 100 Krang)

5. Lift a barbell 100 times (Yok Luuk Lek 100 Krang)


At the beginning of the session at 4 pm

1. 10 kilometers jogging (Wing 10 Kilometeur)

2. 1000 knocks of knees in the punch bag (Tii Krasop 1000 Krang)

3. 5 round in the punch bag with kicks (Teh Krasop 5 Yok)

4. 5 in 7 round in Paos with kicks (Teh Krasop pao 5-7 Yok)

5. Strike twice (Middle) in Pao 200 times (Bern pao 200 Krang)

6. Strike in front kick (Tip) 200 times (Tip Krasop 200 Krang)

7. Clinch from 40 till 50 minutes (Pam 40-50 Natii)

Muscle development exercise (Kai Borihaan)

1. 3 round to climb on the rope (Piin Cheuk 3 Yok)

2. 500 series of abdominal muscles (Len Klaam Tong 500 Krang)

3. Pull-up in the bar 100 times (Haun Bar 100 Krang)

4. Seize with the mouth and lift barbell 100 times (Kaap Luuk Puun 100 Krang)

5. Lift a barbell 100 times (Yok Luuk Lek 100 Krang)


Sparring session in Boxing (Long Name) to the puncher Bowee Sor Udomson (Radja Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WMC)


Sparring session in Muay Thai (Laine cheung) between Tukkatatong Phetpayathai (TV7 Champion) and Fahmaï Skindewgym (TV7 Champion)


Superstar Buakaw Banchamek (Thai Fight Tournament Champion, World Champion WMC, K1 Max Tournament Champion, S1 World Champion, Toyota Tournament Champion, Omnoi Champion, Thailand Champion) makes his jogging (Wing) in the countryside


Jomhod Eminentair (S1 World Champion, TV7 Champion, World Champion M-One, Radja Champion) in full session of strength training with weights (Laine Wet)


Kaotam Loukprabat (Lumpinee Champion) made a series of push-ups between his rounds in paos


The star Kem Sitsongpeenong (Radja Champion, Thailand champion, World champion WMC, World Champion WBC, Thai Fight Tournament champion, Isuzu Tournament champion, Toyota Tournament Champion) works his middles to punch bag (Teh Krasop)


Kongsak Sitboonmee (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WMC, Best Boxer of the Year 2010) makes his clinch session (Plam) in his camp, the Sitboonmee Gym


Lekkla Tanasuranakorn (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, Best fighter of the Lumpinee 2009) begins his series of abdominal muscles (Len Klaam Tong) which will be minimum of 200


Petchboonchu FA Group (Thailand Champion, Lumpinee Champion, World Champion WMC, Radja Champion, Toyota Tournament Champion, Best Boxer of the Year 2013, Best boxer Lumpinee 2013 and 2014) works his knees in paos (Tii Krasop pao)



Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, Toyota Tournament champion) hits hard paos for work his middles


Superbank Sakchaichote (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, Best Boxer of the Year 2014, Best boxer of Lumpinee in 2014, Best boxer of Radja in 2014) perfected to paos his poke (Fan sok)



Jump rope (Kradot Tcheuak) of Phetmorakot Tedeed 99 (Radja Champion, TV7 champion, Thailand champion)


The phenomenal Saenchai Sor Kingstar (Lumpinee Champion, World Champion MTTA, WMC, WBC DIAMOND, WPMF, Toyota tournament champion, Best Boxer of the Year 1999 and 2008) does not neglect the small jumps on a tire that are perfect for muscle calves



Samsamut Kiatchongkhao (Radja Champion, Thailand Champion) performs horizontal traction to hanging rings, it's a great exercise traction that changes the usual series of pushups to the bar


For example, here are two typical training in two major camps of Bangkok, the Meenayothin Gym and the Wor Wiwatthananon Gym.

In Meenayothin Gym, the owner, Mr Chaiyasit Kongkiatyong imposed in his camp of the drastic rules for his boxers.

At 9 pm, everybody is in the bed, the alcohol is forbidden in the camp, and the roisterers are quickly excluded from the camp. Because here, the training is very hard and based a lot on the physical condition, the fighters of this camp work so enormously the power.

The boxers get up at dawn and begin their jogging in the stadium of a university, at 5 am in the morning, this not to hamper the students who come then for their sport class. Nakmuay (Boxers) run 15 km around the racetrack of the stadium, during one hour, with weights in hands. Every five tours, they leave their weights and make a tour completely with an acceleration. At the end of the jogging, they go up and go down staircases in running up for 10 in 15 minutes.

On come back to the gym, the boxers in preparation of fight pass in paos while the others make rounds in punch bags. The session of pao is long, a round lasts 4 minutes, every boxer execute seven rounds. When in the session of clinch she lasts 30 minutes in the morning and till one hour for the training of after noon. The session of clinch is severe because the boxer who gets ready for a fight is tested severely. Three boxers "fresh" each have their turn with him, the boxer undergoes an infernal clinch...

A specific training in Boxing takes place so three times a week with very elaborate sparrings where the boxers who are provided with protections, headgear, mouth-guard, to give blow for blow, without restraint!


Furious clinch between Aikpracha (Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, World Champion WMC World Champion S1, Toyota Tournament champion) and Dernchonlek (Weber Tournament Champion) on the ring of Meenayothin Gym


Aikpracha Meenayothin began his long series of knee strikes to the punch bag (Tii Krasop)


To the camp Wor Wiwatthananon, the training begins very early, from 5:30 am nakmuays makes a 12 kilometer jogging. Then, they make at once a session of clinch of one hour. The clinch is worked a lot in this camp. Techniques with knees are so enormously worked, it's a camp "Muay Khao" (Work knees).

By 9 am, the morning training ends.

At 3 pm, the boxers realize again a 6 kilometer jogging, still followed by a session of clinch about one hour. Generally, in camps, the session of clinch is made always at the end of the training. But to the Wor Wiwatthananon Gym, this testing session is practised in the beginning of training.

The session in paos for the boxers in preparation of fight is exhausting. During 30 minutes, practically without time-out, nakmuays is going to let off steam on the targets of paos. And it does not laugh, the boxer with interest to finish his session. The fighters train every day even on Sundays. They just have a few days of rest only having fought…


The boxers of the Wor Wiwatthananon Gym make between 200 and 300 push-ups in every training


30 minutes in paos, it's need to hold on until the end!


Certain champions go even farther to their preparation as phenomenal Phanpayak (Lumpinee Champion, Radja champion, Best fighter of the year in 2013 and 2014) of the camp Jitmuangnon Gym.

For his fight for the belt of the stadium of Radja against the titleholder, Ruangsak Sitniwat (Radja Champion in 108 lbs), Phanpayak made a tiring training.

During his preparation, the young boy Phanpayak made every day, in the morning and in the evening, 500 middles in punch bags then was going to run one hour and made then 500 middles in paos. Gladiator's preparation which paid because he gained a beautiful victory!


Preparing of Panpayak for his belt of Radja was titanic


In Europe, our high-level champions also practise exceptional physical preparations which few people are capable of enduring...

For the readers of Siamfightmag, several great champions detailed their physical and mental preparation to be ready the D-day!



Raphael Liodra (World champion WBC, World Champion ISKA, Intercontinental Champion WMC)

We have no gym on Mondays, I can thus take advantage of it to make a longer running in forest, otherwise of usual distance then make abdominal muscles and muscular strengthening.

I train for the gym of Bonneuil, on Tuesday, on Wednesday and Friday evening, as well as on Thursday afternoon. And Saturday morning, to the gym ABC of Charenton to work my Boxing.

The training 15 days before the fight, generally the peak has been reached, we maintain a steady rhythm but by pulling less, and last week some jogging and quiet sessions, where I work my sensations.

I run once a day, 5 in 6 days a week, around 8 km, certain fast jogging, others of recuperation, I alternate some courses on the shore of the Marne river.

I'm not crazy about the jump rope and I rarely make it, this happened to me during certain preparations in Thailand.

For the sessions in paos, it depends on the preparation and on my condition of the day, I can work 3 or 4 minutes, 3 in 5 rounds, sometimes, intervals.

The sessions of sparring take place at the end of lesson, it depends on the time when he stays in us, the same goes for the clinch, recently my sparrings partners are Cheik Sidibe, Jowad and Elias Mahmoudi.

I can train in Boxing to the ABC Charenton gym on Saturdays, and I also went recently to Aulnay-Sous-Bois gym.

I make generally five rounds by lesson of session in the punch bag.

I don't make body-building in gym, or with the material, but pull-up when I don't have too much weight to be lost (In period of preparation, not more than once a week), and regularly push-ups, abdominal muscles, squats and other exercises for legs.

The suppleness remains my biggest gap, I try to work her regularly on the gym but I obtain from better results by working her for two. We had particularly insisted on this point during my preparation for my fight against

I swim sometimes outside the preparation, but not regularly, I practise long walks in nature when I have the opportunity, in particular in mountain, my favorite environment there.

We study the boxing of my opponent by looking at his fights in video, and by working themes specific to the gym. But I also loved the system where I did not know who I was going to meet when I was in Thailand, and I had to adapt myself and impose my boxing to any opponent...


Samy Sana (World Champion A1, Wicked One Tournament champion, France champion professional)

During my preparation, for the morning training, it's one day of jogging and body-building in gym and one day of crossFit with swimming pool, a coordination of every two days, all week long, until Saturday and Sunday I rest.

In the afternoon, I'm in the gym of boxing during 3 hours. I begin with a little of jogging to warm muscles then I make some exercises of traditional warm-ups. Then, five rounds of three minutes of shadow boxing. Then, it's a session of five rounds in the punch bag, only with middles, the round lasts 4 minutes. I move on by five rounds to paos, rounds of 4 minutes. In paos, I work the technique, the power and the strategy. Finally, of the sparring, between five in ten rounds. After every training, I make 45 minutes of clinch. I end with the physical, abdominal muscles, push-ups...

Three times a week, I make of the Boxing for the Phoenix Gym and also at Hannibal Gym. During my preparation, I avoid thinking too much of the fight and my opponent, I relax, I go out little, I enjoy. It's one week before fight whom I change psychologically, I really go into the fight to put the chances at the most of my sides.

I'm really in the very classic preparation, no really particular exercise, jogging, swimming pool, boxing, paos, sparring, punch bag, a little of body-building, simple and effective things.....


Jimmy Viennot (Europe Champion WMF, Europe champion IFMA, Thai Tournament Champion, France champion professional)

I train once a day and twice by days in preparation of fight (3 weeks before the fight), more on Saturdays mornings and the weekend I rest.

In Thailand, I train similar except that I add on Saturday afternoon and on Sundays it's rest day. For the training in Thailand, I make a jogging twice by days which a big interval running, once a week, I run 10 km a day. In France, I run four times a week whom three big intervals running by week, I make 35km a week.

I have no special course, I just run the morning and then in the afternoon it's the training in boxing.

I make 30 minutes of jump rope in every training, 10 rounds of pao, except for the last week, only five rounds of pao, the round lasts 3 or 5 minutes.

Before the session in paos, I make 10 rounds in the punch bag by alternating works with fists and with feet and fists.

Sparring is made with the boxers of the gym, Ahmed Moutfi and Daniel Manzoni. Sparrings in Boxing, in feet and fists, in clinch, the sessions go from 30 minutes till one hour and thirty minutes.

In the week, we make two for three sessions of special body-building, with abdominal muscles, pushups, and of bench press.

We finish the training by stretchings.

I underestimate no opponent. We don't study specially his boxing before the fight, it's rather for the feeling on the boxing ring...


Morgan Adrar (Europe Champion WMC, Europe Champion WBC, Europe Champion WFC)

For my training on a daily basis, I begin with a jogging of warm-up of 45 minutes, then the shadow in front of a mirror, then a work for two, technical, followed by 30 minutes of clinch.

I end with the physical work with light stretchings.

15 days before the fight, I train twice a day.

The morning, the work of the cardio of one hour with five rounds of pao, five rounds in the punch bag and to end, light stretchings with a massage.

The evening training, they are sessions in paos, clinch and sparring, followed by muscular strengthening.

My jogging is 10 km, three times a week. And I alternate with the interval running three times by week. I have several courses which adapt themselves according to the dates of the fights and the climate. I have a course which rises, in a stadium, in forest, in trekking...

I don't jump rope, my sessions in paos are six rounds of 4 minutes with one minute of recovery between every round.

I make minimum 10 rounds of sparring with various partners.

I don't make particularly session in Boxing because it modifies the distance and the reflexes which are not really adapted for Muay Thai.

I make at l minimum 30 minutes of clinch, at best one hour, to see more...

For the work in the punch bag, I make 10 rounds.

For body-building, I make push-ups on feet in the air on the wall with pushups, weight, body-building for the neck with weights, squat, bodycore, bench press, and of the work of press for the explosive strength.

I practise a little the swimming, the soccer in room and the badminton for supports, bike and I make many stretchings for the flexibility.

I look gladly at the fights on the Internet but I don't study specially my opponents because quite little to change on the boxing ring even with a strategy adapted to the opponent...


Bobo Sacko (Europe Champion WPMF, Europe Champion WBC, France Champion FMDA, France Champion FFSCDA, France Champion WBC)

I train for the everyday life twice a day, six days on seven days.

15 days before the fight, I always train twice by days but the intensity decreases especially last week when we enter in phase of recuperation...

Once a day, I make a jogging from 10 to 12 km.

Before every training, I jump rope during approximately 15 minutes.

For the session in paos, it depends on the term for the number of round, the duration and the intensity...

We make specific sessions sparring with putting of glove where we make only that, with themes or without themes. In the gym, we also make sparrings only in Boxing.

Every day of training, session of clinch which mandatory wich is minimum of 20 minutes, nonstop!

For the work in the punch bag, I make just a few rounds, just to warm the machine before attacking the session in paos.

Generally, body-building it's more muscular strengthening in the form of circuit training. Because series of abdominal muscles, push-ups are an integral part of the session, every evening in the gym.

Stretchings I does not make it enormously but just a little at the end of jogging and of session.

For the endurance and the cardio, my coach sets up circuits training with of specific materials always in connection with the specificity "muay Thai".

The mental preparation, as it's not an easy sport, my mental is every evening tested severely in the gym (Laughter)!

My coach studies the boxing of my opponent, it's him who sets up the strategies, the tactics, which I apply then the day of the fight...


Abdallah Mabel (World Champion WFC, World Champion WAKO, World Champion WPMF, TK2 Tournament Champion, UKC Tournament Champion)

My trainings to the everyday life are classic, once a day, with rest a Saturday and Sunday a long jogging.

In 15 days of the fight, every morning, I make a 7 km jogging, between noon and 14 pm of body-building light.

In the evening, a sparring hard, 30 minutes at one hour of jump rope, it depends. Every evening, 30 minutes of paos.

I do a sparring with all the styles and the weight of the boxers of the gym (Nasser K Gym), with Lidon, Ayadin, the brothers Benoui, Reguy, Walid, Bryton, Jallele, Olmy, Mourad, Dylan, Rayan, Hassen, Karim, Yanick, they accompany me all for my sparrings, in Boxing or in clinch.

For the session in the punch bag, I make 20 minutes intensely.

As regards push-ups, abdominal muscles, body-building, I make according to of my weight gain or loss of weight. I end with limberings up, very important, I exploit all the parts of my body.

For the cardio, I do a bike, of the running and the soccer. My mental preparation, I work it by making many walking, the golf, the reading of champions' biographies in diverse sports. And the rest with my small family.

I don't study specially my opponents, I skim through the vision of the fight to give myself an idea and an image of the opponent. Then the rest, it's for the feeling on the boxing ring, where from my instinct of animal " The panther "!


Malik Aliane (World Champion WPMF, Europe Champion WPMF, Europe champion WBC)

My daily preparation, it's training every day, from Monday to Friday. The morning, in the gym of boxing, every week, one-two sessions interval running on a course for cardio work before going to the gym.

Otherwise in the gym, I make 30 minutes of jump rope, five rounds in the punch bag, round of 4 minutes, five rounds for paos, round of 4 minutes. Then, series of middle and knees in the punch bag, and abdominal muscles.

In the afternoon, I train every two days by alternating the boxing and the soccer. In boxing, I make many techniques, technico-tactics, of the sparring and the sessions of clinch. I do sparring mainly with the boxers of my gym.

On Saturdays it's rest and on Sundays of soccer matches.

In period of competition, I train in the morning and in the evening, five every seven days. In Muay Thai, the same thing for morning, similar evening and I add my rounds to paos (5x4 minutes), more several series of middles and knees in the punch bag. I end by of body-building with weights and the jump rope for the end.

I run 45 minutes before every training, in the morning and in the evening with different courses, according to the place of my training.

The big of my muscular preparation, I do of the end of August at the beginning of October, the rest of the year I stay in shape by making a circuit crossFit training and very few pushups.

As regards the mental preparation, I have never made it, I try to feel well the D-day and my philosophy bases itself on the 1st round, later I see...

I have never studied my opponents because for me it remains aleatory this kind of tactical preparation on a boxer. For example, everybody knows how boxing Yodsanklai but little manages to place a strategy the D-day in the face of him, thus I don't study my opponent on video...

The training is there, but at the moment very few fights which are lacking to me, these days that becomes there more than "annoying" (Laughter)


Xavier Bastard (World Champion WPMF, Europe Champion WPKA, Europe Champion WPMF, Intercontinental Champion IPMF)

On a daily basis, I train five days on seven days by keeping me only two for three trainings in Muay Thai and the rest of the time in general physical preparation because with the work and the family life he's hard to find the time...

15 days before a fight, I train six days on seven days with a part in the morning on the general physical preparation and in the evening of the specific in Muay Thai.

I make two jogging a week, a jogging owed from 45 minutes till one hour and two intervals running by week on a course.

I have no special course for my jogging, it's long, he allows me to work the cross and the recuperation.

The jump rope, I practise only in the warm-up for 15 minutes and at the end of session during 15 minutes to continue the sweating.

In paos, I make generally two series of five rounds of 3 minutes, otherwise long rounds from 4 till 5 minutes on a work of technical correction and automatism.

My session of sparring is five rounds of 3 minutes with a different partner all the minutes. My sparrings partners are a young peoples of the gym who fight and who have more or less the same weight as me. But I put gloves regularly with the professional of my gym as Malik Aliane, Erwan Le Gosles, Joao Laigneau, Thierry Berrichel, Erwan Morvan, Josian Le Chapelier, Osvaldo Labrada, except, Thierry Berrichel and Osvaldo Labrada (lighter), they are all heavier than me...

During sparrings we make several different themes, in particular in Boxing.

At the end of every training we make 15 in 30 minutes of clinch.

For the session in the punch bag it's a specific work with interval sequences of movements. I work also on themes to improve my speed, my lactic resistance or for automatisms of sequences of movements. The exercise duration is five rounds of 3 minutes.

The body-building, I work it by making sessions in strengths for the squat, otherwise I favor my preparation on a general work for the weight of body, the proprioception, and the strengthening on all the body, I use a lot the TRX (Material of body-building by suspension). And I strengthen of course, in every training, the abdominal muscles with series of abdominal muscles.

At the end of my sessions, for the stretching, I use the roller of massage "Grid Trigger Point" (Foam roller for massage) in complement with small stretchings.

To work my muscular and cardiovascular endurance, I practise several circuits training with small materials (Kettbel, undulatory Rope, TRX) or I make exercises for the weight of body. I make also different interval running on course to improve my cardiovascular system.

I don't practise the mental preparation but we spoke a lot me about it and I think that it can be very useful. I don't study either the boxing of my opponents, I favor my attention on my preparation...


Cheick Sidibé (World champion WBC, World Champion WMC, World Champion WMF, World Champion FIBA)

I make for the everyday lifethree in four trainings of 2 hours by week. I adjust my rhythm according to my professional obligations and my sports terms.

Five weeks before a fight I adapt my rhythm. That is, five trainings by week with very often two trainings a day.

Except preparation, I run approximately two-three times by week.

At the beginning of the year sportswoman, I run approximately 50 minutes, is 10 km for have a big physical condition which will serve me all year long. Then in period of preparation, I run every day when every two days. I alternate with a maximum jogging of 30 minutes, in good cadence, and interval running on a course. The interval running, it's to make an acceleration of 15 seconds then 15 seconds of recuperation.

For the jump rope, I start by four rounds of 3 minutes by interval (15 seconds accelerated and slow 15 seconds).

All the sessions, during my preparation, I make between three and five rounds of paos. Then of the sparring and the clinch during 20 minutes with the competitors. I begin with two rounds of Boxing.

Before my session in paos or in the daytimes when I don't pass in paos, I work generally between three and five rounds on the punch bag.

I'm followed in a gym of crossFit for body-building. I thus work twice a week the physical aspect in particular (Abdominal muscles, push-ups) and I end my trainings with exercises of flexibility.

For the mental preparation, I'm me the same mental coach since a few years so this part, I work alone.

My coaches take care to study the boxing of my opponents, that avoids me spending time behind...


Mohamed Souane (Tournament Winner Max Muay Thai Gold belt, Tournament Winner Max Muay Thai Silver belt)

I train for the everyday life once a day.

Generally, the intense preparation before the fight spreads out over three weeks.

With a big intensity the first two weeks, with two trainings by days and a physical preparation, in paos, and sparring. Last week, we centre more on the specific and the recuperation.

For the jogging, I make some pure running two-three times by week and the more we get closer to the fight, the more I make of the run on course or the sprints ally for the sessions of pao, of the specific effort.

My course in jogging is between 6 and 10 km.

I jump rope between 10 and 20 minutes in every session.

My sessions in paos are four rounds of 5 minutes in the beginning of preparation. And six rounds of 3 minutes, three weeks before the fight. Sometimes, we make eight rounds of 3 minutes with three working rounds only for fists (Mat) and pokes (Sok), and five working rounds in complete Muay Thai.

Sparrings is generally made on five rounds in Muay Thai and two rounds in Boxing.

The clinch, I work him twice a week with sessions from 20 till 30 minutes. But with my trainer Rodrigo (Alamos) we work enormously also in paos.

In the punch bag, I work essentially on series of middles (Tei Lam Toa) and knocks of knees (Tii Kao).

I work also the interval running in circuits training which Rodrigo prepares us, we work also specific body-building during these circuits, such as abdominal muscles, squats and push-ups.

In the end of the practice we stretch little, we favor rather the muscular relaxation...

For my endurance and my cardio I also swim.

I don't study the boxing of my opponent, I trust Rodrigo who takes care of all this, but he sends me videos all the same (Laughter)!






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