Interview of HESDY GERGES by Serge TREFEU (2012)




Serge TREFEU: Hello Hesdy, thank you for grant me this interview, you are soon going to meet Daniel Ghita for the championship World of It's Showtime, how you see this confrontation in front of Ghita and what think of you of your opponent?

HESDY GERGES : I expect a fast and tough fight. Ghita is a strong fighter and his style matches my style. So the fans will probably see a good fight. I have trained extremely hard last months and I am fit and in great shape. So I expect that my world title will stay with me in Amsterdam...

You have already gained this title It's Showtime in 2010 against redoubtable Badr Hari, what memory you keep of your fight against him and what think of you of the "last one" fights that he is going to face Gokhan Saki?

I won another world title against Ruslan Karaev in 2009. In 2010 I was very well prepared for the fight against Hari. In this fight I was able to show the world my talent and skills, until the foul in the 2nd round (Victory of Gerges by disqualification). This coming world title fight, I will show that again, now in maybe 5 full rounds. With Hari against Saki  I do hope that the people will get to see another great fight that night in Leeuwarden !

Year 2011 rather made a success of you because except for a defeat against Rico Verhoeven, you beat Daniel Ghita and Chris Knowles, two very good fighters, what retain you of this year of 2011?

2011 was a good year for me, but like many other fighters I was very disappointed that the K-1 in Japan did not take place. I look forward to 2012, where I will be defending my world title against Ghita. And I do hope to fight a lot of matches in 2012, and to get a shot at the K-1 title in Japan

You met several times the victorious quadruple of the K1 World Grand Prix, Semmy Schilt, what is for you your best fight in front of him and of which think you of this great fighter?

My fight against Schilt at the K-1 World Grand Prix in Seoul 2010 was a good fight. The crowd in Korea chose my side and thought I had won that fight. I expected an extra round and was surprised that Schilt won after 3 rounds. Schilt has a great track record and that’s why he is a much respected fighter

In 2009 you gained the championship of the World WFCA against robust Russian Ruslan Karaew, it is a good memory this title and this fight in front of Karaew?

Karaev was at that moment a more experienced fighter than me. He performed very well in the K-1 also. In that fight I was light, fast and fit, and the easy I won surprised many people. It put me on the map and was an important level up in my career...

You faced good fighters as Aswin Balrak, Paul Slowinski, Rustemi Kreshnik, Mourad Bouzidi, Anderson Silva, Brian Douwes, what retain you of your fights against these opponents?

I fought them in the spring of my career. Balrak was able to surprise many fighters, and he is someone that is experienced. They are all very different fighters that have helped me to gain the experience I need today...

Your first one fights for an importing title it is made in 2006, it was for the championship of the world WAKO, in Italy against Daniele Petroni, you lost in points, what keep you by this experience in Italy?

Since that fight I started training in a different way, and train much harder. I feel that a fighter should learn from a defeat and use it to become better and better.

The first title important that you won was against Jan Muller, Champion of Europe WFCA, in 2008, what memory you have of this first important title?

Winning a title, no matter which one, is very important to any fighter and for me especially. After a long career, people will also remember a fighter by the number of titles he won. And am confident that I will be able to add a few more titles to my list

You had the opportunity to fight in K1 in Japan, regrettably K1 is practically finished, what think you of the end of K1?

The end of the K-1 in 2011 was very disappointing to me, since I had qualified and was looking forward to the Gran Prix tournament very much. For all kickboxing fans around the world, and for the best fighters, I hope that the K-1 will be back in 2012

The only French fighter whom you met it is the champion Brice Guidon, you lost in points against him, what think you of this fighter and would like you to meet him again?

Guidon is an experienced fighter that can be surprising against strong fighters. I love to fight, so Brice or any other great fighter, I will prepare myself very well !

At present you are in the famous Chakuriki Gym of Thom Harinck, there are several great fighters in this gym in particular the great champion Jerome Le Banner, what is what you make of the sparring with him? What is your sparring partener?

To me Jerome Le Banner and Peter Aerts have always been great examples of very tough and spectacular fighters. Jerome and I have trained, sparred and battled many times here at Chakuriki, when my sensie Mr. Thom Harinck was training Jerome. Besides a very respected fighter, Jerome has also become a friend.

Jerome and also Peter Aerts have trained with sensei Thom Harinck. With great experienced and very tough sparring partners like Peter Aerts, Jerome Le Banner, Anderson Braddock Silva, Frank Munoz, Amir Zeyada, Atma Smit, Sander Duivis and others, my skills and endurance have improved a lot the last 2 years. Having great fighters to spar with, is one of the most important things for a champion...

How it is crossed your meeting with this great trainer whom is Thom Harinck?

Sensei Thom Harinck is a legend and I’m very proud that he is my trainer. Where I am today, is mainly due to the trust sensei Harinck has always had in me. For which I’m extremely grateful. But the rest of my team is also extremely important to me: Endurance trainer Rayen Bindraban, Pads Trainer Paul Lamoth, Box trainer Martin Jansen, PR manager and friend Igor Beuker and Remon Daalder from Black Label Fighting !

You began the boxing in Chakuriki Gym?

Yes that’s where I started by kickboxing.

At the beginning of your career what is what there are champions of whom you liked their boxing and which inspired you for the continuation of your career?

Peter Aerts has always been an example of a great fighter, somebody who really inspired me to go and become a professional kickboxer

How you discovered this sport?

I already loved kickboxing when I was a teenager. I went along with friends of mine, who were older than me and already kickboxing at that time. I went along with them to the gym and soon I knew: I will become a kickboxer too!

You grew in a rather difficult district of Amsterdam, you had a youth enlivened, is what that is boxing who has a little « saved » you from the delinquency?

I owe that to sensei Harinck, who recognized my talent and inspired me to train much harder. I owe a lot to him and the kickboxing sport...

So far what was your hardest fight?

That’s a very good question. I think Sem Schilt in Seoul was a pretty tough fight for both fighters

What are the techniques which you prefer in fight?

I decreased in weight so I can be as fast as the fights against Karaev and Hari. And I have never been so fit and strong before as now. My kicks can demolish somebody in round 1 and 2, from the bottom up. Due to my boxing training I move faster and quicker and I worked hard on my knee and boxing techniques.

Your best memory of boxing?

Every fight is a highlight for me, I love to fight. The 2 world titles are a great memory and so was the election for the 2010 K-1 Grand Prix. The very best memory is yet to come, that will be the fight of January 28 !

And the worst?

The K-1 Grand Prix 2011 not taking place at the last moment.

What are your projects for 2012?

World title fight against Ghita on 28 January. Other It’s Showtime events across the globe and off course I do hope that the K-1 Grand Prix 2012 will take place.

You want to add anything?

I do want to give your readers a great fight on January 28 and other spectacular fights in 2012. Osu!

Thank you very much for this interview and GOOD LUCK for your fight of january 28 !




Hesdy Gerges is a pure product of Chakuriki Gym. The famous trainer Thom Harinck, one of quite better of Holland, shaped his pupil to make a great fighter, one today of the best to the world. Gerges, if K1 returns this year, deserve his place in the final square of this global event. On January 28th in It's Showe Time, in front of redoubtable Daniel Ghita, the other major figure of the current heavyweight, the fight looks titanic!






Born: 1984 February 20

Weight: 108 Kg

Number of fight: 50. 39 wins (18 KO). 10 Losses. 1 Draw.

Title: World Champion It's Show Time (2011, 2010), World Champion WFCA (2009), Europe Champion WFCA (2008), Benelux Champion (2008), Holland Champion (2007)


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