Interview of Farid VILLAUME by NICHOLAS READ (2008)


NICHOLAS READ: Hello Farid, how are you, your wound to the calf is cured well?

FARID VILLAUME: That Ok! Let us say that I look after her at the same time of my trainings but I would need a little more rest …

Can you appear at the readers who do not know you?

I practise the Muay Thai since 17 years and I have several championships of France, Europe, and World …

Towards how old are you begun the Muay Thai?

at the age of 16 if I do not make a mistake because that made for a long time!

Can you explain to us how you discovered this sport and that what is what attracted you in the world of the boxing?

One evening I left seeing a training in Star Boxing and ANUKUN was to hit in the paos I was surprised by his speed of execution and its striking!

Speak to us about your first gym, the strong moments which you have they within this gym?

Star Boxing is my first gym or I acquired all my techniques because I lived in the middle of Thai practically 24 hours on 24! They took me under them wings as a small brother, I’m training with them, I ran with them, I ate with them, as a second family in some sort!

You remember your all first fights, what memories marked you?

in fact I am crossed professional in my fifth fights, I have him make moreover in Thailand for the King’s Birthday with Guillaume Kerner, Sari and Dany. It was in 93 if I do not make a mistake!

What was your first important title that you gained?

My world championship against ORONO POR MUANG UBON, a big memory to share with Désiré Thibault, his brother PI TENG, and let us not forget my "Bilos"  I wanted to say Nicolas Subileau …

You have a sacred fighter’s records, can you describe to us?

I have more than hundred fights for 5 or 6 defeats!

What is your most beautiful memory of fighter?

There is so!  

In what time were you going in Thailand, can you speak to us about these first Thai experiences?

In 1993 good experience, the knowledge of markets, food which I already knew but which was good also the traditional massages or we take charge of you during 2 hours from head to foot!

I believe to know that you had a camp whisker over there, the Kiet Ban Chong, can you speak to us about it?

I have never left this camp because I had a big respect for PI  MAY and because it always accepted me as one of theirs, and for the boxers I have of to show my ability sparring then we became as brother with the champions then everything youngest follow the big!

Do you remember the toughest Thai opponents whom you fought?

ORONO hard physically because of the climate, to boxing at 4 pm right in the sun it is hardcore! Saimai also for its strong middle, Sakmongkon so hard in the evil, and to finish Yodseanklai which is very good also …

You have already fought in Japan, in particular in K1 Max, would like you to renew this experience?

Of course but to enter the tournament that would motivate me more…

A fight Villaume against Buakaw in final of K1 Max would be not bad as fight, no?

That would be magnificent!

To fight in Japan and in France it is what the difference for you?

The time difference it is difficult to become acclimatized over there! In France that pleased more because you boxing at home there it is cool!

You are a pure fighter Thai boxing, what is that you have already fought in the other disciplines of kick boxing?


You are a complete boxer but what is what there are techniques which you like in particular in fight?

Let us say that to make a beautiful boxing as we taught him to me it is more attractive for the public

What do you think, today of the general level of the Muay Thai in France?

The level is good, many young people make efforts to work the technique his pleased

And at the world level?

Exactly during amateur world championships with everything countries represented I saw that many it untangles very technically …

Today you training in which gym and with what sparrings do you training?

I’m train at Bilos to the Méé Sport Muay Thai, and as sparring I’m train with Rachid Kabbouri said "mouth"! But I meet many of the other friends of the boxing to make of the sparring as Gregory Choplin, Mehdi Zatout, Djamel Yacouben, etc.

Have you a particular method of training?

In the Thai not to change!

You fought twice Yodseanklai in memorable fights, would again like you to fight him?

Absolutely! For the first act I have anything added, but the second I do not agree to have lost in this condition because I rose under cold conditions! Because Kamel Djemel took a blow elbow in the first round (stopped TKO) and I just came to stop putting my gloves without warming me, having lost it is the game but in good condition I accept

Yodseanklai is for you the world the strongest fighter at present in your category?

He is very strong but there is of the other one at this level!

Among these former champions of time quote we the one with which you would have absolutely liked fighting and why, Ramon Dekkers, Somsong, Kronsak, Guillaume Kerner, Dany Bill, Dida Diafat, Jo Prestia, Fabrice Payen?

I have a lot of respect for these big champions. I cannot say than that because I know them very well for the greater part …

Until today you manage to live on your sport and exercise you a profession in parallel?

Regrettably we cannot live on it professionally, then I give lesson in parallel with a structure which is on the city of Vaires on the Marne I take advantage of it exactly to make a small Hello to these young people there! And Aurida naturally the person in charge of the structure whom I thank!

Now that you have a big experience in the Muay Thai which advice you would give to a young man who wants to do a career in Thai Boxing?

To persevere in his efforts, because the road is long, and to have a good healthy life that helps a lot!

When your career will be ended would like you to go up a gym and to teach the Muay Thai?

If God wants him why not!

We have already seen you coach in the French team amateur of Thai Boxing, it is something that you would like to do again, to supervise young fighters?

I am him always but with my timetable sometimes it is not so easy, but to be able to help them in the approach of the fight pleases me …

What are your next challenges, your fights futures?

I leave for Jamaica to make a world championship WBC against LAMSONGKRAM CHUWATTANA, then 3 August in Guinea for a tournament organized by Mr Sami Kebchy

Have you a fit of bad temper and to fall in love with?

I would want that the ministry advances on us and that it helps us! And I wanted to give my support for the young fighter Guillaume Mautz for its accident which it had recently, so case his family…

You want to add something?

Good continuation for your site and in very soon

Thank have answered this interview and Chook Dee for the continuation

Khop koun maak khrap (thank you very much)



Born : 1975

Size : 1m80

Weight : 72 Kg

Number of fights : More than 100 fights! 5 losses. 2 draws.

Fighter’s records: World Champion WMC 2005. World Champion WMC 2004. World Champion MTA 2003. World Champion WMTC 2000. World Champion Amateur 1998. Europe Champion EMF 2004. France Champion 1997 and 1998. A1 Champion 2006. Twice wins in K1 Max in Japan 2005 and 2006. Ranking number 5 in Lumpinee Stadium of Bangkok in 2000.




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