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Interview of ABDELLAH MABEL by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Abdellah how’s that goes, you grew in which place of France?

ABDELLAH MABEL: Hello and thank you for this intention, I grew in the suburb of city of Lyon

You have brothers who fought?

I have 3 older brothers and one made of the Boxing

Who has you make discover the boxing?

You go laughter it is on the TV where any young I hid behind the door of my room when my brothers looked at the fights at 3 am in the morning at the television…

You began the boxing towards which age?

In 16 years

Had you made the other sports before beginning Muay Thai?

I began with the football and I am a former dancer hip-hop

Who attracted you in Muay Thai?

It is a complete sport

Your first gym it is St Fons’s gym held by Nasser Kacem, how you knew this gym?

I danced to the MJC (Youth Club) of my city and there were lesson of Thai boxing …

Can you speak to us about your meeting with Nasser Kacem?

I was impressed by the person of Nasser and by this new sports atmosphere

What memories you have of your first fights?

Ha! Ha! Ha! It was of the clumsiness and the apprehension but with the strong determination which has pleased to Nasser…

When you began your career, there are boxers who influenced you in their style of boxing?

Danny Bill, Jo Prestia, Mourad Sari, Ernesto Hoost, Orono, Wang Chai Noi and Tyson, Mohamed Ali, Marcel Cerdan, Floyd Patterson…

How much do you have fights until now?

85 fights

How many victory and defeat?

15 losses, 2 draws and 68 wins

Have you a lot of victory by K.O?

37 wins

In what category you feel best to fight?

That of 68-70 kilos

Your fighter’s style is rather technical with an unpredictable boxing, how you would define your style of boxing?

An unpredictable style

Certain specialists compare you to Danny Bill, one of our best technician that France is had in Muay Thai, that think you of this comparison?

Very flattering but Danny there will be only one…

You are a versatile boxer, you fights also in Full-contact karate and in Kick boxing, how you manage your fights with regard to these various disciplines?

I manage them without stress and without hassle I know that I have capacities thus I charge in…

You gained the supreme title in Full-contact karate (World Champion WAKO Pro) you who is a specialist of the Muay Thai what are the technical difficulties that you met to adapt yourself to this discipline?

The only difficulties it is because I missed low kicks and my knees. After we adapt ourselves

You so very feel at ease in Kick boxing, because you gained recently a great tournament the TK2, you like boxing in this discipline, what difference of sensation you have with regard to Muay Thai?

The kick boxing is different of Thai Boxing in the sense or it is more touch, touch and I leave…

What are the titles any disciplines confused that gained until now?

Intercontinental Champion WPKC of Kick boxing, World Champion WFC of Thai boxing, World Champion WAKO PRO of Full-contact karate

Of what title you are most proud?


What are your strong points in boxing?

Little of everywhere seen that I have an unpredictable boxing

And what are your weak points which you would like to work more?

HA! HA! HA! Cakes and snack bar, I hope that you understand that I cannot allow revealing them…

Are you already were to train in a camp in Thailand?

Yes in 2007 in Bangkok

Did you fight in Thailand?

Not still but one day I hope in Radja or in Lumpinee

There is a camp in particular in Thailand or you would like to go for training?

Not in particular, as long as it is structured well

Your partners of trainings Fabio Pinca, Yohan Lidon and Mickael Piscitello are going to fight more and more often in Thailand, what is that you too have the objective to go to fight over there regularly for example in important events as the King’s Birthday?

If I have the opportunity why not but I am more attracted by Japan…

In 2009 you fought in France the champion of the current Lumpinee of your category the Thai Thanongdet, you are honourably defeated in points, would wish you a revenge in front of him?

Oh that yes with a big pleasure and even in front of all my opponents or I was defeated!

You also met the same year in France the current champion of the Radja Bigben Chor Praram, you lost by KO in the first round against this big champion, that it is him crossed? Would you like to fight again him?

Yes I would want my revenge in front of Bigben. I am making knocking cold, I was at home, I indeed wanted to make for my family, my friends. I started very strong well than it is not in my habit and the continuation we know I accept it is the sport…

Can you say me all the Thai fighters whom you have already faced?

Kaoponglek I win by KO at the 3rd rounds, Sakgmongol I win at points, Thanongdet I lose in points and Bigben I lose by KO in the 1st round

The best Thai of your category are at present Buakaw, Sayok Noi, Kem Sitsonpeenong, you think of having the possibility of facing them soon?

I hope for it!

In the category above there is also Narupol, Lamsongkram and redoubtable Yodseanklai, you would also like to go to challenge them?

Yes of course it is the boxing when we reach the high level we owe and we are capable of facing everybody

You evolve in the category of – 70 kg, category queen of the K1 Max in Japan, would like you to participate in this great tournament?

Yes it is clear!

You have already faced several times the titleholder 2009 of this prestigious competition, Giorgio Petrosyan, would like you to find him in the tournament K1 for example?

Yes I would like to find him I never have say not to fight whoever it is and it is not now that I am going to make

In your current category, at the world level the foreign champions of high levels do not miss between Souwer, Holzen, Kyshenko, Drago, Kraus, Lima, John Wayne Parr, Dzhabar Askerov, which one would like you him more to face?


You recently beat a big reference of French Muay Thai Farid Villaume, can you return on this performance, how feel you before and especially after the fight?

Before I felt normal as before every fight and later, normal, just satisfied with my victory as every gained fight, no euphoria it is not my style…

What are the French champions any disciplines confused whom you faced?

Moussa Konaté I win at points, Farid Khider I win at points, Sofiane Allouache draw, Samir Berbachi draw…

There is a fighter in particular that you would like to face?

Nobody in particular

Your most hard opponent until today?

All my opponents are very well, from the moment which they go up on the boxing ring in front of me I respect them…

Your best memory of boxing?

My first belt!

And the worst?


You train to the gym of Nasser Kacem to St Fons, what is your sparring partner of trainings?

The brothers Bennoui, Abderahmane Penda my cousin, Ayaydin Yuksel, Fabio Pinca, Yohan Lidon, Mickael Piscitello and many others…

Can you describe us one of your daily sessions of trainings?

Of the skip rope, the jogging, the cardio and the lesson in paos with Nasser

On what precise points your coach Nasser Kacem makes you work today?

On everything…

I believe to know that you are a activity leader of district, you who know well the young people of district how it takes place with them, your champion’s status is what that is an additional asset for your work?

Of course, I never judge them, I respect them, and he respects me. I do not like older brother’s role but the one who the advice in their everyday life

You very well seem to manage your image and your sports communication, how it is your relational sports very important for your boxer’s career, it is in family?

Almost, it is Mehdi my councillor which manages all that, it is the childhood friend who has creates that company of Communication and who have all my trust

What are your next dates of fights?

February 6th in Dijon the tournament UKC in rule K1

What are your objectives for the season 2010?

Fight a maximum with the positive max of result…

You want to add anything?

Yes I am thank Nasser Kacem without him I shall never have known this adventure, my family that I love, my brothers and sisters, Multivoices and Mehdi and all my friends and fans!

Thank you for having answered this interview and Chookdee for your fights future!

Thank you and what of good thing for 2010 for all, thanks to the fans of SIAMFIGHTMAG 


Height : 1m,74
Weight : 69/72 Kg
Number of fight : 85. 68 wins (37 KO). 2 Draws.15 Losses.
Gym : Gym Boxing Saint Fons. Team Nasser K.