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Temps de lecture : 6 minutes

by Serge TREFEU (2024)

Hello Isaac, how are you?

ISAAC MOHAMED: Hello Serge, thank you very much

Since the last interview we did three years ago, how many fights have you done?

I made 43 fights for 30 wins, 10 losses and 3 draws

In three years, you have evolved enormously, you now fight in the big stadiums of Bangkok like the TV7 stadium and the Radja stadium, when did you make your first fight in the famous TV7 stadium?

It was last year, in June 2023, I met Petchpasak Sor Salachit

Petchnung against Petchpasak at the TV7 stadium

Was this the first time you faced this fighter?

Yes, it was the first time I met him and we had a draw

How did you feel fighting in such a prestigious stadium?

I was much more apprehensive than the other fights, I was more stressed, not about my opponent, but about fighting in this stadium. The atmosphere, the ring, is not the same as in other stadiums. And the fact that I was the first foreigner to fight in this stadium ten years after the last foreign fighter, I had some pressure. In addition, we have been waiting for this match for three months since our request to promoter Chun Kietpetch (Promoter of the stadium TV7)

Petchnung and his brothers Petchsam and Petchhaa with the famous Thai promoter Mr. Peerapong Theeradejpong alias Chun Kietpetch

The last foreign fighter who walked the ring of the stadium TV7, it was Damien Alamos (Champion of Lumpinee), a French champion like you, it is a great pride to have been able to fight in this stadium?

Yes, a great pride and I had a great fight but I was opened twice at the front, I think that’s what cost me the draw…

Did you fight again at the TV7 stadium?

Three months later, in October, I faced Singdam Yuthasurat who beat me on points. Then, I met Poutee Namdeomi 77 whom I beat on points, I fought three times at the TV7 stadium

Petchnung against Poutee at the TV7 stadium

Your little brother Petchsam (Nahyan Mohamed), also fought in the TV7 stadium?
Yes, correct, he had fought before me in the TV7 stadium but his fight was not televised because he was only 14 years old, he fought three times in the TV7 stadium with 2 victories and one defeat

Are you aware that there are very few foreign fighters who have the honor of fighting in the TV7 stadium?

I am very aware of it, that is why it is a great pride to be able to fight in this stadium where the sensations are different than in the other stadiums…

When was the first time you fought in the Radja stadium?

It was 2021, I was 15 years old

How many times did you fight in the Radja stadium before having the opportunity to fight for the Radja title?

With my promoter Deer Kietpetch (son of promoter Chun Kietpetch), I fought seven times at the Radja stadium and once at the TV7 stadium before my fight for the title

Petchnung with his promoter Deer Kietpetch

How many victories have you won in these seven clashes at the Radja stadium?

I won all seven fights!

Petchnung fought a lot in the legendary stadium of Bangkok, the Ratchadamnoen Stadium known as the Radja stadium

These victories allowed you to reach the top 3 of the Radja in the 108 lbs category?

Yes, my promoter told me that if I won all my fights at the Radja stadium, he would give me a big surprise. So I held on to what he told me, I didn’t want to lose any fight to see the surprise he had in store for me

Didn’t you know the surprise was an opportunity for the Radja stadium title?

No, not at all. After my seven victorious fights at Radja, my promoter told me I was going to fight at the TV7 stadium. For me, that was the big surprise but I did not know that he was going to give me another even more beautiful gift. 

After my draw at the TV7 stadium, I was in the doctor’s room to treat my forehead injury and my promoter came to see me to congratulate me on my fight. He told me that I was going to do the revenge match in a month against the same opponent for the belt of the stadium of Radja!

You were, I think, pleasantly surprised by this honor?

Very surprised and very proud!

So, in July 2023, you met again Petchpasak Sor Salachit but for the title of the stadium of Radja in 108 lbs?

We faced each other at the Radja stadium and I beat him on points for the Radja belt!

You were only 17 years at the time of this match, you were aware that you were the first foreigner in history to fight so young for a title of a great stadium of Bangkok?

Not really, my opponent was also 17 years. I was only focused on the Radja title, I absolutely wanted to win it. It was only after my victory that I realized the importance of this victorious match. When people told me, “You’re the first stranger to win a Radja title at 17 years…”

Did you realize that you had achieved a small feat?

Only after several days and watching my match, that’s when I realized that I had performed well

Can you tell us more about this match for the Radja title?

The first round did not go very well for me because I got counted following a right to the chin that sounded a bit. But this count also determined me not to lose a single round. So I started the machine and I did not stop advancing on him by putting pressure and scoring my points. I hurt him well with my elbows and middles, especially in the third and fourth round, I really put pressure on him until the last round and it paid off!

Petchnung against Petchpasak for the 108 lbs Radja belt

Your style of fighter is «Muay Bouk» (Fighter who advances)?

Yes, I am a fighter who advances with pokes, punches and low kicks

Your favorite technique in the ring?

All techniques with elbows and left hook

You never lost by knocking?

No, I was counted but I never got a violent knockout

Your Radja belt you defended against which opponent?

Four months after winning the title, I defended my belt against Domthong Lukjaophorongtom. We had a very close fight that ended in a draw. 

I was counted in the second round but I won the next round and I opened it well at the front. In the fourth round, I was one round ahead and my corner had calculated that if I won the last round, I won the fight and if he won that round, there was a draw, that’s what happened, it’s a logical decision. I think it was the opening I had at the front in the last round that made me lose the round. I don’t win the match but I keep my belt…

Petchnung against Domthong, Petchnung’s first defence for his 108 lbs Radja belt

How does it work to know exactly when you are ahead or behind on your match, it is your father (Sofiane Mohamed, Coach of Isaac) who informs you at each round of the score?

Yes, it’s my father who tells me exactly where I am in the fight, he knows if I won or lost the round and he tells me the instructions I have to do to win the round

Great complicity between the champion Isaac and his father, Sofiane Mohamed the coach of Petch Muay Thai Gym

Two months after this match, you had a rematch against the same opponent with the Radja title at stake, you had a crazy fight, can you tell us about it?

I had a better fight than the first fight. We worked a lot on boxing techniques and defense for this match. And my father had prepared me well to bring out my right at the right time. As soon as there was an opening, I had to place it without rushing and that’s what I did. I hit him in the first round, he was counted. During the following rounds, I also managed to place my elbows well which hurt him a lot, I broke his nose, made a huge bump on his forehead and a big opening, he had ten stitches. He also had an opening in the lip of his mouth…

Petchnung against Domthong, Petchnung’s second defense for his Radja belt in 108 lbs

And you, were you marked in this fight?

No, nothing, frankly, it’s one of the fights where I finished without having any injury, it’s the first time that I finished a match with my face so intact…

In clinch, was he a little better than you?

In the clinch phases he scored more points than me, especially with his knees

Unfortunately the judges gave you the loser, what do you think of this decision?

We were very surprised by this decision. He can’t win by only giving a few knees, we see his head swollen, he gets counted and with everything I did, it’s not possible that he wins. For me, I win the first, third and fifth round. Even the second round is tight, I touched him well, he fell and the referee didn’t count him. But the referee I have the impression that he was against me and I understood that I had to win by knockout to win this match, that’s why I gave everything and that he had the head so damaged. I did not understand why the referee did not want to stop the match because my opponent was in a bad state. 

This decision is unfair. Deep down, the Thai knows that he did not win. But we hold our heads high. I would come back even stronger!

Domthong Lukjaophorongtom suffered a lot for his second fight against Petchnung

Will you have the opportunity to fight for the Radja title again?

I do not know yet, for the moment I will have to climb category, from 108 lbs I will go to 112 lbs. I must adapt to this category and then, why not, fight for a title of this category

A title of Radja champion in 112 lbs?

Maybe or for a TV7 stadium title, that’s what I’d like the most!

No foreigner fought for the TV7 stadium title in Thailand?

No and it would be something extraordinary to be able to fight for the TV7 belt. I will do everything to show the promoters that I can access this opportunity!

When is your next fight?

There is no specific date yet…

Isaac, thank you very much for the interview and I wish you a Big Chookdee for your future fights!

Thank you very much Serge

Petchnung Petch Muay Thai and Serge Trefeu

Isaac Mohamed is currently making a remarkable journey in the world of Thai Muay Thai, including his ascent in the major stadiums of Bangkok and his beautiful victories. His determination to reach the highest levels of competition is impressive, as is his pride in representing his country in these prestigious arenas.

His recent battle for the Radja title demonstrates his talent and ability to adapt to opponents, despite the questionable decisions of the judges. His desire to come back stronger and continue to fight for titles in higher categories shows his unwavering determination to never stop progressing. The wonder boy Petchnung has not finished talking about him!

Petchnung (Diamond N°1) Petch Muay Thai Gym was voted “Best Fighter of the Month for July 2023” at the Radja Stadium. The young prodigy of Muay Thai has earned this honorary distinction from the officials of the famous stadium of Bangkok after his admirable fight against Phetphasak Sor Chalasit for the title of Radja.

Petchnung «Best Radja Stadium Fighter of the Month of July 2023»

On July 30, 2023, at the Ratchadamnoen stadium, Isaac Mohamed made history by becoming the first foreigner, just 17 years old, to win a belt from a large stadium in Bangkok. Petchnung Petchmuaythai conquered the prestigious Radja belt in the 108 lbs category by beating Phetphasak Sor Chalasit, also 17 years old!

Petchnung had already made an impression by being the first foreigner to fight live on the TV7 channel in the famous TV7 stadium in Bangkok. The last foreigner to fight live at the TV7 stadium was the great French champion Damien Alamos (Lumpinee Champion) in 2011, when he defeated Apisak K.T Gym.

After a fierce and bloody match on Sunday, June 25, 2023, the judges declared a draw between the young Petchnung Petch Muay Thai Gym and his opponent Phetpasak Sor Salachit, Phetpasak being unbeaten since the beginning of 2023 with 4 victories!

In 2023, Petchnung fought 8 fights, winning 5 times, suffering one loss and achieving 2 draws. He notably beat Superjiw Sit Sakon Football (by KO) in the Radja stadium, Dongphupha Sor Dechaphan (by KO) in the Radja stadium, Petchnamchai Kiatphan in the Radja stadium, and Kaewnaka Obor Tor Nakonpanom in the Radja stadium. He also obtained a draw at the TV7 stadium and won the Radja title against Phetphasak Sor Chalasit.

His father, Mr. Sofiane Mohamed, has always been his coach. Passionate about Muay Thai, he trained his five children in this martial art. The Petch Muay Thai Gym camp is located in the resort town of Hua Hin. Team Petch Muay Thai Gym includes Petchnung Petch Muay Thai Gym, Petchsong Petch Muay Thai Gym, Petchsam Petch Muay Thai Gym, Petchsii Petch Muay Thai Gym and Petchhaa Petch Muay Thai Gym, all future champions in the making!

Team Petch Muay Thai Gym with coach Sofiane Mohamed and his boxing children Petchnung (Diamond 1), Petchsong (Diamond 2), Petchsam (Diamond 3), Petchsii (Diamond 4) and Petchhaa (Diamond 5)


Date of birth: September 22, 2006

Nickname: Petchnung (Diamond No. 1)

Weight: 50 kg

Height: 168cm

Number of fights: 43. 30 wins, 10 losses, 3 draws

Title: Radja Champion in – 48 Kg (2023)