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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Interview with NABIL VENUM ANANE
by Serge TREFEU (2023)

Hello Nabil, how are you?

Nabil Anane: I’m very well thank you

Where are you born ?

I was born in Thailand in Pattaya

Are you of Thai nationality?

I am Algerian by my father who is French of Algerian origin and Thai by my mother who is Thai

Your father is from which city in France?

He is from Marseille

So you grew up in Thailand, do you speak Thai fluently?

I speak Thai better than French (Laughs)

How old are you ?

I’m 18 years old

Were you a child brawler or not at all?

Not too much, not more than other children

You have brothers and sisters who practice boxing?

My little brother Yonis is also a boxer. He trains and fights for the Venum camp

Yonis Venum Anane
Yonis Venum Anane walks in the footsteps of his brother, he has already fought in the Radja stadium in Bangkok
Nabil and Yonis, two inseparable boxing brothers
Mr. Anane with his two boxing sons

How did you discover boxing?

My father is a big fan of Muay Thai, it was he who introduced me to this sport. He was a boxer in France

You did other combat sports before boxing?

I did a few years of Karate and Taekwondo

Taekwondo champion at 8 years old

Have you practiced these sports in Thailand?

Yes, in a club in Pattaya

At what age did you start boxing?

I started when I was 11

Nabil started boxing very early

What attracted you to this sport?

For me, Muay Thai is the most complete combat sport, you can have fun with lots of techniques, elbow strikes, knee strikes, grabs, throws!

You started your training in which camp in Thailand?
I started in the Petchrungruang Gym camp in Pattaya. I remained three years in this camp and I made my first fights for this camp under the name of Nabil Petchrungruang. My coach was the Italian Filipo, a very good coach

Nabil training at the Petchrungruang Gym
Nabil Petchrungruang and Yonis Petchrungruang

Then, you joined the Venum camp in Pattaya?

Around the age of 14, I went to the Venum camp, I have been fighting for this camp for five years now.

Today, your trainer is the champion Mehdi Zatout (Boss of the Venum camp)?
Yes, Mehdi prepares me for my fights, Chris (Chris Forster, world champion and trainer at Venum Gym) also trains me

Champion Mehdi Zatout personally takes care of Nabil’s preparation for his fights
The coach, the champion Mehdi Zatout, the father, Mr. Anane, the son, the world champion
Nabil with coach Chris Forster
Team Venum includes champions and high level fighters

Did you know Mehdi’s record before you went to his camp?

My father told me about his great career as a champion

Nabil with Mehdi Zatout (WBC Diamond World Champion – 67 Kg in 2022, WBC World Champion – 67 Kg in 2013, ISKA World Champion – 67 Kg in 2013, WMC European Champion – 67 Kg in 2009, 120 fights for 79 victories (25 KO), 40 losses and 1 draw) the boss of the Venum Training camp in Pattaya

You know any other French champions?

I know of course Mehdi Zatout and also Kamel Djemel, I know by name Dida Diafat, Skarbowsky, Rafi Singpatong, Samy Sana, Yohan Lidon, Elias Mahmoudi

And foreign champions?

Chingiz Allazov, Sajad Sattari, Alaverdi Ramazanov, they all train at the Venum camp

Nabil Venum Anane and Yonis Venum Anane with ring superstar Chingiz Allazov

Who are your favorite Thai fighters?

Tawanchai and Rodtang!

Nabil and Yonis with stars Tawanchai Chor Thais and Por Tor Thor Petchrungruang

What’s your training pace?

I train every day, twice a day, except on Sundays. I run in the morning, often with my little brother, and then I go to school. After school, I go to Venum camp to train, I do paos, sparring and physical exercises

You train with a lot of sparring champions?

Yes, at Venum Gym there is a choice for sparrings. I like sparring with Sinsamut (Sinsamut Klinmee is the little brother of the star Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee) because he is big and also with Alaverdi (Alaverdi Ramazanov is the One Championship world champion in Kick Boxing and IFMA world champion in Muay Thai in amateur) because he is very technical

Sparring at Venum Gym is very intense

In which category are you fighting now?

In 135 lbs (61 Kg)

You fight in – 61 Kg and you are very slender, it’s an advantage this high tall, how tall are you?

I am 1m91 tall. It’s thanks to my reach that I can keep my opponent at a distance and get in well with my knees

I take it knee shots are one of your favorite techniques?

Exactly, I love this technique but I also love all techniques of pokes and fisting

Your morphology and your attitude in the ring makes you look like a great legend of the rings of the 80s, Dieselnoi who was nicknamed “the knee punch that pierces the sky”, you know this great champion?

Yes, I know him well because many Thai people have nicknamed me the “New Dieselnoi”

Can we now call you “Dieselnoi Tho” (The Second Dieselnoi)?

Of course, it’s a great honour (Laughter)!

Currently, who are the strongest Thai champions in your category?

Rodtang, Superlek, Nuathoranee, Nuenglanlek

Would you like to face them?

I hope to face them one day

How many fights you carried out until now?

I made 37 fights for 32 wins, 4 losses and a draw

You won how many victories by KO?

I got a dozen victories by knockout

What’s your fighting style?

Muay Khao (Strong in knees) and Fimeuu (Technique)

In which stadiums in Bangkok have you ever fought?

I fought at Lumpinee, Radja, Or Tor Gor3 stadium (Jitmuangnon Stadium) and Rangsit stadium. And in all Pattaya stadiums

At the Radja stadium in Bangkok, Nabil was honoured to be congratulated for his fight by the President of France, Mr. Macron himself

What titles did you win?

I won the gold medal at the IFMA Youth Championships and a WPMF belt when I was very young. In 2021, I beat a Thai by KO for the WKN Intercontinental belt in 126 lbs. In 2022, at the Radja stadium, I beat by KO Petchnarin for the WBC world title in 126 lbs

Intercontinental WKN champion at 17 years by defeating Artid Kawkaigym by KO

What has been your hardest fight so far?

My hardest fight was against Chorfah Tor Sangtiennoi because it is a rock and it has very powerful strokes. I lost my first match against him but I beat him to points for the rematch

Your best boxing memory?

That’s for beating Chorfah because right now he’s one of the toughest fighters I’ve ever met. My victory over the Radja Samingdet champion is also a great moment because he is one of the top 5 current champions!

What are the famous Thai fighters that you faced?

I fought against Kiewpayak (Loss), Chorfah (1 win, 1 loss), Samingdet (Win), Petchnarin (Win)

Do you have already fought in Europe?

No never

Would you like to come to France to meet a French champion?

Yes, I am open to any proposal to fight in France with pleasure

Your next fight is for when?

On February 4 in Hua Hin, I meet the Italian Luca for the WBC world title in 135 lbs

What are your plans for 2023?

To fight as much as possible and especially to meet names because I also want to become a name in the history of Muay Thai. I still have a long way to go but I am determined to do great things!

Want to add something for our readers?

I thank my family, my father and my mother, my little brother, who are always there to support me and encourage me, I thank my coach Mehdi who is always by my side for my fights, Chris too and thank you to all the boxers from the Venum camp with whom I train hard.

Thank you Serge for coming to interview me in Thailand. I hope to see you again soon in France in a big show (Laughs)!

Thank you very much Nabil for this interview and I wish you Chookdee for your next fights!

Thank you so much

Nabil Anane won his WBC World Championship against Italy’s Luca Falco (WBC World Champion, WBC European Champion). Nabil is the new 135 lbs WBC World Champion. At just 18 years, he is already 135 lbs and 126 lbs WBC World Champion (a belt he won at 17 years)!

WBC World Championship between Nabil Venum Anane and Luca Falco
Nabil Venum Anane, the new 135 lbs WBC World Champion

This longiline fighter uses his long segments to destabilize his opponents. His kneecaps are one of his most dangerous weapons in his technical set. The fans of Muay Thai compared him to the famous Dieselnoi which measured nearly 1.90m for 60 kg and destroyed all his opponents with his terrible knee blows.

Nabil’s long legs easily touch his opponents
The knee blows of Dieselnoi Tho do very, very badly

On August 28, 2020, Nabil fought within the rules of Lethwei (Burmese Boxing which is considered the most brutal martial art in the world because headshots are allowed and fights take place with bare hands). In Yangon, in the capital of Myanmar, Nabil did a superb fight and beat Burmese champion Saw Phoe Khwar!

Nabil Venum Anane conquered the Burmese public

Nabil faced formidable Thai fighters like the little brother of star Phanpayak, Kiewpayak Jitmuangnon (Lumpinee Champion, Best Boxer of the Year 2019 Sports Authority of Thailand), he lost to points after a close match 2021 at Rangsit Stadium.

In 2022, Nabil had two terrible clashes against the durable boxer Chorfah Tor Sangtiennoi with a defeat at Radja stadium and a victory at Jitmuangnon stadium in Bangkok. Chorfah has defeated great champions such as Luknimit Singklongsi, Chatchainoi Sitbenjama, Kiewpayak Jitmuangnon, Duangsompong Jitmuangnon, Mongkolpetch Petchyindee Academy, Samingdet Nor Anuwatgym, Kompatak Or Atchariya. He also beat French champions Yassine Hamlaoui (KO) and Arthur Meyer.

Nabil Venum Anane against Chorfah Tor Sangtiennoi

On March 24, 2022, at Radja Stadium, Nabil had a great performance beating the great champion Samingdet Nor Anuwatgym (130 lbs Radja champion, 130 lbs WBC world champion, 130 lbs TrueForYou champion).

On May 14, 2022, at Radja Stadium, Nabil knocked down the solid Petchnarin Satian Muay Thai in the second round for the 126 lbs WBC World Belt. He became the youngest WBC World Champion at just 17 years old!

WBC World Championship between Nabil Venum Anane and Petchnarin Satian Muay Thai

This young phenomenon of boxing rings with Muay Thai in the blood, his margin of progression is enormous, in a few years, for sure, Dieselnoi Tho will be part of the best fighters of the planet!

Nabil Venum “Dieselnoi Tho” in action
Nabil Venum and Serge Trefeu


Date of birth: April 30, 2004
Nickname: Dieselnoi Tho
Weight: 61 Kg
Height: 191cm
Number of fights: 37. 32 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw
Title: WBC world champion in 135 lbs (2023), WBC world champion in 126 lbs (2022), WKN Intercontinental champion in 126 lbs (2021), WPMF champion in – 40 Kg (2018), Gold medal at the championships IFMA Youth World Cup (2017)