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Jitmuangnon Stadium, also known as Or Tor Kor Stadium due to its location at the Or Tor Kor 3 amulet market in Talat Khwan, Nonthaburi (a northern suburb of Bangkok), was founded about fifteen years ago by the famous promoter Somdjit Waenkaew. Although its official name is Jitmuangnon Stadium, many Muay Thai enthusiasts know it as Or Tor Kor Stadium, after the market where it is located.

The entrance of the Or Tor Kor stadium is simple and evokes more the appearance of a hangar than that of a large stadium
Despite its modest size, the Jitmuangnon stadium is designed to provide an immersive experience for spectators and viewers. Its infrastructure is reminiscent of a television studio, with a layout that allows you to film matches up close and capture every moment of action in the ring

Owned by Somdjit Waenkaew, also a promoter at the Radja stadium since 2013, Jitmuangnon Stadium is closely associated with Mrs Suntaree Lohapuea, also known as “Ying Lek” (The Iron Woman) or “Ae Jitmuangnon”. Suntaree Lohapuea was the wife of Uan Muangnon, co-owner of the Jitmuangnon Gym camp with Somdjit Waenkaew.

In the early 2000s, Somdjit Waenkaew and Uan Muangnon created the famous Jitmuangnon boxing camp, the “Jit” being the abbreviation of “Somdjit” and “Muangnon” being the surname of Uan Muangnon (Deceased in 2018).

The two promoters of the stadium Jitmuangnon, Mr. Somdjit Waenkaew and Mrs Suntaree Lohapuea
Mrs Suntaree Lohapuea, co-owner of Jitmuangnon stadium and promoter at Lumpinee stadium

The stadium Or Tor Kor survived difficult times, including a major fire in April 2021 during the Covid outbreak.

The fire had ravaged virtually the entire stadium. It took an hour and a dozen fire engines to put out that huge fire. The losses were estimated at nearly 10 million baht…

The fire that broke out in the Or Tor Kor stadium caused enormous damage. Flames destroyed much of the enclosure, damaging facilities and equipment

Fortunately, the stadium was completely renovated and reopened on June 12, 2022.

The fights take place every Saturday and are broadcast live on the PPTV channel from 12:15, featuring five main fights. The structure and atmosphere of the stadium is somewhat reminiscent of the TV7 stadium in Bangkok, with a limited capacity and a strong presence of bettors.

The bettors gather mainly on the left side of the stadium, they actively participate in the electrifying atmosphere that reigns in the stands

The price of entry to the Or Tor Kor stadium generally ranges between 300 and 500 baht, attracting a Muay Thai enthusiast audience eager to experience the excitement of this traditional Thai sport in an authentic setting!

The particularity of the Jitmuangnon stadium is that the locker rooms are located at the entrance, allowing the public to see the boxers preparing for their fights. Spectators can witness fighters’ preparations up close, including warm-ups, massages and hand wrapping
Boxers can fight from the age of 14 at the Or Tor Kor stadium
Performing a prayer before entering the ring is an essential tradition for most boxers
The fights progress quickly. Boxers, accompanied by their coaches and often family members, wait near the ring while matches are in progress
Ram Muay and Way Khru are sacred rituals practiced before each match, as is tradition in all stadiums in Thailand
A judge is responsible for tapping a bell to mark the start and end of rounds, a traditional practice which adds a touch of authenticity and charm to the Or Tor Kor stadium
The fights at the Or Tor Kor stadium are renowned for being fierce and committed. The competition is fierce, and boxers always strive to give their best to achieve victory. This creates an electric and thrilling atmosphere in this stadium
The matches are always very competitive, exchanges of violent elbows and knockouts are often there
Nichao Jitmuangnon (Wor Wiriyakun) (Jitmuangnon stadium champion in 112 lbs on February 10, 2024).
The Jitmuangnon stadium belt has gained well-deserved recognition in recent years, due to the high level of fighters who perform there. The Jitmuangnon Gym camp is renowned for producing top-level boxers, and its fighters are often among the best in their respective categories
Sponsors play an important role in financially supporting matches at Jitmuangnon stadium. Their presence is often visible through advertising panels placed around the ring. These sponsors contribute to the financing of the events, which makes it possible to offer great rewards to the fighters
After each fight, the winners come to respectfully greet Mrs. Suntaree Lohapuea

Current champions of Jitmuangnon stadium:

Seuabon Boomdeksian 108 lbs
Detchpanou Sor Phongamorn 115 lbs
Rithidet Sor Weemonsip 122 lbs
Supachailek Nungsapyay 130 lbs
Phetmahachok Jitmuangnon 135 lbs