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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of ALBERT KRAUS by Serge TREFEU (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Albert, how are you, well?

ALBERT KRAUS: I’m fine thank you

How old are you?

I’m 28

Are you married, have you children?

I’m not married but I Iive with my wife and 2 children a boy from 7 and a girl from 4 years

Where you born and in which region you grew?

I’m born in Oss in Holland it’s a small city in Brabant I still live here

How you discovered the boxing and towards which age?

I start boxing when I was 14 and stop after 1 year than I start kickboxing when I was 17 year

Have you make the others sport before the boxing?


Do you remember your first fights you can speak to us about it?

I won by KO in 50sec so it was a good start

Do there are fighters who you one inspired at the beginning of your career?

Yes many like Mike Tyson

In what category you fight today?

I fight 70kg

How many fight you have, wins and losses?

63 fights. 48 Wins. 12 Losses. 3 Draw

How many wins you have by Knock Out?


What are the titles that you gained?

Benelux Champion in 2000.  World Champion WKA in 2001. K-1 World Max Champion in 2002. World Champion WPKA in 2005 and 2006. King of the Ring Champion in 2008 so 5 world titles!

Where you from your nickname “The Hurricane”?

I get it from the old “Hurricane” Peter Smit (World Champion Muay Thai, World Champion Kick boxing)

You fought a lot in K1 Max in Japan, how many fights you have over there?

About 30 a view more I think

What are the fighters of the K1 Max who gave you most opposition?


You fought 4 times Masato, 3 times Buakaw and twice Souwer, which one of these 3 champions was the most difficult to fight?

Difficult to say if I was in good shape I win all

You won the title supreme of K1 Max in 2002, win second time this title, is what that is the thing the most important for you today?

Yes the meaning of this year is to win again

For the next K1 Max Final in July for your first fight, you meet the Italian Giorgio Petrosyan, of who think you of your opponent?

I know he is a good fighter but there are no bad fighters that day all 8th are good…

Until today what is your hardest fight?

I think with Sato

What is your most beautiful memory of boxing?

Every fight you win and win the final

And your worst memory?

Every time you lose and even more when they robbed me

You often fought in Japan and in Holland but have you already fought in Thailand?

No never fight in Thailand but I go for Holliday twice a year

In what camp do you go for training when you go to Thailand?

I trained to Pattaya in Scorpion Gym, ISS Brute Force and Sityothong and in Koh Samui in Super Pro Gym

In Muay Thai at present one of most hardly in your category is Yodseanklai, would like you to fight him?

I want to fight every body how has a good name and think he’s the best

You have one excel English Boxing, have you already fought in Boxing?

When I was 14 years a view

Do there are techniques which you like to make in fight?

Nothing special

Do you have already fought a French champion?

I only fought Konaté from French (Win by TKO)

Do you know current French champions or former champions?

Yes, Danny Bill!

In Holland you have already fought in “It’s show time” and against whom?

Against Buakaw

What is for you the biggest of the Dutch champions of the story of the boxing?

Peter Aerts and Peter Smit!

To day you train in which gym?

In Super Pro Gym

You train with what sparrings?

Many A-class fighters one of them is Alviar Lima

Who is your coach?

It’s Dennis Krauweel

Did you live thanks to the boxing?


What are your objectives for year 2009/2010?

To win the K-1 MAX again

You want to add anything?

Thank you for this interview

Thank you very much for this interview and Good Luck for your next fights

Thank you I’ll do my best…


Weight: 70Kg

Height : 1.74
Fighter’s Records :
63 fights. 48 Wins (30 KO). 12 Losses. 3 Draws

Gym : Super Pro Gym

Titles:.  K-1 World Max Champion (2002). World Champion WKA (2001). World Champion WPKA (2005 and 2006). King of the Ring Champion (2008). Benelux Champion (2000)

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