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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview ALBERT VEERA CHEY by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Albert, How are you, well?

ALBERT VEERA CHEY: That alright very well

How old are you?

I have 26 years old

You began the boxing towards which age?

I began with the Boxing (Boxing English) towards the age of 10 years …
You began very early?

Yes, I had before made of the judo but it had not pleased me, then my father took me in a gym of boxing and that my pleased at once…

How long you made of the Boxing?

During 5 years

Do you have make fights in Boxing?

In the time it was educational, I have of to make about twenty…

How did you discover Muay Thai?

My uncles fought in Thailand and in Cambodia. They had a gym adapted in a restaurant…
At present you are in which gym?

I am on Bordeaux in the Gym “Impacts Aquitaine” with Rodrigo Alamos ( coach)

Who are the main boxers in your gym?

There is a lot Willy Borrel (World Champion Full Contact), Sebastien Ocana (Europe Champion Muay Thai), Damien Alamos, Fares Bechard, Aziz Hlali …

You began Muay Thai in this gym?

Not on the base I began in city of Châteauroux to the gym Mondol-Kheila, I have made my first fights over there. It has been 2 and a half years since I am in the gym Impacts Aquitaine
Your first fights you have made them for this gym in Châteauroux?

Yes, I began gradually with the classes D, then C and B. I have made my fights in the Centre region and on Paris. Then now to the gym Impacts Aquitaine, I fight in class A. I fought so a little in class A in Châteauroux
What is your first title which you gained?

Champion of France class  D. Then I took the title in class C and B and finally the championship of France class A. In 2007, I was silver medal in the Amateur world championship in Bangkok and in 2008 I was golden medal in the Amateur world championship in Bulgaria, I rise slowly …

You also won belt of Europe Champion Professional, it was in which year?

Yes, it was in 2006!

How much do you have fight?

I have 50 fights for 42 wins

What is your style of boxing?

I really have no appropriate specialty I like to adapt myself to the opponent. I like fight in defense…

What are the most known fighters that you faced?

Mounir Bouti (France Champion Professional, World Champion Amateur), it was a beautiful fight against him, it is a very good opponent. Against Andy Howson (WMC Intercontinental Champion, Europe Champion Professional). I also fought against Vatsana Sedone in class B. Xavier Bastard to Saumur. I fought fighter Thai in Thailand, I also fought in Cambodia …

Since how long time you come in Thailand?

I come for 7 years here, a lot for training

In what camp you already train?

I am training to the camp Sor Pleonchit, to the Kaewsamrit Gym, to the Lukbanyaï and now to the camp of Somrack Khamsing

Since how long you are here in Somrack Gym in Bangkok?

It has been for a week since I ‘m training here. I am with Damien Alamos who is of same gym as me, Impacts Aquitaine. We take charge many of us in paos and there are good boxers for the sparring…

You train for fight soon?

Yes, I will fight the 12 in the stadium of Radja. The name of my opponent I do not know him, I fight for the promoter Songchai

How much you have make of fight in Thailand?

3 amateur fights and a fight Pro in the stadium of Radja which I won by K.O at the 4th round. I would more like to fight and to be made a good experience in Thailand!

What are your objectives?

I would like to win the belt of World Champion WBC in my category, in 57 kg, because I fight all the time heavier opponents…

The belt WBC it is the one who is most important for you?

Yes, she is very nice the belt (laughter)!

You are of Cambodian origin but you also speak about the Thai. When you come in Thailand you are little as home here?

Yes, I speak about the Cambodian and about the Thai. I have family in Thailand in Bangkok. I have uncles, aunts, my old parents who are there…

The Cambodian and Thai culture is alike?

Yes it is a few same thing, the cooking, the mentalities also are about similar

There is also in Cambodia a culture of the tattoo which is almost identical to that practiced in Thailand. You have made tattooed, can you speak to us about it?

I am made tattoo in Cambodia and in Thailand. Tattoo in the bamboo and the religious tattoo

Is it also to be lucky in the fight?

Not it has no relationship with the fights. It is to carry me happiness in the life…

After your fight in the stadium of Radja you are going to fight in France?

Yes in April, 11 in Bordeaux. I do not still know my opponent

Thank you and CHOOKDEE for your fight in Radja!

Thank you Serge and see you soon

Albert Veera Chey lost his fight in the Stadium of Radja. He is honorably defeated in points in front of Thai Khunponlek Sitbenjama after a very big fight. When he returned in France in April he beat in points in Bordeaux the Italian champion Patrick Carta (World champion WKN). And his next big challenge will be May 16th in city of Toulouse (South France) within the boxing show ChokOne, it will face a redoubtable Thai Thawisak Lek which fight for the famous promoter Chun Kiatpetch!



FIGHTER RECORD: 52 fights. 43 wins. 9 losses

TITLE : Europe Champion Professional. France Champion Professional. France Champion class D, C and B. World Champion Amateur