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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of ALI GUNYAR by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Ali, how are you, well?

ALI GUNYAR: I am very well. Very busy with everything at most with training and our own gym

How old are you?

I am 29 years old. I was born at 22 September 1979.

Are you married, have you children?

Yes I am married with Lindsy Gunyar-Lodewijks and we have one son 1 year old named Ibrahim Gunyar

Where you born and in which region you grew?

I am born in Eindhoven, Holland and grow up here in my hometown

Have you brothers who make of the boxing?

Yes I have 1 brother (Suleyman Gunyar) and we trained many years together and he is now my trainer

How you discovered the boxing and towards which age?

When I was young, I was very aggressive my father brings us to learn karate at the age of 6 years

Have you make the others sport before the boxing?

es I begin with karate when I was 6 after 2 years, I make al little change in the same gym and do the training of Thai boxing and I start in the same year with playing football. All of this of course with my brother

Do you remember your first fights you can speak to us about it?

Yeah of course I remember it I was 8 years old and fight against a guy who was much heavier and higher. Nobody give me any chance because I was shorter and younger etc. But I win…

Do there are fighters who you one inspired at the beginning of your career?

I was wondering Muhammed ALI in that time, and I liked to looking films of Bruce Lee and trained his kicks after the film

In what category you fight today?

My weight category is 72. But I also fight 70 for the K-1 max only than

How many fight you have, wins and losses?

In total 105 fights, 15 losses, 2 draws and 88 wins.

How many wins you have by Knock Out?

27 of my fights I win before the end

What are the titles that you gained and against whom?

In 1997 against Oliver Winter European Champion -79kg ISKA in Kick Boxing. In 1998 against Thomas Hladky European Champion -76kg IKBO in Thai Boxing. In 1998 against Silvio Zimmerman Dutch Champion -79kg WPKL in Thai Boxing. In 2002 against Mohamed Mustati World Champion -72,5kg ITMF in Thai Boxing. In 2002 against Bakar Bakarat World Champion 76 kg WFCA in Kick Boxing. In 2006 against Jose Baradas World Champion -72,5kg WFCA in Thai Boxing. In 2008 against Chahid Oulad el Hadj World Champion -72,5kg OPBU in K-1 Rule

You have which fighter’s style?

I have my own style I think it’s a mix total fighting

Do there are techniques which you like to make in fight?

Not especially. I do what at the moment the best is in my eyes
You fight in Muay Thai and in Kick boxing but do you fought also in the other disciplines as the Full-contact, the Boxing or the Chute Boxing?

I had fought also Full-contact and Shoot Boxing in the past

What is your most beautiful memory of boxing?

All my fights that I win, but it most I liked the fights on my own country in Turkey and I hope that I can fight there often

And your worst memory?

I have no worst memory I learned of my fights what I lose

Did you already go to fight in Thailand?

Yeah in 1998

Do you already train in a camp in Thailand?

Yeah I was training in Sityodthong in Pattaya many times and so in Fairtex Gym

Have you already fought a Thai champion?

I fight against Robert Kaennorasing when he was Thai champion and I fight against Lamsomgkram he is World Champion WBC

You have fought in Japan in K1 Max can you speak to us about this experience?

It’s nice to fight in Japan K-1 is there hot, it’s some of you are really big stars. Everything is there good organized. It was a nice experience for me!

Who would you most like to meet among these current fighters of the K1 Max Buakaw, Masato, Souwer, Sato, Petrosyan, Kyshenko, Holtzken?

At most I will fight against Masato, Petrosyan and Kyshenko, they are the best at the moment I think…

The K1 Max it is the tournament which you would like to win?

When I make good weight, why not

You are of Turkish origin did you often fought in Turkey?

I fought 5 times in Turkey

The Muay Thai and the Kick boxing are it developed well in Turkey?

It’s in now there, but there is not much experience

Who are the champions Turks the most known in Muay Thai and in Kick boxing?

Of course Gokhan Saki (World Champion WFCA Heavyweight, Wins K-1 World GP 2008 in Hawaii championship) and I few years ago Serkan Yilmaz (Fighter K1 Max)

For you the strongest champion in your category at present at the world level it is who?

I think Yodsenklai and Petrosyan

Would you like to fight with them?

Of course I will fight only the best

What is your hardest fight until today?

I can not choice, I have many hard fights…

In Holland what are the champions whom you already fought?

I have fight against Vincent Vielvoye, Sahin Yakut, Drago, Faldir Chahbari, Albert Kraus, Chahid, Marco Pique, Benito Caupain, Dennis Sharoykin and many more…

Do you often fight in Holland?

At most I fight in Holland

You have already fought with several French champions, Yohan Lidon, Willy Borel, Rachid Kabbouri and Farid Villaume, which one gave you most difficulty?

They are all top fighters with a good history, but who the most difficulty had for me was Yohan Lidon and Rachid Kabbouri!

There is a fighter French in particular that you would like to meet?

Not, I fight against everyone if one of French champions will fight against me, than is it possible

Do you now former French champions?

Yeah some Aurélien Duarte, Danny Bill, Sissoko, Dida Diafat

For you is there a difference between the Dutch, French and Thai fighters?

No for me not every fight is difference

To day you train in which gym?

I train in our gym named Team Gunyar

You train with what sparrings?

I train with my own students

Who is your coach?

My coach is my brother Suleyman Gunyar

Did you live thanks to the boxing or have you a work?

My work is my sport

Your next fight it is for when and against whom?

My next fight is 16th of May in France in city of Toulouse (South France) against Farid Villaume (for World Championship in Muay Thai)

What are your objectives for year 2009?

Let to see my supporter’s good fights, and make fights against the best fighters

You want to add anything?

I will thank you and the Magazine for this nice interview

Thank you very much and Chook Dee

Chook Dee


Weight: 72 Kg

Height : 1.80cm
Fighter’s Records : 105 fights. 88 wins. 15 losses. 2 draws.
Titles: THAI BOXING : World Champion WFCA (2006). World Champion ITMF (2002). Europe Champion IKBO (1998). Dutch Champion WPKL (1998)

KICK BOXING : World Champion WFCA (2002). Europe Champion ISKA (1997)

K1 RULE : World Champion OPBU (2008)

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