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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of ALI OUBAALI by NICHOLAS READ (2008)


NICHOLAS READ: ALI, you have a very beautiful career in kick boxing and into Boxing, can you present yourself has our reader of SIAMFIGHTMAG?

ALI OUBAALI: Hello I am called Ali Oubaali, I am Professional Boxer, and I currently live in Brooklyn, New York

Where you born?

I was born in city of Courrieres in the department of North Pas-de-Calais Area located between city of Lens and city of Lille

How old are you?

I am 30 years old

Can you speak to us about your sporting course and your fighter’s records?

I began Thai boxing at the 14 years age to the boxing gym of Rouvroy in the department of North Pas-de-Calais Area, I took part in the Championship of the World Amateur in 1995 in Thailand in Bangkok and I took a bronze medal, an anecdote, one me gave the nickname of “Hurricane” in the press to have put the fastest K.O. of the tournament (20 seconds) against German! I would keep this nickname during all my career in Thai and I continue to keep it in Boxing! After a Prize winner of 39 fights for 38 wins and a lose as an Amateur, I pass in the professionals after having carried out a 6 months training course in Thailand, I make one fight classifies of them C for then disputing that classes A and I very quickly become champion of France Professional classifies A at 19 years in 1996. Then the same year, Europe Champion WPKL in Holland against a Dutchman in Amsterdam.    Lastly, World champion WMTC in Bangkok in Thailand in 1997 in Stadium of Lumpinee. I give my title concerned 4 times including once in Japan with Nagoya and once in Thailand in Stadium of Ratchadamnoen.

Thai fighter’s records: 66 fights 62 wins. 4 Losses. 56 K.O.!

You began boxing at which age (for the muay Thai and Boxing)?

The Thai boxing at 14 years and Boxing at 18 years.

How are you discovered the muay Thai?

By my big brother Moussa who at the time made fury and which became him even Champion Of France Professional in the category of the light-welterweight ones.

Why did you stop your career in Thai boxing to make a career in Boxing?

Compared to the death of my friend Redouane Bougarra Peace with his heart deceased on a boxing ring in the USA against a Russian under French licence by undergoing one K.O., he was not covered, because the licence was invalid and that gave me has to ask me questions and to stop some! A history which had do much noise at the time…

Why to have chosen to leave to make a career in Boxing in the United States?

Quite simply because here the boxers are considered better than in France and than one can live about it with the proviso of having a promoter and of being GOOD…

Since how long you live in the United States?

I really live in the United States since middle 2005 but I had gone there regularly for 2001 approximately 6 month by year.

Why you are installed on the East coast and not on the West coast?

Because it is in New York that one makes known oneself and then after free with you assembling your camps of training everywhere or you wish it, for example, I boxing in New York in this moment but I prepare my next fight in Las Vegas…

You live in New York, you training in which Gym?

I live in Brooklyn and I am training in Gleason Gym in Brooklyn, a gym or much of very good boxers and champions training themselves with very good trainers…

What are you doing when you not training?

I sleep, I benefit from it, I eat what is not allowed to me during my preparation! And I must subject myself to interviews for my publicity campaign, for example my last interview goes back to it has one month with the site AOL, an American radio and also ESPN.

For you what the difference between training with New York and training in France?

ENORMOUS difference, already you are in the country of boxing but also the trainers are qualified and the sparrings are then that very good helps to progress, their science is very different from French boxing…

How its perceived French who comes boxing or training in the United States?

In general rather well because they like that from French can come to be interested in their way of teaching, but it always tests you and after having answered present at their setting of gloves, you gain their respect…

Your more beautiful fight was against which? (Boxing)

My championship of France Professional against Adolphe Avadja. Victory by K.O. in the 6th round.

Your harder fight? (Boxing)

In Venezuela against the Panamanian Vicente Mosquera.

Which is the principal difference between the European fighter and the American fighter (and Latinos)?

American has a boxing which is very access on the show, the bluff, the style. The Latinos on work with the body and the physique by putting a constant pressure, they fight with you as they would fight with you in the street, the bad blows are allowed, they are rather vicious. Europeans, their boxing is access on the physique, they are enough louts, one can with the Viking, one can guess what it can undertake to make…

Are there European boxers, American or Latinos which you would like to fight?

American, I would like to fight Miguel Cotto, European boxers Ricky Hatton, Latinos I do not see yet.


For their style of warrior.

Do you arrive at living of your sport?

Now yes, since I am in the United States.

Today which your news? Which are your next challenges?

I come from carried out my beginnings in the USA in New York in Manhattan Center and I gained by K.O. with the 4th rounds against a Panamanian. My next challenge is a title intercontinental in 12 Rounds in February in the United States…

You have objectives for this season?

To classify me in the first 4 world and to gain all my fights in order to have a world chance in 2009.

Which councils would give you to a young boy who wishes to become professional in Boxing?

Surround well, do not have fun the festival, boxing is a sport which one must badly concede not sacrifice, humility, discipline and worked still and still for often not large thing but the well considered chance to then live its passion before launching you because one does not play with his health, the road is long… if you are then ready has to endure all that, I say go…

Are you looking French pugilistic news by the magazines or the Net?

Yes by the site of my friend Christian Châtaigner, it is also occupies of my Web site:

You want to add something?

Yes, I want to thank all my supporters which supports me which sends messages encouragements to me, I want to say to them that it is for them that I continue and they is as thanks to them as I am there, without them we sporting are to them nothing! I invite them to visit my blog at this address: I made a point of thanking the mayor for the town of city of Bagnolet Marc Everbecq for his support. Like all its team which doing to make in kind improve the living conditions of each one of these inhabitants and give again hopes with the young people of this city. Respectfully, the Hurricane Ali Oubaali.

Thank you to have answered this interview and Good Luck for the continuation


Name : Oubaali Ali

Surname : Hurricane

Born : 19/10/1977 in Courrières (62)

Height: 1m74

Weight: 57/59 Kg and 63,5 Kg

Title :


62 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses, 1 sd

World Champion 1996, 1997, 1998

Europe Champion 1996

France Champion 1996


Amateur career: 79 wins, 2 draws, 7 losses

France Champion in 57 Kg in 2000 (Best boxeur of the years)

Golden medal in tournament of Golden Belt (Roumania) 1999

Bronze medal in Military World championships 1999

Bronze medal in the tournament of Talli ( Estonia) 1998

Professional career: 20 wins (17 KO) 3 losses

France Champion of super featherweight in 2002