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by Serge TREFEU (2023)

The new An Sukhumvit Gym opened in February 2020. This camp, which has existed for several years, was located in Soï Sukhumvit 49 in the Watthana district. The camp is now in the Sam Wa Tawan Tok neighborhood in the northeastern suburb of Bangkok.

The structure of the camp is almost new and several beautiful rooms have been built for boxers.

The new An Sukhumvit Gym has a huge structure
The camp is equipped with 8 spacious bedrooms
A second ring in a closed room allows boxers to train without rushing

The An Sukhumvit Gym belongs to Mr. Chawalit Yancharoon who is nicknamed in the boxing world «An Sukhumvit». This businessman and boxer manager has been a boxing enthusiast for a very long time.

The owner, Mr. Chawalit Yancharoon aka An Sukhumvit with his wife

The godparent of the An Sukhumvit Gym is none other than the famous Bonze Luang Phi Namfon who came to bless all the fighters of the New An Sukhumvit Gym in 2020.

Having Master Luang Phi Namfon as godparent is a great pride for the An Sukhumvit Gym team

Three experienced trainers supervise the boxers of An Sukhumvit Gym who are about fifteen to train in the camp.

Paos session with an An Sukhumvit coach

Champion Petchsukhumvit Boybangnaa is the spearhead of the camp, he is Radja champion in 130 lbs. He is 25 years old and comes from the region of Nakhon Si Tammarat in southern Thailand. Petchsukhumvit won his belt by beating by KO Yodwittaya Por Phanomporn in March 2022. He successfully defended his title on October 9, 2022 by beating the formidable Kongkiat Tor Pran 49 (Winner of the Tiger Cement Channel 7 Tournament in 118 lbs, WPMF world champion in 118 lbs).

Petchsukhumvit fights today in the famous organization «One Lumpinee» in which he made four matches with three wins and one loss. On February 3, 2023, he beat the solid Chorfa Thor Sangtiennoi, on March 10, he knocked out the champion Phetmuangsri Teedeet 99 (Thailand Champion in 135 lbs, TV7 Champion in 108 lbs), on April 7, he defeated at points the great champion Kongthanee Sor Sommai (Radja champion in 135 lbs and 122 lbs, Thailand champion in 135 lbs) and on June 9, he lost by knockout against the fantastic Jawsuayai Sor Dechapant (Nicknamed the Warrior Ong Bak).

Champion Petchsukhumvit Boybangnaa

An Sukhumvit Gym also had a great champion, Chalawan An Sukhumvit who won in 2017 the Omnoi stadium belt in 118 lbs and the Radja stadium belt in 118 lbs. Chalawan is now fighting for the Sor Sommai Gym.

Chalawan An Sukhumvit

Currently, the An Sukhumvit Gym has high level fighters such as Phetwasorn An Sukhumvit (Jitmuangnon stadium champion in 122 lbs), Berkban An Sukhumvit, Annoy An Sukhumvit, Phum An Sukhumvit, Boyubon An Sukhumvit, Chatchanin Sor Jor Tongprachin and Pimai Por Kopkua.

Phetwasorn (26 years), Berkban (23 years, also known as Phethonglor Jonuvo) and Boyubon (20 years) regularly compete in the stadiums of Radja and TV7.

Chatchanin (18 years) often fights in the Rangsit stadium.
Pimai Por Kopkua (25 years, Pimaï Mor Rattanabandit) is a 70Kg/72 Kg boxer, very strong physically, who fights today in the RWS (Rajadamnern World Series) circuit at the Radja stadium. Pimai previously trained in the small Por Kopkua camp which is not far from An Sukhumvit Gym.

The Por Kopkua Gym nicknamed «the camp under the bridge» is an atypical camp that is located under a bridge on the main Suwinthawong Road, along the Sam Wa canal in the Min Buri district. This camp belongs to Mrs Poo, one of the few women who owns a boxing camp in Thailand. Unfortunately due to the Covid period the camp had to close his doors and all the boxers of Por Kopkua left for other camps in Bangkok…

Pimai Por Kopkua gets his hands bandaged by his trainer before his sparring session

Very few foreign fighters trained at the An Sukhumvit Gym. The owner welcomes foreigners without problem, they can even sleep in the rooms of the boxers of An Sukhumvit Gym.

Punching bag session
For their sparring session in Boxing, boxers use big gloves (14 OZ – 16 OZ) so as not to hurt their face
The clinch session is particularly grueling, it lasts 40 minutes with no rest time
Sparring and frenzied clinch between the two youngest boxers of An Sukhumvit Gym
The relaxation area is well appreciated by the fighters after their hard training, billiards, a large TV and a room with air conditioning are available to boxers
The many trophies won by the An Sukhumvit Gym Team