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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of ANGIE PARR by Serge TREFEU (2008)

SERGE TREFEU: Hello how are you, you are Australian but you were born in the USA, can you say to us in which area you grew ?

ANGIE PARR: Hello. I am an Australian resident, but I am a U.S. (California) citizen. I moved to Australia 6 years ago.

Do you come from a family of fighters ?

No, I am the first person in my family to fight, but I got my nephews started in Muay Thai in America and I hope that one day they will fight too.

Before making boxing do you have make other sports ?

I played softball, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

How did you discover boxing ?

I started training for self defence and loved it.

What is what attracted you in the muay thai ?

A female fighter named Kathy Long. (Champion of the World of Kick Boxing and actress of cinema)

In which gym you did begin boxing ?

It was a University class, then moved to Las Vegas to train at a proper gym, Master Toddy’s Camp.

Did you begin the muay thai in the United States or in Australia ?

A.P: I began in California, USA

You remember your whole first fight ?

Yes, I fought my coaches girlfriend, she had been training 6 years, and I had been training 4 months. I lost but, I gave her a hell of a fight.

How much did you have fights until now ?

43 fights in the ring, 4 were boxing matches.

Did you win much fight by K.O ?

only 8

Which is your best fight, for you ?

My best fight was in Las Vegas, it was a rematch with Trisha Hill an American Champion who beat me on our first fight. I dropped her so hard with a right hand and it led to my victory by points.

And your hardest fight ?

My fight with a Russian that I fought for my World Amateur title.

Did you often fight outside from your country ?  

Only fights I have had have been in USA, Thailand, and Australia.

Did you already fight in Bangkok ?

Yes, for the IAMTF World Amateur games.

Which are the titles which you win again ?

8-time United States Champion  from the IKKC, ISKA, IKF and UWMTA. IAMTF Amateur World Champion.

Of which title are you proudest ?

All of them!

You fight only in muay thai or you already fought in other forms of boxing ?

I will fight boxing if I can get fights, but it’s very hard to get boxing fights in Australia, so I will stick with Muay Thai training and fighting.

You are married today with a great champion of thai boxing, John Wayne Parr, is what you with open a gym together, can you speak to us ?

Yes, I am married to John Wayne, we met in America both fighting professionally. We moved to Australia in 2002 and opened Boonchu Gym as a partnership. We run classes for beginners, and train fighters, we also hold small Muay Thai promotions.

With your husband, with you two how much do you have of belts of champions ?

JWP 16 belts. Angie 8 =24

With which you training itself today, is what sometimes you training with your husband ?

We train at the same times, but I do not train or spar with him, he hits me too hard.

Your husband is very attached to the culture of people Thailand, is what you also you is interested in the culture Thai ?

Yes, I love Thai culture and superstitions. JWP is buddhist though, I am a Catholic. Other than that we do a lot of things Thai style.

John Wayne Parr was of the adventure of “The Contender”, if there were “The Contender” for woman, would you like made to take the same adventure ?

I could not, I have 2 small children and I would not leave them.

In Australia do there is many show of muay thai with girl fight ?

Yes, there are many female fights in Australia.  

The muay thai for girl is well developed in Australia or not ?

I think Australian girls are very strong athletes, they train hard.

Did you already fight face a French woman champion ?

No I haven’t.  

Did you already fight in France and Europe ?

No, not yet.

Do you know French nakmuays, former champions or new champions of today ?

I watched Danny Bill fights when I first started, and I think he is a great ambassador for French Muay Thai.

And of fighting French woman ?

I saw Valerie  Henin fight, in Las Vegas. She was very strong.

On much of do fight you have of excellent front kick, is what it is a technique that you worked much it to so easily arise in fight ?

Yes, front kick is my favourite technique. I practice the teep on the bag, pads, and in sparring all the time. It has helped me win my fights many times.

Now you fight always or you stopped the competition ?

I am making a come back in 2009. Hopefully March 2nd, in Jamaica.

You have two children a girl and a boy, if one day they want to make muay thai, is what you will encourage them to do of boxing or you will dissuade them to make this sport ?

Yes, JWP and myself will train our children. Hopefully they can continue a Muay Thai legacy.

You want to add something ?

Thank you very much Siamfightmag!

Thank you to have answered this interview and CHOOKDEE

Angie PARR

Numbers of Fights : 43.   Wins : 32   Losses : 9    Draw : 2 

Weight : 62 kilos

Height : 5’7″

Titles : 8-time United States Champion  from the IKKC, ISKA, IKF and UWMTA. IAMTF Amateur World Champion (March 2001)

Gym :  Boonchu Gym, Gold Coast Australia.