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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of ANUWAT KEAWSAMRIT by serge TREFEU (2007)

Serge Trefeu: Hello, you to be good shape?

Anuwat: Yes very well

How old are you?

26 years

Were you born in Thailand?

In Nakhon Si Tamarat  it’s in the south of the country, I grew it low

You begin the Muay Thai is how old?

At 13 years

Does your first fight you remember it?

Yes I was 14 years old and I have gains by K.O!

You were in a camp has Nakhon Si Tamarat?

Not, I was has the school until 13 years old and I came directly has Bangkok in Keawsamrit Gym

You are in Keawsamrit since always then?

Yes, since I am small boy

You have how much fight has your account?

120 fights. 90 wins. 5 draws and 25 losses

You must have much victory by K.O because do you are very strong in fist, how much have you victory by K.O?

Exactly I don’t know too much any more, surroundings a little more than 50…

You often fought in stadiums of Bangkok, you already gained belts?

Yes much looks at they are all it low… (It shows me a window at the bottom of the room where its talk its entire trophy, impressive!)

Can you say to me when you gained all these titles?

From 1999 at 2005 I have took the belts of Radja Stadium of – 47 kg,  -48,5 kg,  – 51 kg, – 57 kg,  the belt of Lumpinee Stadium of – 57 kg,  the belt stadium Omnoy of – 55 kg,  the Isuzu belt of – 55 kg and of S1 – 57 kg girdle it…

And to day do you have a belt?

Yes I have belt World Champion WBC – 57 kg, it’s a largest in the window (he laughs)

You already fought abroad?

Yes in Japan 2 times, 1 time in New-Zeeland and 1 time in Switzerland.

Do you have win?

Yes I have won all my fights by K.O!

You already fought in France?

Never. In Switzerland it is French whom I fighting meet…

You would like to fight in France?

I fight anywhere in the world if I good money is given…

You know French fighters?

not too

You don’t know Stong Skarbowsky?

With if him I know it, I already often saw it fighting in Radja Stadium, very good. But I don’t know it personally.

Who is your promoter in Thailand?

Mr. Chujarearn Raveearamwong

It’s the same promoter as Chaovalit of Jocky Gym?

Yes exact and also of Kaoklai

Your next fight it’s for when?

March 8 with stadium of Radja against Singthongnoi P.Telakun, my belt WBC in plays…

Your hardest fight in Thailand it against which?

Against Nongbee in Radja, I lost…

Who is to day the best nakmuay in Thailand?

I think that it is Seanchai Sor Kingstar…

You would like to meet it?

One does not fight in the same category

You are as a trainer, I saw as you gave the lesson to a boxer?

Not. I train just a little bit some farangs (foreign), I give them councils it is all, I am not a trainer…

You have a favourite food?

I am south I like much the seafood (seafood)

Thank you very much and chookdee for your fight?

Thank you…

Anuwat win at the points its fight against Singthongnoi and preserves belt of him.

Anuwat Keawsamrit has been to consider any category confused, with Seanchai, the other Star of the Muay Thai in Thailand, like best the boxer to day and one of most dangerous technically and physically for these ten last years…

When it hit with the paos, it releases an impressive power for its small gauge. It is a “Mike Tyson” of – 57 kg, in addition to its force, it have also a frightening technical control. In clinch, it training with fighters much heavier than him and dominate them…