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Temps de lecture : 11 minutes


by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Aurélien, how are you, well?

AURELIEN DUARTE: Hello very, very well, thanks you for asking me the question. And I hope that the net surfers of the website also…

Since your birth in Senegal in Dakar until your arrival in Parisian suburb, you had a route very trivial, can you tell us that?

Yes I was born in Dakar from parents Cape Verdean, I arrived in France at the age of 3. Of 3 years at the age of 5, for administrative reasons, I was placed in a home of host family. Then I found my mother at 5-year-old and until 8 years I lived in the east of France, a part of my family of which I always have. Then I arrived to 8 years in Parisian suburb or I always live…

I believe to know that before the boxing you began by play basketball, you practised a lot this sport?

I began first of all the sport with the gymnastics that I practised in a gym at the age of 13 the years. Later I have made of the traditional karate, I was up to the brown belt. I have make so a little of table tennis in a club. And at about the years 87/88 there was an arrived of “Jordan Mania”, it was the basketball completely almost everywhere. Thus, yes, I played basketball a lot from 1987 to 1992, the time when I began the Kickboxing…

Why you have made of the boxing?

There are two reasons, first reasons it was in the time a phenomenon of mode, then even if I played basketball I had a small past of karate, I liked the combat sports. In 1989 there was also a “Vandamme Mania” with the cult movie ” Kick Boxer “, we saw him everywhere, and behind the movie, I saw the fantasy, I saw the challenge, I am I say be going to go to test this sport. And it turns out that because of a small scam of a gym which had made look younger to me of one year my date of birth on my license, I had one year of suspension by the federation of basketball, during the year I was not able to make of competition. Then during this year I was tested the boxing, and I did not leave this sport…

Can you speak to us about your first gym of boxing?

My first gym was the Sports Union of Villejuif, a gym of Kick Boxing where in the time trainer’s was Francis Hamdaoui, who was a president of one of the federations of kick Boxing, and Patrick Réa who was the trainer holder. It is in this gym that I have made my weapons. I have made my first fights with them, I gained my first championship of France of Kick Boxing in class C…

You began the boxing with the Kick Boxing, who attracted you towards the Muay Thai?

Yes the Kick Boxing was my first discipline. Then I tried the Thai Boxing out of curiosity, once again by the biggest of the fates, one of my childhood friends whose godfather of his son I am today belonged in the Jean-Marie Merchet’s “Haute Tension Gym” (High-voltage) in city of Vitry, he made of the Thai Boxing in this gym. He said to me ” comes to try the Thai Boxing, you are tall, the techniques of knees it could be good for you “. So it was in 1993, I discovered the “Haute Tension Gym”…

There were some champions already in this gym?

Not enormously, there was Krim Hamitech (Europe Champion Thai Boxing) which was a champion of France of Kick Boxing in 1992, Alex Lopez also who was a champion of France, the others which I do not remember any more names, please, don’t hold it against me former. Then there was Pascal Lafleur (Europe Champion Kick Boxing), Cyril Diabaté (World champion Thai Boxing) which came and many others…

At the time in Haute Tension Gym there was a big Team of competitor who it is formed?

Yes and my trainers of the US VILLEJUIF let me friendly leave at Haute Tension Gym, they saw well that their gym was rather based on the leisure, if I wanted to develop my career, I had to go to a gym with more competitors and possibility of making many competitions, thus I left very well terms with my former trainers…

At the beginning of your career what is what there are boxers which you we make dreamed or who inspired you?

Of course, all the Dutch school, Rob Kaman, Ernesto Hoost, André Manaart, Fred Royers, Ramon Dekkers, to French Richard Sylla, François Pennachio, Youcef Zénaf, there was so world, I was always a fan, it does not see itself on Website but when I speak to you in my voice you feel him, I am a fan of boxer, even in the small events, guys of the gym, in class B, in class A, all these people who loosened an energy, a will, they gave me the envy to go on the boxing ring, to go far to the competition. They are all initiators, in the life have needs leader, people who are revelations, all these people that I quoted learnt me, revealed me to clock of the finger what I wanted to make…

You have a sacred fight record, can you describe us?

I had 4 championships of France in Kick Boxing, 3 championships of Europe in Kick Boxing and in Thai Boxing, and 7 world titles in Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing and Karate Shidokan, the Karate Shidokan is a shape of beginnings of the free fight which we practised then…

How much have you of fights any disciplines confused?

120 fights with 104 wins, 2 draws and 14 losses. I have about 60 victories by KO, stop on wound, or abandonment, I was always a puncher, I was incisive, fast, I often managed to abbreviate the fight before the end…

You gained your world titles against whom?

I gained seven championships of the world but I also lost at least seven because among my defeats there are practically only world championships. My first world championship, after only 3 years of practice, was against Dominique Siegler, from savate boxing, in 1995, for a world championship of Kick Boxing, even if I lost, it is the good memory this fight in front of this machine whom was Siegler. Then I met Orlando Wiet, a reference to the time, for a world championship of Thai Boxing, the judges had given a draw. For my third attempt I met again Olando Wiet whom I beat in points, in 1996, it is my first championship of the world, the world champion of Thai Boxing. After there was Peter Claig, a pupil of Fred Royers, who in the time was nicknamed ” small Kaman “, a boxer very, very hardly, I fought him in Milan in Kick Boxing, a championship in 12 rounds. I met Marco London, a Dutch of St Martin’s colony, very strong in Kick Boxing and karate Shidokan, I faced him 3 times, in 96, in 97 and in 98, in 1998 we made a great world championship in 13 rounds, in final of a tournament shidokan karate in Chicago, it was monstrous! I have a good memory also of a world championship in Italy against Italian of have I not me reminder more the name. My championship of the World “King of The Ring” in 2004 against the Bosnian Ninic, the big memory also! In 2006, in city of Chatillon it is a good memory also, my championship of the World of Kick Boxing against Portuguese Mendès…

What are the titles of which you are most proud?

Sincerely it is rather great fights which I have make of what I am most proud, in particular the fight which I have make against Moussa Sissoko in hall of Bercy, in 2000, one put all standing Bercy, we made a fight of warrior! My last fight of May (2011 ) against Frederic Bellonie where still we showed an energy, a motivation, a very high level of fight, without being conceited, we really made a beautiful performance. But I had so beautiful meeting, on more than 100 fights I would have to make sorts out him, every time to rise on the boxing ring, I lived, I vibrated, I trembled, I was afraid, I liked, every fight in its peculiarity…

You fought in Kick Boxing and in Thai Boxing, did you try the other disciplines?

I tried the Full-contact boxing, I have make a single fight in Full-contact boxing against Gerald Garros (Brother of Christian Garros, Europe Champion Thai Boxing). Otherwise I was in the pioneers, in all modesty, the free fight in France, because I fought in Golden Trophy in 1994, it was the fight mix, standing with fists and on the ground, with clinch, projections, submissions, on the other hand there were no strikings on the ground, I trained a lot in the judo and jujitsu for these fights. I fought in traditional karate also, and in shidokan karate, karate on boxing ring…

What are the techniques which you liked to apply in fight?

I liked the circular kicks, the middles, the highs kicks, because I was supple, I liked to raise legs. Then when I underwent fists, I liked fists, similar for the knocks of knees, I really like all the opportunities which offers the thai boxing to be able to express himself with all the parts of the body

You have already fought in Boxing?

Not I have ever fought in Boxing, but I put gloves with professionals, I’m trained with Franck Mezaache (Europe Champion Professional), with members of the French team, I put gloves with very high partners in Boxing because it is a very good school, in Europe, the Fists it is 50 % of the work in the Kick Boxing…

At the beginning of the 90s you left for Thailand, how is crossed over there, in which camp you trained?

I landed in 1993 in Thailand in a camp to Chonburi, an industrial suburb between Bangkok and Pattaya, it was in Panayan Gym. I had Pud Pad Noy’s letter of introduction which was Guillaume Kerner’s trainer and also Jean-Marie Merchet’s trainer, my trainer. I landed over there without money, I had made paid the plane ticket by a purse to the project of the service of the youths of my city, I landed with my sports bag, my “jordans” basket, in a camp without any foreigner, I slept on the ground at a boxer’s, I trained with the boxers, I ate with them, I was the only foreigner, it was really a great experience, very hard physically, but enriching humanely and sportily, I keep a great memory. I’m come back every year to this camp, as I was student, during the holidays of February, short but very intense stays…

You fought in Thailand?

I did not have the opportunity to fight in Thailand because in the time I was 74 kg and 1m87, the ranking in Thailand was made up to 67 kg, Thaïs wanted to make me come down in weight up to 67 kg but I was always conscientious, in 73 kg I felt good, in 71 kg I did not like any more up, I refused a fight in 70 kg because it was too light for me and in the time it did not interest them fights them above 70 kg. Thus I was very often in Thailand for training and I fought only one time in the King’s Birthday, in a tournament and it was – 83 kg…

Great experience all the same the King’s Birthday?

Yes magnificent, 200 000 persons in full air, but I do not speak to you about conditions of organizations, the madness, we were delivered to us even, we did not even have time of warmed, it was a little the “bloody mess” but I keep a good memory

Until today, what most hard champions you did meet?

I had a lot of difficult fight, I spoke to you about Dominique Seigler but I remember French championship classy C where I fell against opponents very hardly. Against Moussa Sissoko, whom I met twice, it was one truth “killer machine”, against Bellonie, Kaoklai, Tyron Spong, it was hard, Spong was extremely strong, against Stephan Nikiéma also who was very strong, he had beaten me in points, there is no easy fight, the opponents opposite from a certain level are always prepared well, motivated, the fights have all different difficulties but all are a real challenge!

You fought all over the world, what is your best memory so far?

Every “Best remember” erase the precedent. Thus my best memory two years ago against Tyron Spong, where I have make of the representation, for me I did not fight, then after fast KO against Kaoklai, fight against Bellonie, there I fought, I expressed myself, I am please, I rose on the boxing ring to make what I had to make, I obtained so happiness, so satisfaction, it erased me the previous memories, in every fight created by the new memories, it erases the former, rather it puts aside the former memories…

What do you think of the current world level in Muay Thai?

In Muay Thai I don’t know particularly the Thai championship, I just look at the international fights at the TV, I look on internet, but I think in France that the level increased in a enormous way, I accompany young people in junior, in hope, and they make enormous things, knocks of jumped knees, foots returned, with only some fights they masteries techniques, I think that with internet, the ease of the discount journeys, we go in Thailand more easily, what was more difficult for our time, I think that the level evolved well, and it is good because it returns the interesting fights, it gives even more interesting challenges to the fighters, and the victories are there only better

Can you speak to us about your current gym as well as your trainer’s role?

I have no official gym, I am general-purpose, professionally I am a representative in the service of the sports of the city of Villejuif since 2000, it is my work the day. Every evening I give lessons, since 1998, a Monday and Friday, I give lessons of muay thai in a small gym to city of Claye-Souilly, it is a small family gym. On Tuesday, on Wednesday and Thursdays I am in Chatillon Boxing gym which is now the ACSC (Châtillonaise association of Contact sports), we make of the muay thai in leisure but also little in competition, there is Pascal Ducros (World Champion) who train in Kick Boxing, I train in thai boxing. I work the weekend “personnal training” with Pascal Lafleur in the district of Le Marais in Paris, we give private lessons. And since January I am the official trainer of the GIGN (French Police Commando) in Kick Boxing, I train the boys of the GIGN the wednesday. On Fridays mornings I take care of teenager who meets problems in their school route, in their life, we try to restore them taste in the life by means of activity as the sport. I make many thing, I try to use all that brought me my education, the boxing, the sport generally, I make some education of Muay Thai there where we do not wait for him, to pupils of the nursery school, the leisure activities, there is a lot of people which make of traditional Muay Thai, me thank them it is very well, but me I try to bring another facet, to get a public who thinks that the Muay Thai is not for them, I try to return Muay Thai accessible to everybody, and it is feasible…

You have already tried the experience in the event of fight?

I helped in organized, I tried every time to make a small contribution, but I think the best of way of having helped the promoters for whom I fought it is by making come from the world, I always have a public who follows me, there was often a lot of people in rooms thanks to my name, I am proud and aware of it, I thank all these people who supported me. But I have never organized completely an event, I sometimes assisted events, I often have make some communication around the event, the radio programs, etc…

For a moment you assured the safety in nightclubs Parisian, how it is crossed this period there, what is what has you science of the fight served a lot you?

Then it is a part of my life, as many competitors whom I knew, where I worked at night. A lot of people said to me, “you are a world champion and you work at night? “. To summarize, in France, there is no status of high-level sportsman for the Kick Boxing, thus there is a moment you have to choose, I decided to make boxer’s career, but it did not allow me to live financially, I continued to fight because I liked that, but next to it I had to pay my invoices. Thus from 1993 till 2000, I worked at night in one limp, in bars, I had a sponsor who was called “Dominique” who very well paid me, whom I thank even today, who allowed me to train me after noon and to work just a little in the evening It allowed me to lead well my career, to meet of the world, to work. The night work is a work noble and deserving as all the tasks, it is true it is little tiring. But I think that if we appealed to me and in a lot of fighting, of champions, to make some safety, in places where sometimes he can have risks there, the night people releases more, they are sometimes “a little bit warmly”, it is because we have some diplomacy, the self-control, the peace, the respect, even for ” the filled guy ” which offends you, we were there to calm things down, solve the problematic situations, especially not to strike, because bouncers who make that, there is height, I let them the stupidity express himself like that. For me, one evening which took place well, it was when at the end of the evening, there had been no fight, and I think that for this job we used more my skills of diplomats than boxer…

You are the uncle of Stomy Bugsy (famous actor and singer), Stomy made of the boxing, moreover in the time I began the Boxing in the same gym as he there1989, Boxing Club As Poulbot in Montmartre, I remember, it was a good boxer, you had the opportunity to put gloves with him?

Yes, he moreover made some fights with good results but he stopped the boxing because there was too much sacrifice to be made, too much of restricted, it is a roisterer, all these constraints it was not for him. It is a passionate person of boxing, he attended many, many of my fights. Today he is in the cinema and makes a great career, at present he is in the United States…

You created a very beautiful magazine on sport feet and fists which was called “Men’s Fight” who regrettably stopped appearing, can you speak to us about it?

Yes regrettably. It was a great project, I had joined with a friend Philipe Miot, a busines man, which had thrown magazines, he had seen that the press foot and the fist was poor just a little in France, moreover he would be interesting to return when I took out Men’s Fight because I have the impression that the magazine Karate Bushido and Punchmag changed their formula, their graphics standards, little in this period there, thus I am satisfied with my team to have contributed to the improvement of the graphic quality of these magazines which I estimate and which I always read. So we bet on a magazine and one it is “planted”, we tried one a human experience, we did not sell it enough, our financier wanted to go into his expenses very fast, and after all we had sold only half of what sold karate Bushido which are there for 30 years, thus it was all the same a beautiful victory, but the accountant, he counts, and he says ” it is not profitable “. So as I did not have broad shoulders to finance him, we stopped at the end of two magazines, but it is a great adventure…

You have just met Frederic Bellonie (World Champion Thai Boxing), a “former” as you, you can say to us your impressions on this great fight?

After my fight against Kaoklai (Lose by KO), I wanted to put back things to the light, I took one “Luky punch” in this fight, I also gave it during my career, I always knew that it made party of the game, I was lucky to pass in the fault but this day there I took him. This day there, I was not sad to have lost, to have taken KO, but I was sad not to have been able to express myself on the boxing ring, I had a taste of unfinished. Thus I had said, if I had an interesting challenge I would go back up on the boxing ring. The challenge it was Frederic Bellonie, who is reigning world champion, a very good boxer, in more it was a companion of gym, I said yes at once for this challenge. I got ready well physically and especially mentally, I cleaned well myself the head, cleaned up of height of thing which made me parasite. In the end I rose on the boxing ring as a young 20-year-old boxer, without complex, and I gave myself completely in this fight. Before the verdict (win on points), I was so happy to have fought well, to have taken some pleasure on the boxing ring, I had my dose of happiness, that the victory it was too much for me, only the boxers who rose on the boxing ring or the passionate persons understand me, I was simply satisfied to have made a beautiful fight against Fred. And today, I believe, the next fight which I would make I would not even wait for the decision, for the interest it is that I indulge myself, after the judges made their job, it looks at me not, I do not fight to win but to please me. I think of having gained this fight because I was very effective, Fred was can be a little more active, he has his opinion, the others have one the other opinions, it is one of the wealth of our sport. On three judges who see the same fight, there are sometimes three different opinions, I respect all the points of view, if Fred thinks of having gained, very well if it satisfies him, I think of having won also, we continue to be friendly, to advance. But Fred if you listens to me, if you want a revenge, with your title in game it can be a beautiful challenge, we can cross themselves again on the boxing ring, the proposition is opened, the ball is in your camp…

What are your projects for future?

At the level of the boxing I wait for propositions, I am not ready any more physically and not too much occupied to make a season, but on the other hand I few me prepared for a fight, for a big event, I have many obligations professional and family, I have two children, I develop so more and more my activity of personal coaching, I want to continue in spread Muay Thai in popular sport. I would also like to develop the mental coaching, I try to form top, because in our sport it is the mental a lot. And to continue my life, to see my children increasing, to see my friends, to take advantage of every day

You want to add anything?

One thank you to you, Serge, one thank you to the Internet users of Siamfightmag, one thank you to all those who advance Muay Thai, to the champions, to those who make blogs on the web on the Muay Thai, to the women of champions who prepare fuss them, to the presidents of gym, even in federations, I think of the good of them now, in all those who advance our discipline in France and in the world…

Thank you for having answered this interview and chookdee for your projects!

Thank you, Chookdee to you!

Duarteis a real “gentleman of boxing rings “, however straight ahead on the boxing ring outside, this enormous to puncher is a great champion, very humble. After so much year crossed on the boxing rings of the whole world, he is fascinated always also by his sport. This bulimic of the combat sports in met by the great fighters in foot and fist with always memorable confrontations. These fights against Orlando Wiet, Moussa Sissoko, Stephan Nikiéma, Dominique Siegler, Marco London, Ashwin Balrak, Caesar Cordoba, Frederic Bellonie, are henceforth cult fights of the foot and the fist!


Height: 1m87

Weight: 75 kg/85 Kg

Number of fight: 120. 104 wins. 2 draws. 14 losses


Kick Boxing

World Champion (1997, 1999, 2004, 2006)

Europe Champion (1994)

France Champion (1992, 1993, 1994)

Thai Boxing

World Champion (1996, 2000)

Europe Champion (1994, 1995)

Karate Shidokan

World Champion (1998)