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Temps de lecture : 7 minutes

Interview crossed with the BENNOUI BROTHERS by Serge TREFEU in BANGKOK (2010)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Karim and Houcine, how’s that goes, it crosses it well in Thailand?

KARIM BENNOUI: Yes very well, it is warm, nothing to say it is terrible…

HOUCINE BENNOUI: Yes OK, it takes place great well…

You are there since how long and in what camp you are?

K.: It makes one month. We are in Rob Cox’s camp, Kiatponthip Gym. It is the second time when I go there. I had come with Kamel Fenni, one it was trained one month and I had like. The camp has a good structure, there is a good atmosphere, the food is good, we are accommodated well, people all around are nice, we sparrings are good, that goes…

H.: The Kiatponthip Gym camp I did not know, it is my brother who had been before me. It is the first time when I come in this camp and it is great good, to train it is the top!

You had already tried the other camps before in Thailand?

K.: Two years ago we made the camp 96 Peenang. There was Nong O Sit Or and Samranchaï who trained over there, they are big champions. There was the others also, I remember when three days in the camp, they had taken two belts of Lumpinee!

H.: On Bangkok I have make the camp 96 Peenang and then one trained also to Pattaya to the camp Sityodtong

The camp 96 Peenang you discovered him how?

K.: We discovered him really accidentally, we asked a driver of tuk tuk and he took us in this camp. With my brother, Abdallah Mabel and Team St Fons it was a good experience. But I prefer all the same Rob Cox’s camp, the atmosphere is better. In 96 Peenang, Thais did not pay too much attention on us, in more we were many, it was not the same…

H.: Yes I too prefer Rob Cox’s camp…

In what year you came for the first time in Thailand?

H.: In 2006 and we liked well since one try to return to it often …

You have already fought in Thailand?

K.: Not I have never fought in Thailand but to fight without Nasser (trainer) in my corner it is negative…

H.: Not I did not still have the opportunity to fight in Thailand because I did not come with Nasser (trainer) yet. And to fight without Nasser it is not the same thing. I take my time and when it will make it, I think there will be Nasser in my corner and it will take place well…

It is all the same little your objective to fight in Thailand and boys of your gym as Fabio Pinca, Yohan Lidon, Michael Piscitello have already fought here?

K.: Yes but they have more maturity than us, we are still very young. And Nasser he really makes our strength in the corner. We shall come to fight with him it is very possible

H.: Yes it is true I would like very much making a fight in Thailand and why not against somebody known, it would be a good experience but with Nasser…

Towards what age you began the boxing?

K.: I began at about 10 years, very early. It is friend Olivier Forestier and another friend Basil who took me to the boxing. I liked at once and Nasser saw that we had capacities, that we were serious. Thus he framed well us as well as my father

H.: I began in 11 years, one year later my brother. We did not know the other gyms that at Nasser. It is the childhood friend Olivier Forestier who is marathonian today who took us in this gym. Then gradually Nasser followed us and everything those that have him knows in this gym we know them for ten years…

It is as a family Team Nasser?

K.: Yes exactly

H.: A big family!

Towards what age you made your first fights?

K.: In 11 years in educational, I was educational champion of France in the time. Later by setting of the age, the educational it is less good because it is in the touch. For youngs it’s good, technically and for atmosphere, it make him meet an opponent is a good experience. Later it is necessary to pass at another stage

H.: I fought six months after about 12 years. In 15 years I tried classes B, I was full of illusion and it was not easy. But in spite of the difficulties that we were able to met we continued and here is…

In what district of city Lyon you increased?

K.: At the beginning we lived 15 years in the 8th district of Lyon in Bachu. Then we moved on Vénitieux in suburb. In any case it always be not far from the gym …

How was the gym at first, there were a lot of people already?

H.: At first there was no many people. The gym was in an attic in a MJC (Youth Association), there was no window, it was warm. For me which just had 11-year-old it was difficult but in time one it is hung on and my father really wanted that we leak out inside. And Nasser was always there for us thus we followed the evolution. Today we have a big gym and it takes place better than before…

Your first important fights?

K.: In 17 years I fought for an European belt WKN amateur in Spain. I lost in points but with the experience which I had with regard to the experience of my opponent I have make a beautiful fight. Otherwise last year I was France Champion Professionnel FMDA. I left looking for my title in Martinique (Island of Caribbean) against Néhémie Félicité. It was a good experience, a beautiful journey…

H.: I have make my first fight Professionnel in Muay Thai against Amadou BA in 17 years. Before I had fought Mehdi Zatout but it was in Kick Boxing. Otherwise against Amadou Ba I was given losing in 100 % because he had more experience than me. It was my first one 5×3. But in the 1st round I touched him with a knee the head and the secound rounds I won by KO with High Kick. That was a great surprise!

How old you are today?

K.: I am 21 years old

H.: I am 20 years old

What known fighters you have already faced?

K.: I fought 3 times Patrick Carta (World champion WKN Thai Boxing) in Italy. I met Albert Chey (Europe Champion Thai Boxing). I fought Vatsana Sedone (France Champion Thai Boxing). I fought Laimongkorn who is the small brother of Lamsongkram. In Kick Boxing I met Mickael Peynaud (France Champion)

H.: I fought Damien Alamos (France Champion, World Champion Thai Boxing), I have make a beautiful fight in front of him. Against Mehdi Zatout (France Champion, Europe Champion of Thai Boxing) and Sofiane Derdega also it was beautiful fights. I won against thais. Against Adamandopoulos (France Champion Kick Boxing) I fought I was 17 years old, it was in Italy, I won by KO. I also met Ekapon (World Champion Thai Boxing, 366 fights, 260 KO!) for a world belt, it was my first Thai which I faced. I faced recently also Anuwat (World Champion, Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, Omnoi Champion)…

Houcine you meet Ekapon and Anuwat who are two world references, the 19-year-old first one and the second in 20 years it is strong all the same. It was not a little bit premature these fights?

H.: On the principle yes, but I rely on Nasser. One my said Ekapon in fights 300 and he is very, very hardly. It is true that I missed maturity but I do not regret having made him and it gave me still twice more confidence in Nasser, because I think that I am not far supposed to be for this belt. When to Anuwat it was in city of Tour and I had got ready to meet Mehdi Zatout, he wanted to find me because I had gained him last July. I got ready hard and at the last moment for 6 p.m, I learn that I meet Anuwat. Nasser my told to go there and as I trust him I jumped at the opportunity. It it is not too badly spent. He is very strong but globally with this fight I ressors bigger, I am really satisfied…

At your age you already meet great fighters, it promises for the future, in a few years you go to face everything them great of your category. You like the challenges and the hard fights?

K.: Yes when it is the real “war”, it is what what makes a fight. For example with the experience and the maturity, a boxer as Bowee, I shall like meeting him, I like this boxer’s kind. It would make a fight beautiful!

H.: Anyway the objective in the boxing it is to meet the strongest accesses, no matter belts. It is true that a title it enormously pleases but the most mattering it is to face the strongest after if there is a belt so much the better, if there is not too bad…

You fought only in Muay Thai?

K.: The peculiarity to St Fons it is because we fight a little there everything. In Muay Thai, in Kick Boxing and in Full-contact. We take some experience when rising on the boxing ring thus why not test the other disciplines…

H.: I have already fought in Kick Boxing but when you train in Muay Thai, Kick Boxing this has nothing to do thus I try to avoid. In K1 rule I like because there is little knees and I think that my boxing can if to make. But it is above all Muay Thai…

What techniques you like in fights?

K.: I like very much fists and elbows and also low kicks. But I try to be complete so that in any situation we can manage the thing

H.: I like elbows, I again think of not knowing well how to place them but it is the technique which I like very much. After low kicks I also like and especially the Boxing, to St Fons we are not bad in Boxing…

You come in Thailand to work your techniques of elbows?

K.: Yes among others but we work them on the gym also

H.: We can work them to St Fons with Fabio (Pinca) there is no problem at this level there. But it is better to see what it gives in Thailand, it is always better…

To St Fons’s gym you train with what sparrings?

K.: With my brother, Fabio (Pinca), Yohan (Lidon), Mich (Piscitello), Abdallah (Mabel) and many others

H.: Yes it is always the same Fabio, Yohan, Mich, Abdallah, my brother, Mouksen the heavyweight which moves as one 60 kilos. And we do not hesitate to train also with beginners…

That’s right the strength of the Team Nasser Kacem, you train all together, there is not a who stays aside?

K.: We are united it is our strength…

H.: Yes nobody stays in the corner. As soon as we have time to grant to the beginner we grant to him. And then sometimes it is the beginner who learns us things on us even…

How much fight you have each?

K.: I have 29 fights. 23 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws

H.: I have made 31 fights. 27 wins (19 KO) and 4 losses

What is what there are boxers who influenced you at the beginning of your career?

K.: Very young I liked Ramon Dekkers for his aggressiveness!

H.: I liked very much Samart Payakaroon and especially Ramon Dekkers. But before knowing the Thai boxers, we had set up a boxer “prototype”. It would be the lad who would have the aggressiveness of Nasser, who would be feline as Abdallah (Mabel), the strength of Yohan (Lidon) and Fabio’s mental (Pinca), I think that would be the typical boxer!

It would be “Superman” of the boxing?

K. And H.: Yes (Laughter)

And at present what boxer you love?

K.: Petrosyan!

H.: Yes Petrosyan it is N ° 1 for me!

What are your objectives for this year?

K.: To be able to fight in Thailand but with Nasser, I think well train I can meet names here. That we win or that we lose it will be a good experience. And especially make beautiful fights…

H.: It is to make beautiful fights and the most importing that people like the fights that made him because without the spectators we are nothing. Then that it is a big respect in the boxing between the boxers before and after the fight there…

You have a small anecdote with the boxing to be told us?

K.: Once in Italy during a Tournament because withdraw of a fighter we have of be in confrontation me and my brother, it was in final…

And who gained?

H.: Honour in the oldest, it is my brother who gained…

You want to add anything?

K.: Good courage in everything people who try to mediatise the boxing, people like you who make web sites, articles on young people as us who begin to rise, it is really good. And I make a big dedication to Nasser Kacem, I thank him for everything, to my mother, my father, to Olivier Forestier, to Basil and to everything people who support us!

H.: I would make the same dedication to Nasser Kacem, to my mother, to my father, to Olivier Forestier, to Basil and thanks to everything people who support us!

Thank you Houcine and Karim for this interview and Chookde to you!

K. And H.: Thanks to you Serge!

The brother Bennoui is two inseparable boxers who go up at full speed among the elite of national Muay Thai. Stemming from the new generation, with their enormous heart, they are of the race of the warriors who never give up. They are ready to face any opponent with a total entry. Before some years they will make certainly left the best world. And it is sure the public will even stand often for their fights!


Weight: 63,500 Kg

Number of fight: 29 fights. 23 wins. 4 losses. 2 draws

Title: France Champion Professionnel


Weight: 63,500 Kg

Number of fight: 31fights. 27 wins (19 KO). 4 losses.

Title :  Vice World champion Thai Boxing