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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of BOVY SOR UDOMSON by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you, you are in good shape?

BOVY SOR UDOMSON: Yes in great shape!

How old are you?

I am 26 years old

You come from of what region of the Thailand?

I come from Kalasin in Isaan (northeast). It is a city not far from Roi Et

You have brothers and sisters?

I have a brother

Your brother also makes of the boxing?

Not I am the only boxer in the family …

Child you were rather a brawler?

Yes a lot. I was a big, big brawler, especially at the school, I often fought…

You began the boxing at which age?

In 13 years

How you discovered the boxing?

I discovered the boxing by looking at the matches at the TV, every weekend I liked seeing the fights which were broadcast. But it is especially the fights of Somrack Khamsing that I liked seeing, It is him who made me like the boxing …

Your first fight you made him for which age?

From 13 years …

You began Muay Thai in which camp?

In a small camp to Kalasin, Rungrapa Gym

How much you have make of fights for this camp?

About 40 fights

Towards what age you came to Bangkok?

In 15 years I was in the camp Sor Udomson in the district from Chongnonsee to Bangkok

How long you stayed in the camp Sor Udomson?

I stayed 10 years in this camp and today I am in the camp Kaewsamrit for soon two years

You have a room in the camp?

Yes I share her with two other boxers

In what category you fight?

Today I fight in – 67 kg. Before I fought in 55 kg then in 57 kg and in 61 kg…

What are the titles which you gained?

I gained the belt of Radja in 122 lbs (55 kg), champion’s belt of Thailand in 122 lbs and in 126 lbs (57 kg). I also gained world champion WMC’s belt in 135 lbs (61 kg) and the belt S1 in 135 lbs (61 kg)!

Your first belt you gained him in which year?

It was my belt of Radja in 2003

How much have you make of fights, how much have you of victory and defeat?

I have 120 fights. 80 wins. 38 Losses and 2 Draws

You gained many fights by KO?

Yes many about fifty!

You have which style of boxing?

I am rather toymat (fists) and fansok (elbows)

What was so far your hardest fight?

Against Tongchai in the stadium of Radja. He opened me three times with the elbows, above the eye, on the forehead and to the mouth. It was very difficult for me to fight at the end the last rounds, the blood poured me into eyes and hampered me a lot, I lost this fight…

Your best memory of boxing until today?

My victory against Palangchai in Radja. I just had 16-year-old and it was a very good boxer. Before the fight everybody gave me losing but I gained!

What are the known Thai fighters that you faced?

Suahuanlek, Petch Ake, Ronachai, Krairung, Yodsanan, Thongchai, Nopparat, Anuwat, Seanchainoi, Seanchai, Puja, Kru-Noi, Singthongnoi, Palangchai…

You often fought abroad?

Yes I fought in France (twice), in Holland (twice), in Italy, in England, in Switzerland, in Japan (twice)

You like going to fight abroad?

Yes I like travelling

You met French fighters?

Yes I met Pinca, Jemel and French in Switzerland, I do not remember his name (Michael Piscitello)

You would like to fight again in France?

Yes a lot and fight again against Pinca, it is the very good fighter who has a great physical condition…

You know French boxers from now on or former?

I know Stong Skarbowsky, Pinca, Jemel, Villaume

What is for you the strongest foreign nakmuay?

Before I liked very much Ramon Dekkers then after Stong Skarbowsky. At the moment I find very strong Spanish Romario

The best Thai boxer at present it is who for you?

It is Seanchai Sor Kingstar!

Who is your promoter?

Songchaï Ratanasuban

What technique you love most in fight?

I like very much making combination of blows of fists for the body. So hooks and especially elbows, I like!

You make a good living with the boxing?

Yes very well I have my house to Kalasin and I am soon going to buy to myself a car…

What is your purse today?

In Thailand 70 000 bahts and for the foreigner 200 000 bahts

Your next fight it is for when?

It is in England March 27th against English

What would you like to make after the boxing?

I want to open my camp in Bangkok. It is my purpose, I put some money aside for it…

Thank you and chookdee for your fight!

Thank you very much

Bovy lost in points his fight of March 27th against the English champion Michael Dicks …

Bovy is a “Bull” which never moves back, incredible durable boxer, he destroys his opponents with his fists and the elbows by putting them constantly the pressure. It is nicknamed that “New Rambo” in comparison with Rambo Pongsiri the former legend of the boxing rings of the 90s which had the same style of boxing as him.

In Thailand, he beat big champions as Puja Sor. Suwannee, Yodsanan Sityodtong, Pet Ake Sitjaopor (KO), Nopparat Kiatgamthon (KO), Suahuanlek Chor Sophipong (Match revenge victory by KO), Seanchainoi Seandeatgym, Kru-Noi Sor. Kingstar, Palangchai, Singthongnoi Por Telakun (KO)…

But it is many titanic fights of the beginning of 2000s against Krairung Sor Chaichareon, Suahuanlek Chor Sophipong, Ronachai Naratrikun, Thongchai Tor Silachai to quote that they marked physically Bovy. And when he began to come to fight in Europe it was not any more completely the same boxer but he was always this tremendous warrior in the aggressive fighting. Moreover he has still made raise public with fights phenomenal against Fabio Pinca or he lost in points and against Kamel Jemel with a draw. He so made by big fights against the best European as Michael Piscitello (Win by KO), Rachid Belani (Win by KO), Rudolf Durica (Win), Mosab Amrani (Lose by KO), Michael Dicks (Lose), and recently against French Moussa Konaté (Win)!


Weight: 67 Kg

Height: 1m65

Number of fight: 122. 81 Wins. 39 Losses. 2 Draws

Title: World Champion WMC. Radja Champion. Thailand Champion. S1 Champion.