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Bowee Sor Udomson was born on 27 June 1984 and grew up in the town of Somdet in the Kalasin region (Isaan). He discovered boxing by watching boxing matches on TV with his father. It is especially the fights of the star Somrack Khamsing that made him love boxing.

At the age of 13, he began his training at the Rungrapa Gym near his home, a gym for which he fought about 40 times.

Around the age of 15, he joined the Sor Udomson Gym in Bangkok, a gym in the Chongnonsee district where he stayed for ten years. The gym included great champions Sonram Sor Udomson (Radja Champion) and Thongkham Sor Udomson. Then he fought for several years for the famous Kaewsamrit Gym. He ended his career at the famous Sitsongpeenong Gym.

Bowee was a true “Bull” who never backed away, an incredible durable boxer, a rock that destroyed his opponents with his fists and elbows by constantly putting pressure on them.

For his bravery fight, Bowee was nicknamed “New Rambo” in comparison to Rambo Pongsiri, an ancient legend of the 1990s rings who had the same style of boxing as him.

Bowee had even taken back Pongsiri’s emblem, a white skull he wore on his shorts and his black pirate flag he wore in the ring.

Bowee won his first belt in 2003, the Radja belt in 122 lbs. Then he conquered the Thailand champion belt in 122 lbs and in 126 lbs, the WMC World Champion belt in 135 lbs, S1 belt in 135 lbs and Muay Thai Warriors World Champion belt in 154 lbs. He fought 139 fights for 86 wins (53 KO), 51 losses and 2 draws.

In Thailand, he beat great champions like Wanpichit Sit Jamrong, Wutidet Lookprabat, Ngathao Anrungrot, Wanmechai Meenayotin, Puja Sor Suwannee, Yodsanan Sityodtong, Pet Ake Sitjaopor (KO), Nopparat KiatkamthorOornhip (KO), Seanchainoi Seandeatgym, Kru-Noi Sor Kingstar, Singthongnoi Por Telakun (KO), Phet Aik Kiatyongyut, Rungravee Sor Rungrot (KO)!

The year 2002 was one of the most prolific years for Bowee who won 7 fights out of his 10 matches at the Radja stadium. Il a battu Taweesak Singkhlongsee (Lumpinee Champion), Wutidet Lookprabat (Thailand Champion, Best boxer of the year 2007), Kru-Noi Sor Kingstar, Paruhatnoi Sitjamee (Lumpinee Champion), Paruhatnlek Sitjamee, Ngathao Anrungrot (Lumpinee Champion) and lost on points to Klayrung Sasipra Gym and Kongprai Por Pinyo (WMC World Champion), he beat by KO Kongprai Por Pinyo for the rematch match. Only the terrible puncher Anuwat (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, Omnoi Champion, Best Boxer of the year 2003 and 2004) beat him by knockout in the third round after an extremely violent match.

One of his toughest opponents was the formidable Puja Sor Suwannee with whom he played four matches, Puja beat Bowee three times at the Radja stadium in 2003, Puja was then the reigning Lumpinee champion. Bowee took his revenge on Puja in 2009, he won the S1 world champion belt in 135 lbs in an organization of promoter Songchai Ratanasuban.

These many titanic fights of the early 2000s against Krairung Sor Chaichareon, Suahuanlek Chor Sophipong, Thongchai Tor Silachai, Ronachai Naratrikun, Anuwat Kaewsamrit, to name but a few, left their mark on Bowee.

When he started boxing in Europe, he wasn’t quite the same boxer …

But Bowee was a formidable warrior who still possessed exceptional aggressive combativeness. Moreover, he once again raised the public with phenomenal fights against champions Fabio Pinca where he lost on points and against Kamel Jemel with a draw.

Bowee also made great fights against the best foreigners like Michael Piscitello (Victory by KO), Rachid Belani (Victory by KO), Rudolf Durica (Victory), Mosab Amrani (Defeat by KO), Michael Dicks (Defeat), Moussa Konaté (Victory), Andy Souwer (Loss by KO), Antoine Pinto (Loss), Gago Drago (Victory), Chingiz Allazov (Loss by KO), Victor Nagbe (Victory).

Kalasin’s Bull hang up the gloves in 2015.