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Interview of CHRIS NGIMBI by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Chris, thank you for grant me this interview. You have just defended successfully your world champion’s belt “It’s Show Time” against French Willy Borrel, you can say to us your sensations on this fight and of what think you of your opponent?

CHRIS NGIMBI: Well, I am just very happy I have give my title more value by defending it successfully. My opponent was missing the fighting rim and you could see this in the fight. He wasn’t feeling comfortable in the ring, I could see and smell this…

You had gained this belt It’s Show Time last year against the Belgian of Turkish origin Murat Direkci, what memory you have of this victory?

It wasn’t one of my best fight, but at the end I am happy I won that fight because the circumstances were not pleasant. I was very sick the days before the fight. I felt a lot of weakness up to the day of the fight. But for me it was again a test to proof I am great fighter. Because I won against one of the best fighter in my weight class with only 80% of what I normally can do. If this confrontation ever takes place again I will show everybody what I mean…

These last years you fight often in the organization “It’s Show Time”, it is important for you to be able to fight often in this big event?

I believe it’s important for every fighter to fight on a big event as It’s Showtime because the reputation is very important for a fighting career. It’s Showtime offers fighters the opportunities the create a reputation and show it worldwide!

You fought many in It’s Show Time in Holland but also during It’s Show Time abroad, in Belgium, in Greece and in France, do that there is a difference for you between him the It’s Show Time organized in Holland and those organized abroad?

The difference is not that big for me except for one exception, the event in the Amsterdam Arena. This is one of a kind and the moment can’t not be compare to any other kick boxing event. But I’m professional, I will fight anywhere

It is the first time which you fought in France, do you know French champions from now or of before?

Yes you have many French champions from before and now as well. From before you have Danny Bill, Lebanner, Villaume and new generation Fabio Pinca and the brothers Bennoui are serious guys who can dominate the sport in years to come…

What do you think of French fighters?

They still have a Muay Thai style of fighting. You can see the level increasing and they are also getting better in K1 style. I believe it’s just a question of time before France becomes as important as Holland at the moment. The first step has been made by It’s Showtime, and I predict the will be more It’s Showtime or any other big events to be organise in France

You fought so often in K1 Max in Holland, think you that in the future It’s Show Time is going to replace K1 Max?

It’s Showtime is already replacing K1 Max because the are still investing in the name while the K1 organisation is laying low. And from what I heard, soon It’s Showtime will also organise events in Japan. I am just happy, because Japan is the place to be if you want to work on a reputation!

Two times I have tried to qualify for the big event in Japan. First time I lost in the semi final because of an injury and the second time the jury decided after an extra round to give the victory to my opponent. This decision was modified two months after the event has token place, but it was too late because the quart final in Japan had already token place…

Since the beginning of your career you have already faced great champions let us begin by the N° 1 of your category Gorgio Petrosyan, of which think you of him and would like you to meet him again?

Gevorg is a great fighter with many skills. This was also until now one of my toughest fight because I couldn’t get any grip on him during the whole fight. But in our first confrontation I wasn’t prepared. This was my first fight for It’s Showtime and they asked one week before the event in the Amsterdam Arena if wanted to fight against Gevorg. At the time not much people knew who he was. Some had heard about him but nobody knew what kind of fighter he really was. So I tough about it and 24 hours later I agree to fight him.

I am not the same fighter as I was then, mentally I have grown in different levels and if I have to fight him again I will also not be the same fight. I expect this fight to take place this year and I this time I will be ready for him…

Against Marco Pique?

This fight took place in my second time participant in the K1 Max Holland. It was a very technical fight of which I was sure I won but the judges decided otherwise. This surprised everybody. So made an official complain and after two months they modified the decision…

Your fight in front of Chahid Oulad El Hadj?

In this fight I was motivate to win because just about three weeks before I lost a fight after an extra round. So I really needed to win this in to make sure I don’t lose my confident. I was happy with this win and specially the in the way in which I won. I know Chahid wasn’t happy with losing from me and he is aiming for revenge, so this fight might just take place again in the future

In front of Warren Stevelmans?

I fought two times against Warren. First was a great fighter between to upcoming talented fighters I won this one. The second time he won because I had received so much low kicks in my quart final fight against Diender. I think it’s only fair to have a third and final confrontation to decide who is the bigger man (Laugh) almost like Ali vs Frazier. I like Warren, he is my African brother but we need a third round !

Against Shane Campbell?

Also Shane I have met two times in the ring, both times for the WKA world title. First time I was the better fighter, only I had surprised me in the second round landing a huge high kick. But I recovered fast and had dominate the rest of the fight but I wasn’t enough to win. 6 months later, we fought again for the title and this time I dominate and didn’t let him surprise me. This is my first world title!

In front of Joerie Mes?

Joeri was a great fighter. Everybody knows that, and he just proved it in our fight. I was dominating the fight, I made a mistake and that moment he shows why he is a good fighter. I have asked for my revenge a couple times but he decides to stop kickboxing. If he decide to make a come back, I will love to fight again for free!

Until today what was your hardest fight?

Against Petrosyan, like I said before bad preparation

Your best memory of fight?

Against Chahid Oulad, this was the resurrection of the AFRICAN WARRIOR!

And the worst?

Against Mes, nobody like losing on KO

How much you have make of fights, how much victory, and draw?

As a professional I fought 29 fights and won 21, no draw. As a amateur my record is 18 fights, win 14 (7 KO), lose 4, no draw I don’t like draw!

How much victory by KO?

Only 6 by KO, not much but I am catching up

What are the titles which you gained ?

First title was in 2003 the European title against Derryl from Jellema, second was in 2005 against the Thai Khunpon Dechkampu for the WKA intercontinental title. Third in 2007 against Shane Campbell for the WKA World title. Fourth title was in 2010 against Murat Direkci for the It’s Showtime World title. Fifth and last world title was my first defending world title It’s Showtime against Willy Borrel!

You were born in Kinshasa in Zaire; you grew over there, towards what age you came in Holland?

At the age of 11 years old

You still have relatives in Zaire, what is what you often come back over there?

I never went since I came to Europe but I am looking forward to go back in December this year…

You discovered the boxing in Zaire or in Holland?

In Holland at the age of 17!

You were in which city in Holland, in the district or you were what is that there was many gym of boxing?

In the south of Holland, Eindhoven. The were many good gyms over here at the time and still are

In what gym you began the boxing?

At Durangym in Eindhoven

Which champions there were in this gym?

This was a small gym, and I was the first champion

Who attracted you in this sport, why to have chosen the boxing?

Many things, in special the technique to expose your skills

You began your training with Muay Thai or the Kickboxing?

Muay Thai and Full Muay Thai

You fight as well in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and K1 Rule, in which discipline you prefer to fight?

Few years ago Muay Thai, but know I am getting better in K1 so I prefer K1 at the moment

You already went to fight and to train in Thailand?

Never, but I really want to go one day

What is for you at present in your category the strongest Thai fighter?


Would you like to face him?

I sure would love to fight against him. Even on full Muay Thai rules

What do you think of Thai fighters?

Tough fighters with great kicking skills, and some getting better on Boxing as well. I love their fighting style

You like fighting with elbows?

Not much anymore because the last few years we are so much focussed on K1 and not much gyms still practice the elbows…

A new concept of Tournament “Thai Fight” which looks like K1 Max is now in position on the world scene, would like you to participate in this tournament which is in the Full Muay Thai?

The problems with elbows are the cutting and because of this a fighter is not able to fight often. But if in this tournament the best fighters in the world are in and the price money is high enough so I can recover while I can’t fight, sure no problem

And in Japan, for example for K1 Max, would like you to go to fight over there?

100% it’s the place to be

What are your techniques preferred in fight?

Before my fast boxing combination, but at the moment my knees

You control perfectly the flying knees, is what that is a technique which works a lot on the training?

I train a lot with my knees because it’s a very effective weapon

At the beginning of your career what is what there are boxers who you one influenced in your style of boxing?

This is simple Rayen Simson and Ernesto Hoost. Later on I influenced myself with the knees. But the technique of those fighters were incredible

Today you train you in what gym with which sparring partners?

I train at Siam gym in Holland, with sparring partners as Yavuz Kayabasi, Hakan Aksoy, Errol Zimmerman, Karim Eljouharti, Nieky Holzken, Ait Said Houkari and many other professional fighters from the south of the country

Your next fights it is for when?

The Fast and Furious 8 men tournament in Brussels with others fighters as Souwer, Petrosyan, Drago etc…

What are your objectives for 2011?

My son will be born in July, so my objective is to become the best daddy in the world!

You want to add anything?

Yes, I would to thank God and my family for their support. I would to thank Black Label/It´s Showtime, Durangym and Calmaro gym for the opportunities the have giving me to have a fighting career. I am grateful. Many thanks to Siam gym and the guys for keeping me at the level

Thank you for having answered this interview and good luck for the continuation

Merci à Siam Fight Mag pour l’interview”, keep up the good work. For those who want to know more about me check out my website 

The “AFRICAN WARRIOR” is a redoubtable fighter of the Dutch circuit, his unpredictable boxing destabilized many of his opponents. His flying kneesare really magnificent and he controls this technique in the perfection. A fighter who to 70 kg has his place among the elite of K1 Max in the Japanese circuit!


Date of birth: 18 april 1984

Weight: 70 Kg

Height: 1m80

Number of professional fights: 29. 21 wins. 8 losses.

Title: World Champion It’s Show Time (2010). World Champion WKA in Muay Thai (2007). WKA Intercontinental Champion in Muay Thai (2005). Europe Champion in Muay Thai (2003)

Team: Siam gym Holland/ Black Label Fighting

Website :