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NICHOLAS READ: Hello Cyrille DIABATE you have a very beautiful career in THAI BOXING and in MMA, you can appear at our readers?

CYRILLE DIABATE: Diabaté Cyrille I make 1.97m for 97kg. I was born on October 6th, 1973.

Your fighter’s records in MMA and in Muay Thai?

I have approximately 75 fights among which 24 in MMA.

Your nickname DA SNAKE where from he comes?

A Japanese promoter had given the nicknames of animals to the fighters participating in a tournament which he organized it been all heavy boys’ goods hefty except me! On the other hand we knew me for my punch in spite of my rangy size. He thus naturally nicknamed me the Snake.

Since how long you practise the MMA?

Since 1996. My first participation in Golden Troy. I gained the tournament heavyweight

Why to have stopped the Muay Thai?

Because the challenge of the MMA attracted me more and then also my career of Muay Thai sank a little. Especially that I was bad managed in the time

How it is made your meeting with the MMA?

Naturally. I was always enticed by highly-rated realistic of the martial arts. By beginning I chose the Thai boxing because it was for me the most effective shape of fight. When I knew the MMA I was naturally seduce by his realistic approach.

What advice you would have liked that we give you when you began the MMA?

In a general way I would have liked being better surrounded, by competent people at the level training and management.

What are your most beautiful memories in MMA and MUAY THAI?

In MMA my first victory in Golden Trophy and in Thai boxing my world championship in 98. Otherwise there are many of the others, in the other styles of fight …

You have already used your knowledge in a frame of self defence? (Out of competition and gym)

OF COURSE! I worked as bouncer and I also have make of the moved closer protection. I had quite a lot of opportunities to see if my techniques were effective. They are him!

What was your most difficult fight? Why?

My most difficult fight? There are some. Fights made in an a little bit difficult period of my life or I was not very psychologically. It is rather a difficult period during which I continued to fight not really a fight in particular.

You have favourite techniques?

I am known for my knees but I use it more because it is often a technical gap at my opponents. Otherwise I like the pokes.

How you prepare you with the aim of a fight?

As all the fighters professional: Cardio, wrestling, grappling, Muay Thai and MMA

What do you think of the initiative consisting in studying several styles different from martial arts?

Today a fighter of MMA who has gaps in a domain can be at the top with difficulty. It will thus have to study the various components of the MMA to reduce its gaps and so reduce the errors committed in fight.

You can tell us your best fight and your worst?

My best? One finale world of karate Shidokan in 1997 in Chicago. My opponent was the favourite and weighed 107kg for 1.89m me I weighed 86kg. I put him K.O on a blow of knees in the body after a very hard fight.

The worst memory? A defeat in front of Rodney Faverus for a world title of MMA. My opponent was a counterfeiter and I was on too much train for the fight. At the end of the first round I had already died physically. I lost because of a bad preparation and I am crossed in quoted by a big opportunity which offered itself to me.

How takes place one of your sessions of training?

Warm-up, technical, sparring, muscular intensification.

Present to us the SNAKE TEAM?

She exists since 1999. On the base it was the name of my section of Thai boxing in city of Rueil-Malmaison. Very fast I taught the MMA (2000) and my first students began to fight 

You can speak to us about fighters who make parties of your team? And even of their fighter’s records?

The most known, Xavier ” Pr. X ” Foupa Pokam was a champion of Europe of MMA is the age old of 21 years, it fought all around the world and is known for its boxing and its aggressiveness. Gregory “Blade” Babene is a young talented fighter who takes his time but who will know a big career I am on.

There is also Mamour “Mamourinho” Fall who joined us a little more than 2 years ago. He is really strong and will become a champion if he continues like that. Otherwise there is raises it: Gilles “Peter Pan Saraf”, Hedi Benhadallah, Maleek Sylla etc…

What look glance concerns the evolution of the MMA in France?

As for the other styles of fight, France is often lagging behind but in the end always manages to take place among the best nations to the world. He will there be the similar with the MMA, you will see.

That would advise you to a young person who wishes to make a career in the MMA?

Especially indeed surround itself! It is not evident to find competent people for to be train AND managed.

You manage to live on your sport?

I lived of my sport as trainer, fighter and manager.

What are your objectives for this year?

Fight at the highest level and continue to develop my team.

Have you a fit of bad temper and to fall in love with?

To fall in love with in all those who so supported me that my team every these year

To finish, you have persons to greet part the way of this interview?

All the members of the Snake Team and our friends of the Team Quest! All the French fighters who squeezed teeth during all these years to develop our sport.

Thank you for your participation in this interview and Good Luck for the continuation