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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of DAMIEN ALAMOS by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Damien, how are you, good training?

DAMIEN ALAMOS: Yes that goes there great shape!

How old are you?

I am 19 years old

You began the boxing towards which age?

I began of at first with the Savate Boxing at the age of 8 but I also practised Muay Thai in 8 years. But I could not make of competition in Muay in 8 years it is from 10 years that we can. In Savate we can in 8 years, then during 2 years I have make of the Savate in educational. And in 10 years I have make some competition in Muay Thai…

You began very early Muay Thai in 10 years, little as Thaïs?

Yes as Thaïs but not with the same methods of trainings, it is of the educational

In what gym you started Muay Thai?

To the Impact Aquitaine Gym with Rodrigo Alamos who is my uncle

It is your uncle who has you make discover the Thai boxing?

Yes it is him who put me inside…

How much did you make of fight in educational?

I have of to make 50 for 60 assaults. It was with the protections in the “touch”

To what age you came for the first time in Thailand?

In 14 years and I have it make my first fight in Thailand in 14 years belonged to Koh Samui. I lost in points but it was a good experience. Then I fought abroad because in France I could not fight “total fight”, I could fight only in educational. I fought in France in educational until 17 years…

What was your first important title?

Last year I gained the Title France Champion Professional!

In Thailand in which camp you were the first time?

It was in the camp Por Pramuk, the camp of Buakaw. It was in 2005, I was 14 years old. Later I went to Jocky Gym

In Jocky Gym you stayed for a long time?

Just two weeks

You have made the other camps?

Yes I trained for Lukbanyaï. And to the camp of Somrack Khamsing or I stayed of at first 1 and a half month then after three months. And before the evening of Lumpinee I was to get ready a few months for the camp Singpatong to Phucket

How much you have make of fight in Thailand?

13 fights

So far how much fight you have made?

I have 41 fights. 36 wins. 4 Losses and 1 draw

You have victories by KO?

Yes I gained 19 fights by KO

You have already fought in big stadium of Bangkok?

Yes in 2006 in Radja. And in Lumpinee I fought three times. I once lost and I won twice at Lumpinee

And in the big events as the King’s Birthday or the Queen’s Birthday?

Yes I have already fought in the King’s Birthday and the Queen’s Birthday, I gained my fights every time…

What known opponent you fought in Thailand?

I met Kingstar (N 8 Lumpinee), I fought Katraonoi and Patawan …

And in France what are the known boxers that you met?

In France I met Houcine Bennoui (Vice World champion of Thai Boxing) in Toulouse, a very hard fight, it is a very rough opponent, it is one of my most hard fight. I fought Thomas Andamadopoulos (France Champion Kickboxing) in the ” Night of the Champions ” in Marseille, I won at points!

What was your hardest fight in Thailand until today?

My fight against Kingstar. From the first round I felt its power of striking, and there you see at once that it is a high-level thai. I lost in points in front of him…

And in France?

Against Houcine Bennoui, he has explosive fists. And he drops never…

You would like to fight again against him?

Yes why not…

You would like to fight anybody in particular?

Every best of my category!

In Thailand who are the best in your category?

In 63 kg it is Kongfah who is a champion of the Lumpinee. So Sudsakorn because he can fight in 63 kg

It makes how long that you are installed in Thailand?

It makes seven months. I am a just come back once in November to fight in Marseille…

At the moment you are in which camp?

I am in Singpatong to Phucket for two months already…

How is the training in this camp?

It is a very hard camp. The boxers are very serious. I train with Penaik (N°1 Lumpinee) and Tongdan who fights in the TV7. Over there, there is an trainer of Anuwat, it is very good, he train very well at the level of fists!

What style of training do they work most on Singpatong?

It is rather complete. But I would say more the clinch. Many of clinch in the morning and after noon of the long sessions. It is a training on the length, very physical. The boxers over there are really well prepared!

You sleep in the camp?

Not I rented a small house not very far from the camp…

What is your objective in Thailand?

I want of at first to fight the best Thai. Then try to be made a name here…

To fight for a belt of a big stadium of Bangkok, is what that is one of your objectives?

At the moment I do not think of it, I go up slowly my career. But a belt of a big stadium it is a dream for any nakmuay, especially by living in Thailand!

In a few days you are going to fight in a big evening in Lumpinee. During this evening Farid Villaume and Kamel Jemel are going to fight for a belt. Of what you think of this event?

I think that it is good for Farid and Kamel. They deserved him with regard to their career. It is true that they did not make all the way for the classification but they deserve all the same. It is an opportunity for them and I hope that they are going to gain belts…

You think that it is a good thing this kind of event for the French Muay Thai?

Yes they are of good event for the French Muay Thai. It shows our level, to compete with the Thais which are champions in Lumpinee, it is great!

According to you today, French returned to a high level in Europe?

In pure Muay Thai, I think that French are even better than Dutch. On the other hand in K1, Dutch are always the best at present…

What are the champions whom you like today?

For French I like Farid Villaume. Later for former Danny Bill and Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. For Thai I like Narunart, he is 35 years old but it is one of the best in Thailand. Then Seanchai for the technique, it is the class!

What are your fights planned for this year?

I am going to fight for world champion WPMF’s belt in Lumpinee against an Iranian who has the belt. I hope to gain this title because it can open me doors for fights in Thailand. The promoter Chun Kiatpetch of the TV7 said to me that if I gain the belt, I would fight in the TV7!

And in France you have fights also of planned?

On April 24th my uncle Rodrigo organizes an event, I am going to fight in this evening can be for an European championship WPMF…

I thank you for this interview Damien and Big Chookdee for Lumpinee!

Thanks to you Serge

Damien Alamos is really the young person who rises at present in France. In the mythical stadium of Lumpinee, he became World champion WPMF in front of rough Iranian in him to take his invaluable belt. It is a real exploit for this young phenomenon which is only 19 years old!

Alamos bath in Muay Thai since his childhood, he has that in the blood and it feels the effects in the boxing, he fights as Thai. Besides being technical, he has a big heart and the big challenges do not frighten him. Indeed, he has recently just faced one of the current stars of his category the multiple champion Orono Wor Petchun (World champion, Lumpinee Champion, Thailande Champion, Champion It’s Show Time Max). Damien lost in front of this redoubtable fighter. But this young humble boxer did not stop surprise us, his challenges are only beginning and the future of Muay Thai belongs to him!


Height: 1m75

Weight: 63,500 Kg

Number of fight: 43 fights. 37 wins (19 KO). 5 Losses. 1 draw

Title: World Champion WPMF. France Champion Professional