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Temps de lecture : 8 minutes


special report by Serge TREFEU 

(Thank for picture to Hugo Alamos)


Damien Alamos immersed in Muay Thai since his childhood, he has that in the blood and it feels the effects in the boxing, he fights as Thai. Besides being technical, he has a big heart and the great challenges do not frighten him.

The young person Damien Alamos began with the Savate boxing at the age of 8. Then is 10 years old he began Muay Thai. He made at once some competition in educational. All in all he made about sixty fights in assault. The gym where he started is called the Impact Aquitaine in city of Bordeaux in South of France. This gym is managed by Rodrigo Alamos who is the uncle of Damien and his trainer for a long time.



In only 14 years he makes his first fight Professional in Thailand on the Island of Koh Samui. Until 17 years he fights in France in educational (protections, fight in the touch) but he often goes abroad to be able to fight “total fight”. In 18 years he win the championship of France in professional. The following year, in 2010, in only 19 years, in Bangkok, in the Lumpinee stadium full to bursting, he takes the world champion WPMF’s belt from the titleholder, rough Iranian Abass Ahmadi. The same year in city of Bordeaux he also takes champion’s belt of Europe WPMF in Spanish Niko Barbera Rocamora!



Since he is 14 years old Damien goes regularly in Thailand. He tested several camps, the first camp where he it is train is the famous camp Por Pramuk of the Star Buakaw . Then he went to Jocky Gym, to Lukbanyai, to the Baan Muay Thai (With the French team) and finally to the camp of the Thai legend Somrak Khamsing. At Somrak, in 2009, he is going to stay four months and fought twice for Somrak, with two victories in Lumpinee Stadium against Tantawan Wyndisport and Ronnachai Sitpangdiang.



Damien it is installed in Thailand august on 2009 to be able to quench his passion of the muay thai and especially fight all year long in the kingdom of Muay. In December, 2009, he puts definitively his suitcases on the paradise island of Phuket, in the South of the country. Today he train to the camp Singpatong, in the sea resort Patong Beach, this camp became his camp fetish because since it is there, it brings only good results..



Singpatong is a camp where the training is considered as being very hard, “Sing” wants to say Lion and “Patong” makes reference to the famous sea resort of Phuket. Singpatong, ” The Lions of Patong “, Damien is a member from now on of the clan of the lions, the young white lion ” Sing Khao ” is more than ready to jump up on boxing rings…



Damien rents a house and settles down with his girlfriend Yim, a Thai which is dental assistant to Patong beach. Their house is five kilometers of the camp Singpatong in a quiet suburban district. Every day, Damien goes to his camp in scooter, a beautiful scooter which he bought thanks to the purse of his fight against the Thai Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (N° 1 in Thailand in 140 lbs). In Marseille, in 2010, Alamos lose to points in front of the boy wonder thai during the event the Night Of The Champions…



In the housing development where he lives, Damien has for neighbor, David Hergault who is installed with his family. David Hergault was a very great champion in Thailand, it is the first French wich fought in the stadium TV7.  David train little French to the camp Singpatong and sometimes advises Damien for the preparation of his fights.



Henceforth young French come back just in France for fight and returns immediately “at home” to Singpatong. As in April, 2010 when he was challenged in Italy legendary Orono Wor Petchpun (World champion WMC, WPMF, It’s Showtime, Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion). In front of this immense champion Damien be going to lose on wound further to a murderous poke which is going to open him. He returns to Singpatong to train even more hard. In this camp, there are champions for Penaik (Omnoi Champion, Lumpinee Champion, TV7 Champion), Pentai (TV7 champion), Tongdan (classified in the TV7). Damien gets ready with these champions. The trainer of the famous champion Anuwat Kaewsamrit is also in this camp.

The training here is very physical and based on the length with a great deal of session of clinch. Damien trains hard, as thais, it is the professional who lives on his fights, he thus has to get ready seriously for each of his fights. He fights for the camp Singpatong under the name of Damien Singpatong Gym. But for some fight he can also fight under the name of Damien Kwaythong Gym (Kwaythong is the biggest sponsor for the TV7).

The young person Alamos it is draw attention in very important Thai circuit, so that on March 6th, 2011, he sees itself proposed a fight for the belt TV7 against the Thai Aphisak KT gym (Classified N° 8 in Radja). This belt of this mythical stadium was never competed by a foreigner, moreover only foreigners’ handle had the honor to fight against Thai champions in the stadium TV7. The stadium TV7 which belongs to the famous made promoter Mr Peerapong Theeradejpong (Mister Chun) left four more important stadium of the country with that of Lumpinee, Radja and stadium of Omnoï. Every Sunday at exactly 13:45 am the fights begin with six matches the main fight of which is the number 4. Four fights are live broadcast on the TV and are going to be seen by ten million televiewers. Every Sunday it is an audience record which reproduces throughout the year with more than 50 events annual.

The foreigners who have they the luck to fight in front of Thai champions in this famous stadium are very rare. Until today only six foreigners among whom four French fought in front of thais, the first one was French David Hergault (3 times), then Australian Soren Monkontong (4 times), Spanish Joseph-Nicolas Garcia Nguere (twice), French Yohan Lidon (twice), French Fabio Pinca (1 time) and French Tarik Benhfik (1 time).



Damien is only the seventh foreigner to have had the honor to fight in the TV7. Finally, the belt was not put in games, at the last moment Thai decided not to put her in games, why, mystery, it is the Thailand. But Damien made a formidable fight. He dominated the thai in all the registers, technically, physically, in front of a solid boxer who takes it and possesses a very powerful striking in fist. He moreover affected several times Damien with his fists, French was marked with the face at the end with the fight. Alamos imposes logically in points, a beautiful performance in this renowned stadium of the country. His uncle and trainer in France, Rodrigo Alamos of the Impact Aquitaine Gym had made specially the travel in Thailand for coach his nephew, a big moment crossed in family…



In April in the stadium of Omnoi, Alamos meets the Thai Dejsuriya Pumphanmuang, after three intense and very technical rounds, at the beginning of the fourth round, Damien strikes the Thai with magnificent High Kick. To Phattalung, one most big cities of the South of the country, a big event is organized in June, in front of 10 000 persons, Damien puts KO the thai Singnamout with a masterly left hook!

On September 23rd, 2011 Damien competes again for world champion WPMF’s belt, this time in the category for 135 lbs, last year he had conquered the belt WPMF in 140 lbs. In the lumpinee, he beats in points the Thai Desellek Aodonmuang (N° 8 in Lumpinee) and hang on a new belt on his fight record!

One month later, on October 23rd, to the Bangla Stadium of Phuket he meets the thai Farmongkon Kor Chaiprayom (N° 5 in Radja), a formidable fighter who made draw the year crossed against terrible F16 Rajanont (current Lumpinee Champion in 130 lbs), Damien makes a festival of poke and takes out a high kick lightning left leg which puts KO the thai for more count, Farmongkon is going to stay of length minutes in the ground before recover…

Further to this victory, in October, French is classified N°4 in the ranking of Lumpinee. An exploit, because it is necessary to go back up in 1999 to see a so classified foreigner, it was moreover also French, certain David Hergault…

At the beginning of year 2012, January 18th, Alamos faces robust Phetsanguan Sitniwath, the fight is made to the Bangla Boxing Stadium to Phucket. In changing rooms, the tension is palpable, the thai which has already faced the great champions as Samranchai 96 Peenang (Thailand champion) and Sakeddao Phetphayathai (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion) challenges French, and promises him KO on the boxing ring. The fight is terrible, Damien makes count his opponent in the 2nd round then he is counted in his turn, the thai opens Alamos on the skull with his powerful pokes, but in the round following the fight ends in blaze of glory for French which puts KO the Thai with a magnificent left hook!

But his biggest challenge is to come. Indeed, the big promoter Chun offers him the possibility of fighting for a belt of Lumpinee. The date is chosen, on February 10th, 2012, this day will be certainly the most important in his career of nakmuay. Because it is the dream of all the nakmuay of the planet, to have the honor to compete for a belt of the most prestigious of stadium of Thailand!

Until today the only foreigner which managed of the exploit to gain a belt of Lumpinee it is the French champion Mourad Sari. In 1999, he gained the belt 140 lbs against the thai Somchaï. The champion Stephan Nikiéma, the same day, had fought against Neungtrakan Por Muang Ubon for the belt of Lumpinee in 147 lbs. Nikiéma had fallen in a trap, thais did not allow him to gain the trophy so desired. In 1992, the great Dutch champion Ramon Dekkers was the first one to have had the opportunity to fight for a belt of Lumpinee. He faced the thai Issara for the belt 140 lbs, Dekkers had lost in points. 

It will be necessary to wait until 2010 to see again a foreigner challenging the Thai champions for a belt of the mythical stadium. Made it is two big French champions, Farid Villaume and Kamel Jemel who are going to try to gain Grail. On February 26th, 2010, Villaume will be defeated in points against Sayok Punpanmuang for the belt of Lumpinee in 154 lbs and Kamel Jemel is going to lose on TKO against Kongfah Auddormueng for the belt of Lumpinee in 140 lbs. Finally, thing exceptional in the annals of Muay Thai, on October 29th, 2010, in Paris, a fight for a belt of Lumpinee is going to be organized. It is the first time when a belt of this stadium is competed in Europe. The French champion Abdallah Mabel faces the titleholder, Sayok Punpanmuang, Mabel is going to lose in points against formidable Sayok…

On February 10th Damien is going to try the exploit to take his belt to the champion of the Lumpinee 140 lbs, Kongfah Auddormueng, the one who had brought down Kamel Jemel. Kongfah is “Muay Mat” (strong in fist) very powerful and an incredible durable boxer which has the experience of the big fights, he beat three times the great champion Noppadeat Saengsimaewgym, he also beat Kongjak Sor Tuantong, met formidable Singmanee Sor Srisomphong with a victory and a defeat, and makes terrible fights against champions as Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee (2 defeats), Thepsutin Phumpanmoung (defeat), Songniyom Pumphanmuang (defeat). It is thus a big challenge for the young Damien to beat this bull of boxing rings!



All his family is present to encourage him, his uncle and trainer, his father, her mother and his small brother made the travel of France to support the champion of the family. To Alamos, boxing it is really a history of family, small brother Mike is already ready to take over.



In 17 years he has already made ten fights in France. He even made two fights in Thailand with two victories by KO. Two days before the big event of his older brother, he is going to fight for the third time in Thailand to the Bangla Stadium de Phuket. The young Mike gains once again his fight and by KO with magnificent High Kick!



Now it’s time for the older brother to leave to the fight, and which fight, the young Damien has produce you with the story, the D-day arrived. On Friday, February 10th, 2012, at 6 am in the morning, weighed takes place in the stadium of Lumpinee. Damien is a little heavier than his opponent and has to run to eliminate some grams, nothing alarming, he is used, he is ready. Sometimes the boxers who are not for the weight have to lose liters of sweats in a sauna, what can weaken them then for the fight…

The Thai television is present for it weighed, the thais media like the big meetings between champions of the country and the foreign “farangs”. Thai are proud of their champions and more still when they beat foreign champions…

The famous Thai commentator questions both protagonists about the fight, French and Thai lend themselves friendly to the questions.



This evening the challenge is enormous for both champions. The Thai will have a big pressure, it has no right to make mistakes, if it loses, he will have to be accountable, to his promoter, to his Team, to the punters, as well as to the big well-know figure of the of the Thai boxing. When to Alamos, it is the historic match, maybe that he will never have the opportunity to fight again for the belt of Lumpinee, he does not have to leave past his luck…

The fight is more than embattled, Damien holds well his role of challenger, he is boosted, and destabilizes completely the thai, in third rounds Alamos touch the champion still with his famous left hook, Kongfah is counted, he is even opened on a poke at the end by the round, the rounds following the thai solid durable, resists, such a wounded bull he moves forward, but he is exceeded by the fluid techniques of French, the incredible seems realized for young French,  the fight goes up to the end of five rounds.



The judges return their verdict, Damien wins at points, he is the new LUMPINEE CHAMPION, in 21 years, it is enormous!


Alamos be back into the story of Muay Thai for ever. After the french Mourad Sari in 1999, he is second foreign to the world in realized this exploit, to beat at him, in points, a Thai champion and take him his belt of the most prestigious stadium of the country!

Henceforth, the photo of French with his belt will be posted in the entrance of the Lumpinee stadium, among the current champions, to the side of his mate of training, Penaik Sitnoomnoi, who has the belt of Lumpinee in 126 lbs, Team Singpatong, champion’s real Team!



Thais knows henceforth that a farang is capable of competing with them better champions, many people are going to want to challenge the French whiz kid, challenges that it stays in this warrior it is to keep his invaluable trophy, another story begins for SING KHAO, The adventure continues…

Special report on fight of Damien Alamos by ROB COX on :


Age: 21 years

Height: 1m75

Weight: 63 Kg 500
: Lumpinee Champion. WPMF World Champion in 135 lbs and 140 lbs. Europe Champion WPMF. France Champion

Number of fight: 59 fights. 52 wins (24 KO). 6 losses. 1 draw

Number of fight in Thaïland: 24

Particular sign: In fought in four bigger stadium of Bangkok, in the stadium Lumpinee (7 times), in the stadium Radja (1 time), in the stadium TV7 (1 time) and in the stadium Omnoi (1 time). In fought also in two bigger events of the country, in the King’s Birthday and in the Queen’s Birthday.

Known Thai fighters that he faced:

Kongfah Auddormueng (Lumpinee Champion), win, Orono Wor Petchun (World Champion, Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion, It’s Showtime Champion), lose, Sittichai Sitsongpeenong (N° 1 in Lumpinee, N° 3 in TV7), lose, Kingstar (N°8 in Lumpinee), lose, Aphisak KT Gym (N° 8 in Radja), win, Desellek Aodonmuang (N° 8 in Lumpinee), win, Dejsuriya Pumphanmuang, win, Phetsanguan Sitniwath, win, Petchbangpung Sackchatri, win, Singnamout, win.

Known foreign fighters that he faced:

Houcine Benoui, lose, Thomas Andamadopoulos, win, Salem Messous, draw, Abass Ahmadi, win, Aziz Alikada, win.