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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes



NICHOLAS READ : Hello you have a very beautiful career in Full-Contact, can you present for our reader?

DAMIEN LECOMTE: I am 38 years old, I am measure 1m72 for 70kg!

How are your titles?

I am champion of Normandy, champion of France amateur, vice World champion amateur, champion of France Pro I.S.K.A., victorious of the tournament of the champions, winner at the night of the champions of Marseilles, winner to the “post Ténébras Cup”, Europe Champion WKN

Since how long do you practise Full Contact?

I practise Full Contact since the old one of 13ans …

The first time that you saw a fight of Full Contact, which was your reaction?

Blymey !This sport is revolutionist, I was under the charm all of continuation!

You began boxing in which gym?

My very first gym was Full Boxing Gym  of Said Hamzaoui

You remember your first fights?

Of course that I remember my first fights, I was 16 years old and I did not carry out any broad. For me most important was to gain this first fight, it was made thing …

Can you tell us which was your best memory fight?

I have two better memories, the day or I beat Abel El Quandili (World Champion) in Morocco. It was its first defeat! And the day or I became Europe Champion WKN, it was in 2004, victory by K.O with the 2nd rounds …

And your worse memory?

My worse memory goes up the day or I boxing Switzerland Johnny Canabate for European title ISKA, I was 18 years old and it has put loser of a point to me this day. But honestly I had gained this fight …

Is what there other sports that you practised except boxing are?

Boxing is all my life! Other sport not interested me…

Which was your most difficult adversary until today?

My adversary more hard was Johnny Canabate, a true machine of war!

Are you one purist of Full Contact or you are already boxing in other disciplines?

At the beginning of my career, I saw only by the techniques of legs. Turned side kick and etc. But with time I improved into English boxing. I took my bag and I went in the gyms of English boxing and I put on the gloves with quite good fighter. I made not badly sparring with Julien Lorcy (world champion WBA) when it came on the city of Le Havre. Thereafter the work of the fists became a true passion. I always boxing in full contact and I had wanted to take a licence into English boxing but at the time I had exceeded the age limits 28 years …

What you think of the evolution of the discipline with the federation?

Full Contact is better and better structured and it is so much better for the changing …

Which councils would give you to a young fighter who wishes to make a career in Full Contact?

To be a recognized champion is very important. A council for a young boy and let’s go never say die and never forgets that boxing is not a play. And that there is not that in the life. Also benefit from your passion to pass all your diplomas and for that it is necessary to work at the school. It is important to have another exit door that boxing …

What thinks you of fighters who go fighting in various disciplines?

I think that boxing in several styles can be very enriching, on the other hand it is necessary to pay attention to not boxing every weekend. The rest is very important!

Does Full Contact have a good future in France?

I believe that Full Contact has a good future but it is true that the kick boxing and Thai boxing taken advance…

Can you speak to us about your current gym?

My current gym call the School Havraise of sport of combat. I am training and I am trainer

With which Team do training you?

I training with Robert Rite one of the largest specialist as regards kick boxing!

You have like friend Jerome LE BANNER, is what you are often training with him?

To say what I think of a champion heavy who is adulated by thousands of fan would make me pass for jealous. Thus I would not say anything but for nothing in the world I will retrogress. Therefore, joker …

Today which your job?

I work for my city, I go to the meeting of the young people in the difficult districts and I am also personal to trail (personal trainer)

You arrive at living of your sport?

Of course that not! I do not arrive at living boxing those which live about it are very little. But the boxing my brought all to the professional work…

You begin a career of actor, can you speak to us about the roles which you already played in movies SURVIVAL and SURRENDER?

Survival” is a movie carried out by Guillaume Tauveron or I play the role of a boxing to the fact of his glory and which day at the following day learns that it is reached of a terminal illness. The descent into Hell is inevitable. In “Surrender” of Guillaume Pierret I play the role of a cop hard who is ready with all to arrive at his end. Strong action!

You have a very favourite to say?

Yes, I trained a boxer whom I had at 17 years. He is 24 years old today and he is champion of France of kick boxing and double champion of Normandy heavy in English boxing! He is a pride for me …

You want to add something for our readers?

Not to never let anybody manage your life. Be wary of people who passes to you from the pomade and make you courbette by saying to you that you are strongest. The friendship for me something of is crowned and when you are planted a knife in the back that made very badly. Be never the slave of somebody, your life belongs to you. Live let go and not to never lower the arms.

Thank you for this interview and Good Luck for the continuation