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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Interview of DANIEL ALLOUCHE “THE VOICE”  by Serge TREFEU (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Daniel, I thank you for having accepted this interview. Before asking you questions about your Speaker’s long career, I would like to begin with your fighter’s career. Can you speak to us of your quite at the beginning in the boxing, at what age you began and in which gym?

DANIEL ALLOUCHE: Then the boxing it is paradoxical because I began late, I began in 28 years. I began of neighborhoods by playing football because it was my passion. Then I got little to everything, to the karate, to the tae kwon do, to the French boxing but it is sports which not my to win over. One day a friend to me, Roger Pachy (old champion) who had is gym of boxing thai the famous “Yamatsuki Gym” next to my office my asked to come to his gym to see a little this sport. I was to see and I put three months before deciding on me to go me to training because I am say ” it is madman’s sport “. And one day I returned to it and for this day there I did not leave him any more, it became a passion…

It was in which year?

In 1973, it was quite debuts of the Thai boxing in France!

You were the pioneers of the Muay Thai in this time?

Yes because have fought especially abroad, a lot in Holland and also in Belgium. In France have fought less because there were only some gyms for Brizon Gym and Belloni Gym. When have fought in Holland it was rather hard bus Dutch had an advance on us…

It was fights hastily?

Yes because in the time before boxing there had a hierarchy, the classes C, the classes B and the classes A. But before fight one class C you made inters clubs (fights between gyms) and inters clubs it was really big fights. And there were no protections. So we did not still fight with the pokes

How much you have make of fight and how many won titles?

I have make 26 fights for 22 wins. I was France Champion and Europe Champion by team

Your boxer’s best memory?

I have many memory because it is only of the passion, that of the pleasure. Then later as all the good things, there are bad things but me forget them, I keep that the good memories. Sometimes even a defeat it is a good memory also…

You are one of the French first ones to have gone to training in Thailand, it was in which year?

It was in 1979 at Captain Larris in Bangkok. I am trining in his camp but I had also been to make agreements with him because Roger Pachy wanted to make Thai come for promotion in France. Later I thus have make come everything the Thai Champion of time, Somsong, Krongsak, Attapong etc.

Did you fought in Thailand?

Not I did not fight, I am just training because has had no level. We were very physical but in the time it was not still of it really Thai boxing that have practiced. Today the young people it is really of the Thai boxing which they practice. We it was the debuts but it was a beautiful adventure!

Today in France you are the Speaker the most known in the world of the boxing, how it is crossed the transition of the boxer which rises on the boxing ring with its gloves to the speaker who rises on the boxing ring with the microphone?

That be an accident because I thought in no way of making that. When I stopped boxing I became a president of the Yamatsuki Gym of Roger Pachy because he had asked me for it. Then I was a professor to him during 10 years because this pleased me, it’s amused me. In more I was a coach with Roger, I coach the boys as Kouider, Desjardins, Tyrolien. Roger Pachy organized the events once a month in ” la Mutualité ” (stadium in Paris) and one day the speaker did not come. There, Roger my said ” we are in the shit takes the microphone “. At the time I did not want to make him but later to return him service I have him make. I rose on the boxing ring in jogging without preparation, without anything. My service pleased, of the blow Roger and his wife Paulette Pachy me one asked to continue to make speaker. At the beginning I did not want too much, I did not see making that. Then later I reflected, and I accepted. Because I found that most of the speakers, without speaking ill of speakers because it is not indeed, they made their professions but had no passion. Later I wanted to make him also to advance the Thai boxing, I found that it was a good means to promote the Thai boxing, to explain rules, knocks, where from came the Thai boxing etc. But especially emphasize the boxers because they really deserve him. Here this style thus pleased I am make one challenges stay in the best…

What were the first big boxing show in Thai boxing that you presented?

I have it make many with Roger Pachy in Halle Carpentier (stadium), there were big boxing show. But let us say the first big event which marked a history in the bend, it is the boxing show with Sami Kebchi (promoter) organized in Aquaboulevard (Parisian room). It was a World championship on live in TV Canal Plus. I started this beautiful adventure with him 20 years ago and he became the promoter whom have knows. That allowed me later to go also to Boxing with Louis and Michel Acariès (Boxing promoters). With them I also had big moments. And then with the live TV you learn many thing because this has nothing to do to present an boxing show without TV and with the TV, It is in no way the same work …

When you presented the events in Boxing it was the similar for you that to present those in Thai boxing?

For me it was the beautiful challenge that proposed me Louis and Michel Acariès. That allowed me to improve my work, to refine it. Even if the Thai boxing stays my passion, I also like the boxing. What is important for me it is especially the human side, the relationship with the boxers…

Are there boxers who you one marked?

Of course, there is which me one marked as boxer of the others as man. But there is so, I could not say exactly, there is that I knew very young, I saw the evolution of their career as Kamel Jemel and Dida. I have they the other feelings with lads for Ramon Dekkers, Rob Kaman, Krongsak. I had the luck also in English to present boxers who were not still a champion but who later signed with Don King (promoter N ° 1 American). Every time it is a story, a human adventure. I had of big moment also with public because without beautiful public one you cannot make a beautiful event!

You had the big pride, I suppose, to present your own son during boxing show. Can you speak to us a little about him?

Yes it is a big pride because he realized what I was not able to realize in Thai boxing because I arrived too late. He was several all the same time a champion of France, a champion of Europe and Vice world champion in Thai Boxing. He would have of the being world champion in Thai boxing, I do not say that because it is my son, but I saw his fight in Japan against the local star and he it is made steal. But he became a world champion of Kick boxing. He had a much more beautiful career than mine, I am very proud of it. Fabrice was generous on the boxing ring, a warrior who went to the war. Too much in my will because as I explained to him that pleased in public but needs to pay attention, needs to live after the boxing, needs to try to remain intact. Having seen fighting his son that it is another history and to present him and to see him fighting it is the even worse!

In 2000, during the ceremony of golden gloves in Paris, to crown your announcer’s career you received a trophy, you are proud of this reward?

Frankly for me I believe that it is can be the most beautiful reward that I received. I had height of the rewards, ‘”better Speaker of the year” etc. But that there yes I am very proud of it. I received the “Glove of brightness”. Except for the boxers very few persons who are except boxing receive him. In more this day there, there is they two “Glove of brightness”, one for Mr Jean-Paul Belmondo (French star actor) and one for me. To have received this trophy in common with Belmondo whom I admire a lot as man, actor, boxer, guard of football, for what he was and that he is always, it was really a big pride for me. And then all the same to receive this trophy of the corporation, that enormously touched me, I believe that I could not speak any more, I had a little tears with eyes. Very big memory for me!

Today that what is what still stimulates Daniel Allouche?

The passion, always the passion, for the Thai Boxing she will remain eternal, I believe. But also for the boxing generally. And the passion which I have for the boxers, it is necessary to be able to rise on a boxing ring, it is men whom I would always respect. But also I like what I make, to make the speaker I like that. It is pleasant, I have enormous sensations, sometimes I have the gooseflesh, the sometimes, by presenting on the boxing ring. When I see the crowd reacting, the boxer to arrive, it is beautiful. My passion is always intact. I think that I would stop in the daytime or I would have no more this passion. So I would stop if one day I think that I would not be fit to be seen any more on a boxing ring, and that I do not like it on the other hand. But as long as I could, I would make him, has no problem there on the contrary …

I thank you for this interview, and that your voice resounds even for a long time in the boxing show of all France!

Thank you it is kind and I was anxious to say it to you, bravo for your site SIAMFIGHTMAG because he is super well made and I wish long life your site!

Thank you very much it’s pleasure this compliment coming from a big Sir of the boxing as you!