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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of DANIEL LANTI by serge TREFEU (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Daniel can you present itself for the readers?

DANIEL LANTI: Hello, I am 25 years old. I am originating in Cameroun and I have practised boxing Thai for 4 years. I began accesses with karate towards age 6 years

Which was your first gym in France?

The RMB Gym of Rachid Saadi in city of Saint-Ouen. After I was directly with Dany Bill in Komité 232 Gym.

You remember your first fights here?

Yes my first fight in kick boxing in France was against Cyril Abidi with the TK2 in city of Marseilles.

Before you had make other fights in Cameroun?

Yes I was Africa Champion Full Contact. I  have make fight in karate too.

How much do you have of fight?

28 fights. 24 wins and 4 losses.

Do you have much victory by K.O?

About 14 K.O

Which is your style of boxing?

I like boxing with the legs because I come from karate and I good techniques with the legs, I have am rather fast with

You have preferred techniques that you apply in fight?

I like much to place low kicks and high kick …

How did you discover boxing?

When I stay small I have started accesses karate with my big brother. After I discovered boxing Thai by looking at the fight of Dany Bill on TV channel +, I were 14 years old when I saw these fights. As in Cameroun boxing Thai that really does not exist, is as that I have discovered. After I saw Le Banner boxing with K1 and the articles in magazine Bushido karate on boxing Thai.

You are very flexible for a heavy fighter, have sees you making the wide variation between the cords at the time of the show with K 1 Istanbul where come you this flexibility?

Karate and there is a movie which marked me when I was kid it  is the first movie of Van Damme Tiger karate, one sees a scene or Van Damme makes a wide variation on the boxing ring between the cords before fighting its adversary and here are …

Which was your first title?

At 18 years I have make the championships Africa in Full Contact that I gained

Thai boxing is developed in Cameroun?

Not really. There are not Thai boxing over there. Only the Full Contact and the English boxing which are well represented. A little bit of French boxing also …

In fact in Cameroun they know Thai boxing but there are no yet gyms?

Yes exactly. Now they start to a little better know

The passage of the Full Contact to Thai boxing was easy?

Not too. I had a little evil with the blows of knees and the body with body, I avoided at the beginning but now I am good, I likes. With Dany Bill one learns the techniques well from body with body …

Which is your prize list?

I am Africa Champion of Full Contact. Vice France Champion of kick boxing in 2003. I took the belt of K1 of city of Marseilles in 2008. I also fought with the TK2 against Cyril Abidi of which I lost on stop on wound. I fought in K1 Istanbul 2007 in Turkey against Zabit Samedov (Daniel lost at the points on litigious decision). I beat in city of Marseilles Petar Majstorovic a guy of the circuit K 1 Grand Prix.

Which was your harder adversary?

Cyril Abidi but I would like to meet it again …

Your best memory of boxing until today?

 When I gained K 1 of Marseilles …

Which are your ambitions now?

To take a belt in best Thai boxing and to go to fighting in circuit K 1

Are there champions who inspired in your boxing?

Yes when I was kid I liked Rick Roufus, I liked its fight against Rob Kaman. After all the fight of Dany Bill and Stephan Nikiéma I like much. Le Banner and Francisco Filhos I much also like because Le Banner it comes from the Full Contact and Filhos of karate like me. These guys bored well in kick boxing …

Would you like to fight Le Banner?

Yes does not have there problem if it is given to me I will not flee I am a man. Le Banner I was fan of him when I was young but if one gives me a chance against him I go there …

Which are your next challenges?

I have a proposal for boxing in Spain against a Russian of the K1 circuit but I wait…

Thank you very much and good luck for your fights?

Thank you


Weight: 98 kg

Number fight: 28. 24 wins. 4 losses. 14 K.O

Winner of K1 Marseilles 2008. Africa Champion of Full Contact