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Danny BILL

Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of Danny BILL by Serge TREFEU (2007)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Dany, How’s that go what is that you have the shape?

Danny BILL: Super, super, one is always the shape.

You began boxing at which age?

A 13 years, by the full contact.

You began boxing in which gym?

It was a gym with city of Stains, but I forgot the name of gym.

Where you lived?

A Stains, I grew it low in the 93 (suburb Paris).

In which category you did begin boxing?

In 55 kg. My first fighting in 57 kg.

You remember your first major title?

The championship of France which I took down around 18 years.

Speaks us about your list of winners which is impressive?

I have about 120 fights, ten losses but seven truths defeats because I had steal…

You have boxing only in Muay Thai?

Majority in Muay Thai but also some fight in Japan without the blows of knees, five or six times.

In the rule of K1 max?

Yes, that’s right

The first time that you were in Thailand it was in which year?

In 1992

You trained in which gym it low?

The first boxing gym in Jocky Gym with Stephan Nikiéma

You always were in Jocky?

Yes often in Jocky gym but also in Sityotong gym with Pattaya.

You slept and lived in the camp or outside?

Of accesses one slept with Thai in the camp but after one took rooms because it was hard at the beginning…

What is what the fact of training you in Thailand brought to you more over than to Europe?

For brought to me to better progress, there is which was in Thailand and which not to progress, others if, that depends. For me that taught me how really Thai boxer in Muay Thai.

Which councils would give you to a young man who wants to leave for Thailand for this training or fighting?

Boxing, if you can boxing because it is on the boxing ring that one learns. To training itself seriously and fight because it’s only on the boxing ring that one progresses…

In Thailand, how much do you have fights?

About thirty fights.

How much time did you fought in stadiums of Radja and Lumpinee?

I never fought in Radja stadium, I fought that in Lumpinee stadium. I have to make about fifteen fights in Lumpinee. At the time I fought for Songchaï and him it was a promoter that in Lumpinee. After it changed, it was in Radja and now it has its own stadium.

You met and beaten the best champions Thais on their premises, is what you had the opportunity of fighting for a belt of Lumpinee?

Not because for boxing for a belt of Lumpinee, it is necessary to low remain at least two years it. I fought that for the world title, six times in all…

Is you boxing throughout the whole world, which your best memory of fighter?

When I took my first world title at 20 years. I replaced with the foot raised Jo Prestia (World Champion). I was not training and I gained the match where as me had been called the day before, the morning and the following day I gained the title! It was for the King’s Birthday on December 5, 1993. A great show had there Nikiema, Dekkers which fought, in all had seven Europeans there against seven Thai and I am the only one to have gained, and that for me it is the best memory…

Your harder fight in Thailand do you remember it?

I don’t have to remember has suffered…

Against  Kobal for example, it is was not hard fight?

No, it was not hot against Kobal because I was not ready. Fifteen days before I had family concern, I were not in the fight, it was not hard for me.

Preferred you to fight Thai or European champions?

Me, today I have prove reliable in Thailand. Most important is to meet best Thai, those which are with the top. At the time, has there ten years, fifteen years, they were with the top now that changed, it there with rising generation, even Thai they know it that have changed. I preferred fight at the time best Thai. Europeans it is not similar, it is other thing…

When you fought in Thailand or in France, could you live of your sport?

Yes, because I fought regularly.

You are “Fimeu” (technician), you have preferred techniques?

I do not have preferred technique. I seek to be complete, to work the art of the Muay Thai.

You are one of rare fighter Thai boxing to make “direct sweepings”, how you made to control this technique?

I have to work much. You know today, there are many people whom I look at boxer even those which are with the top in France, Holland or Europe and nobody a make the style of boxing which I made. How I have make, after it is on the boxing ring was necessary to find the fault and me I found the faults to do it…

Are there boxers who one inspired to you or that you loved their boxings?

Yes, champion Thai like Krongsak. Krongsak it is a great champion whom many people one forgotten, it a make they are evidence in Europe, it was beaten by anybody. And other peoples of Thailand, there are much of it. Today it is Seanchaï. At the time it a boxer of Sityotong was Chatchaï which is deceased, it was a friend with me bottom. And also in Jocky Gym there are of them some which are strong in technique.

You are pure a Thai boxer but you never boxing in other disciplines?

Because that did not interest me. Now there is the free fight and I am ready to test against a guy of the free fight to see how it is…

Can you explain us why have to choose to make share your passion by giving courses of Muay Thai?

I had some to be enough in the gym’s of other people. I learned anything elsewhere then I am say, which I know I have will learn it all alone and to give a little at the same time what I know.

In which gym you currently teach?

Here with the Komite 232 gym

How does a training?

Typical Muay Thai. One works the base of the Muay Thai.

Would like you to have fighters?

Yes, I have of them already some one. Five, six and two, three girls also…

Will you will continue with boxing or definitively hang up again the gloves?

That made there one year that I did not fight. I took again last year in 2006 and I boxing in Super League. I am young person and I am still motivated. I want to meet best European and to return to the top. Because I am ten more years old in front of me…

Apart from the Thai boxing you have an other passion, “rap music”, can you speak to us about what you already carried out and your future projects?

I have made already six American albums, of compilations. That makes almost ten years that I have a label of music. Currently, I am developing an emission on Thai boxing, on the TV channel.  That will start normally in January and that will pass on 3A TV, twenty six minutes only on the Muay Thai. I will make advertising in the magazines for this emission, one will speak about it soon…

Thank you very much and Chook Dee for your projects?

Thank you with you and that the web site and the amateurs of Thai boxing give pleasures, and that this sport further grows…

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