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Interview of DENIS-MARIE CINTURA by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello and thank you for grant me this interview. You are the president of the federation of boxing FFSCDA which includes several disciplines of combat sport. How much are there today of persons in your federation all discipline mixed up?

DENIS-MARIE CINTURA: We arrived at 44 782 persons at the end of the last season what is a record absolved for a federation of Combat sports

A federation with a significant number of persons is an asset to seek the media and better become known the Kick Boxing with the general public, is it the intention of the FFSCDA?

Our intention is not quantitative, it is above all determined by the necessity to protect followers and fighters of the risk of the multiplication of the commitments via previously crumbled federal structures. In the past of small Federations did not control the number of fights or made competitions, this problem disappeared with our sports and medical passport common to all the sports

What are for you the factors which can attract more spectators in the events of Kick Boxing?

The credibility of a sport, his story, his past, its legends…

And then fewer Belts and Championships phoney!

What moreover is coming true by limiting the number of international federations…

In Kick Boxing in France a professional league is rather difficult to rise, when is it today the professional boxing within the FFSCDA?

It is the stage of tomorrow on which we work, with as project to separate those who gain some money with the Boxing and who fight without protections. The amateur World (the truth) has its appropriate rules with obligations which do not exist in Professional. On the other hand the boys and the girls who receive purses must be paid in social and fiscal conditions allowing them to pay the contribution and not to be injured any more by occult payments…

And at the amateur level what are the projects futures for the Kickboxing, the Full-contact and the Thai Boxing, among others?

We come back from European championships of Kick Boxing and K1 where our teams of France shone. We shall continue on this track with a grouping of the juniors of all our disciplines
What are your relations with the other federations of sports feet and fists?

We proposed in the last survivals of past (FMDA for Thai and

FFC DA for the Full Contact) to join us (with very good conditions), we even proposed them elections. They prefer to make trials to protect the personal interests of some leaders who hang on to branches and to titles of “President”. But it has on all things considered no importance…

Concerning Muay Thai which is a discipline not known of general public, who could advance her more with the general public?

Our operations of communication with the public utility of the television supported by the broadcasts of TV Orange Sports made that we have spoken never so much about the Thai boxing for a long time!

We are going to continue this way towards the general public…

You established of very good relation with Thai promoters for exchanges between France and Thailand, did you also make contacts with Thai government members to promote their national discipline in France?

Yes we are soon going to sign agreements on the mutual sports promotion, with the delegation of Lumpinee the politicians and the Thai elected representatives are present to advance on a text. I remind for memory that they were received in our demand by the ministry of Sports and health one month ago for Paris…

Did you make the same thing with Japan for the Kickboxing and the K1?

We work on this point with an International Federation and with a Japanese operator. A first seminar of K1 will have place at the end of December the beginning of January in Japan

Last year the FFSCDA organized in Thailand, one France / Thailand with two belts of Lumpinee competed by French champions, it is an important event, what is that you met a lot of difficulty to set up such an event?

I shall summarize by saying simply TWO WORKING YEARS!

And of approach of an environment give a complex which knows us only little. By means of dialogue and of demonstration, French Muay Thaï stood out as the European reference!

The FFSCDA thinks of renewing this kind of event in the future?

Yes indeed on, the next stage Raja with a belt in game on November 29th (on TV Orange Sports)

Certain aficionados of Muay Thai say that our French champions in spite of their big competence will have difficulty beating the current champions of the Lumpinee and the Radja, that do you answer them?

I think that they will arrive for some there but that the local rules of refereeing discriminate us, this said it belongs to us to adapt ourselves. And by facing the best world we progress until beat them one day!

The French fighters are among the best of the world, nevertheless with regard to our neighbours’ Dutch, English and now Italian, they rarely manage to fight regularly in the great world events as K1 or the Show Time, who according to you could allow a good export of our athletes abroad?

On this type of event is needed a good manager with a good relational, it is about sports franchising no championships!

The best example is the Show Time, since Alan KERMORVAN manages French boxers there is a real possibility for some of our fighters. But this system in its limits is what the best will fight?

At the national level do you go to organize French championships for every discipline of your federation?

It was the case the last season it will be the case this season!

A Professional French championship and an Amateur French championship?

We go to it, probably for the next season, there is some more of discussions to be had in house in the Federation to arrive there…

That do you think of the current state of the Kick Boxing in France?

We go out finally of the hole into which these sports were plunged by people without projects no visions. He is going to need even some years to put back in place everything ready, but I have good hope. With the elected representatives of the Executive committee and the National technical director we work at giving a boost to disciplines which need at once exhibition but also investment in the educational. There is no sports sector where the teachers of clubs are so active and so generous. And where the financial conditions are so precarious, it is necessary to have a strong thought for the volunteers of ground, they are the vertebral column of any federal action!

The 90s were a period very splendor for the Kick Boxing in France, do you hope for the same thing for 2010s?

I think that the 90s were a concordance of talents and television possibilities. The broadcasting scene has nothing more in even nowadays with it which was in the past. There are tens of accessible channels free of charge, they buy programs from the discount almost everywhere on the planet!

In what serves to get back 1500€ of rights for evening while to produce the images cost ten times more!

Fortunately that TV as Orange Sport is aware of the thing and makes a real effort. But the road is still very long…

The FFSCDA organized several seminars with great champion as Ramon Dekkers, Somrack Kamsing, Farid Villaume, Guillaume Kerner, Jérôme Lebanner, Jo Prestia, what are the next champions for the program for the season 2010/2011?

Especially we shall privilege our great French champions with in particular Dominique VALERA. There are as well new which will be added to those clarify by your, such as Pascal LEPLAT, Christophe LARTISIEN, Kamel CHOUAREFF or still very media Patrice QUARTERON!

The management of a federation so big as your must be complicated enough, as they are the persons who work with you for this important structure?

I am lucky to be surrounded with passionate persons, what moreover sometimes generates fascinated and stormy discussions!

We have a very good Treasurer General (who also has a delegation on the business administrative), Jean-François WUST. A federal doctor of very high level, Marc GUERIN, a little a keeper of the flame of the nature of the disciplines. A tremendous General Secretary, Philippe LACOMBE who develops a considerable energy on the ground and who manages Pancrace. Finally employees as Christine and Vanessa who make a work of support to the fabulous gyms. On the ground Kouider and Karim livens up and make live brilliantly the disciplines of the Federation. I cannot quote everybody but it is necessary to mark two points.

Firstly without the Presidents of league and their daily commitment nothing would be possible. Secondly without the National Technical direction with Jean-Michel, Mederic and Laurent no administrative solutions of quality and limits of the functioning sometimes by our actors

Have you already practised a combat sport?

Yes the Full-contact when I was at the University in Nice in the gyms of my friends Edmond and Jean-Paul ARDISSONE

Who the most attracted to you in the world of the boxing?

The spirit of conquest

What are the projects future for the development of the federation FFSCDA?

Obtain a gratitude of the general public, offer disciplines which can be practised from 7 to 77 years about that is your sex or your geographical situation. And offer to the fighters a new executive of financing of their commitment

Want to be added something?

Yes soon the launch of a Club France to allow the supporters to follow all around the world the French fighters!

Thank you for this interview and good luck for your projects

Thank you

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