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Interview of DIDA DIAFAT by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Dida how are you. You came in Thailand to cover the important event which takes place this evening. The France/Thailand with two belts of Lumpinee in games for Farid Villaume and Kamel Jemel?

DIDA DIAFAT: Yes I came with TV Orange which will broadcast the fights on Orange Sport on March 7th. I came supporter Farid and Kamel for the supreme title, the championship of Lumpinee!

How do you feel this evening?

That is going to be an explosive evening. We are for the belt of Lumpinee in front of opponents there who are champions it can be only explosive. Now let us wish whether it is from our part…

Such an event did not take place since 1999 or Stephan Nikiéma and Morad Sari fought for belts of Lumpinee?

Yes but I do not remember to myself this moment, I have no memory, I was not there…

You were one of the French first ones of your generation to come in Thailand, can you say to us it was in which year?

It was in 1989

In what camp you were the first time?

To the camp Sor Thanikul then later to the camp Sor Ploenchit

You stayed for a long time in Sor Thanikul?

Not I was not able to stay very for a long time because there was a shooting in the camp during the training. People are crossed in motorcycle and threw a bomb in the camp. And three weeks later the owner of the camp had a bomb which exploded in its car…

It was “heat” then in this time in Thailand?


Then you were in the camp Sor Ploenchit?

Yes and if you know this camp, to my taste it is the biggest and the most magnificent camp of Thailand!

It is true it is a very beautiful camp. And you were the first foreigner to come to train in this prestigious camp?

Exactly. It is the camp of nakmuays Fimeuu (technician), as me…

How long you stayed the first time in Thailand?

On advise them of friend Gérard Loureiro I stayed six months over there. Gérard my said ” you are going to have a hard time, but rest six months over there that is going to pay “. Then he made the same thing with Brahim Asloum for the Olympic Games who came to train in the same camp

It effectively paid because when you returned in France you met and beat the best?

Yes exactly. I became World champion two years later. And to tell the truth this camp is a camp lucky charm, because Brahim Asloum it is trained in this camp and then he became Olympic champion!

Can you look back to me on the most known champions whom you faced?

Mii Yeu Yeu (There was a lot). Cobal (twice), Cantaloni, Sonnaline, Darris, Payen, Dekkers (twice), Cunningham (twice), Saïmaï (twice)…

It was all the great champion’s in this time, what it made you face these redoubtable champions?

For me it was a name on a paper. It was a boy as me, it is trained, I am trained and there…

Some were terrors, I think of Dekkers, Cobal, Cantaloni, no body wanted to face them in Europe in this time?

Yes but we are there also, we have to be respected by respecting the others. And then we make works him, in any humility…

What was your hardest fight?

Very good question. All the fights are hard. Really all the fights were hard …

Against Cobal for example it was not one of your hardest?

Yes against Cobal it was very hard. But I repeat it all the fights are hard, all!

When you were in Thailand you made a beautiful meeting, you met Star Jean-Claude Vandamme. How it is crossed this meeting?

Simply. We were there in Lumpinee to look at fights. He spoke French, I spoke French. I have him say “what you make there “, he my answered ” I am for a movie and you there? “, I have say ” I it is for the boxing “. After he my suggested going to eat a thing together. We went out of the stadium and we were eaten in a small restaurant in front of Lumpinee, later we became “a buddy”, there is …

You showed him a little Bangkok then?

He already knew the Thailand

It is you who took him in the camp Sor Thanikul because in the movie ” Kickboxer ” we see a scene which takes place in this camp?

Exactly, bravo Serge. When he to be looking to train to face Thong Po, he goes to a camp and it is Sor Thanikul!

Exactly by speaking about Jean-Claude Vandamme. Soon he is going to make a fight against Somrack Khamsing, what you think of this fight?

Somrack he is not going to hold. Jean-Claude is too powerful, too strong…

Somrack Khamsing he is very technically all the same?

Yes but he has no power of Jean-Claude. I see KO in the second rounds or in the third rounds, a victory of Jean-Claude!

You know where will take place the fight, it was question of Las Vegas?

It is still kept secret…

You advised it Jean-Claude?

I have him tell to sleep well and to drink some water. He followed a good preparation with Gérard Loureiro and Christiano Ronaldo!

What you think of Muay Thai at present in France?

And indeed Serge, I think that this evening in Lumpinee there are seven fights with French among which two belts of Lumpinee. We made a big step forward…

And it looks like it is going to continue because there are two belts of Radja also in negotiations with French?

Yes May 12th exactly. Needs to be May 12th there. I shall be there with TV Orange in Radja. Then 12 august for the Queen’s Birthday, on December 5th for the King’s Birthday, we shall be there!

You are going to cover all these events with Orange Sport?


It is really a big step forward for 10 years we had not seen it for French Muay?

Yes and I see when you ask the question, there is a little of emotion in your voice. You know a little the route, you are there for a long time, you know that there was a hollow a long time. But today I am proud of this French generation of Muay Thai

What is the nakmuays of the new generation which are well for you?

All the French team who is, the new generation, except Farid and Kamel there who are former. The young Damien Alamos who is 19 years old is really good. And all those who follow behind, they are very strong…

In your time you were more warriors who went to the fight “hastily”, they today you think that they are more technical?

Yes they evolved, they fight Muay Thai, as Thai. They really have the boxing of Thai!

You want to add anything?

It is a big pleasure to be able to participate in this event. I am touched by this invitation, profoundly touched…

Thank you Dida for this interview and Chookdee

Thank you Serge, Chookdee to you!

Dida DIAFAT, first boxer Muay Thai mediatised, had the most lightning ascent of the story of French Muay Thai. This warrior who never gave up was endowed with a wonderful Boxing. He mastered so perfectly quite the techniques of poke with in addition a magnificent defensive game.

Dida fought through all Asia in Thailand, in Hong-Kong or in Macao. His warrior’s fighting spirit was estimated by the Asian and in 1997, he received in Thailand a prestigious reward: the vase ” Songh Shaï “. And he is elected ” the foreigner” which represents best the Thai boxing in the world “. His award is handed to him by the first world promoter of Thai boxing, Songchaï himself!

After his career Dida becomes a real businessman by creating his own brand of clothes, KOBEY whose part of profits generated by KOBEY is put back to associations which work in favour of the young people stemming from districts in trouble.

And for two years, Dida is a representative to organize and develop the fight sports in all the suburbs of France. It is Minister of Health and the Youth and sports, Roseline Bachelot who named him for this delicate mission…


Weight: 63 / 67 Kg

Height: 1m73

Number of fight: 87 fights. 76 wins. 10 Losses. 1 Draw.

Title: World champion Thai Boxing Thai. World champion Kick Boxing.

16 championships of the World competed among which 11 gained!



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