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Serge TREFEU: Hello how are you, well?

TOP DIESELLEK KING BOXING: very well thank you

How old are you?

I am 26 years old

You come of what region of the Thailand?

I come from Kalasin near the Roi Et in the region of Isaan (northeast)

Are you married, you have childrens?

Yes I am married but I still have no child…

Have you brothers and sisters?

I have two sisters

You began the boxing at which age?

In 11 years

Your first fight you made him for which age?

In 11 years after four months of training, I gained at points my fight…

How did you discover the boxing?

My father took me to see often boxers training in a camp, and I liked at once this sport when I saw for the first time a training of Muay Thai…

Child you were a brawler or not at all?

Yes a little especially at the school, but outside the school, not never…

In what camp you began to train?

In a small camp near to me which is called Lekrungruangyon Gym

You have make how much fight for this camp?

About 40 fights for this camp

Towards what age you came on Bangkok?

In 15 years I went to the camp Top Kingboxing Gym to Samutsakorn (City in 30 km in the South of Bangkok) but the camp closed, then I was in the camp Galaxy Gym where I am for four years

You have your personal room in the camp?

No I share my room with the other boxers

In what category you fight?

Today I fight between 70 kg and 75 kg

What are the titles which you gained?

I gained the belt of Radja in 154 lbs against Big Ben Keza Gym, I gained three World Champion’s belts, the WPMF (against French Jonathan Camara), the IKF (Against the Dutch Marco Pique) and the WMTC!

How much have you make of fights during your career?

150 fights, 120 wins, 28 losses 2 draws

You have which style of boxing?

I am Muay Khao (with knees)

What was your hardest fight?

Against Japanese Masaki Sato in Lumpinee, he put me KO, this low kick destroyed me my leg, I could not walk any more…

Your best memory of boxing?

My victories on Nontachai Sit O in Radja, 3 years ago, it is a great champion, I were not favorite but I gained the fight!

What are the known Thai boxers whom you faced?

Sayok (1 victory, 1 defeat), Kem (defeat), Attachai (defeat), Nontachai (victory), Big Ben (victory)…

You have already fought abroad?

Yes I fought in England, in Germany and in France

In France you met who?

I met Lidon, I lost in points…

What think you of your fight against him?

Lidon is a good boxer, very strong in fist, the powerful, but for me I gained this fight, I would like the met again…

You know French boxers?

I know Skarbowsky, Pinca, Villaume and Lidon…

For you who is the best nakmuay foreigner today and in the time?

Skarbowsky was very strong, he beat many of the good boxers in Thailand, today I do not know, I cannot say to you…

What technique you most like making in fight?

Knees it is my speciality!

The best fighter at present in Thailand it is who for you?

It is Seanchai!

Who is your promoter?

Chujarean Raveearamwong, promoter in Radja

What is your purse today?

50 000 Baths in Thailand and 150 000 bahts abroad

You make a good living thanks to the boxing, you were able to buy a house, a car?

I am to buy a car, and soon I hope for a house…

Your next fight it is for when?

It belongs to Ayuthaya against a farang (foreigner), I do not know his name

What think you to make as job after the boxing?

I think of becoming a trainer but I do not really know still…

Thank you for the interview and Chookdee for your fight?

Thank you

Diesellek is a robust fighter, very strong in clinch with powerful blow of knees, he often fights abroad and he beat great champions international as Steve Wakeling, Alex Schmitt, Marco Pique, Jonathan Camara and Youssef Boughanem. Today, in Thailand, he is a among the best fighters between 70 kg and 75 kg, he is at present classified N°1 in 154 lbs in Lumpinee!



Weight: 70 Kg

Number of fight: 150. 120 wins. 28 Losses. 2 Draws

Title: Radja Champion. World Champion WPMF, World Champion WMTC, World Champion IKF

Team: Galaxy Gym

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