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Interview of DJAMEL YACOUBEN by Serge TREFEU (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Djamel how are you?


How old are you?

34 years

Towards how old are you started the boxing?

I began the boxing in 16 years, it was in 1990

You began in which gym?

I began with the Thai boxing in Star Boxing (Today become the Phénix Gym) with Désiré Thibault, Roger Paschy and Farid Villaume. Then in 1993 I have make 3 years of kick boxing with Farina, Pennachio, Zankifo, had Pascal Arene there also. Later I returned in Star Boxing and since I always stayed in the Thai boxing. In 1997 there is Karim Saada who came to join us …

In your debuts in Star Boxing, there was who in the gym?

There was Farid Villaume, Brice Hoarau, Hassan Gaye and many of thai as Daris, Youssop, Nongmoon, Anukun, Soudarek …

The trainer it was who in the time?

It was Dédé (Désiré Thibault), later he left for Thailand

How many fights any disciplines confused?

I have make 75 fights for 17 losses

In what category you fought?

I began in 54 kg, then in 57 kg later I fought in 63 kg

What are the titles that you gained?

France Champion Thai Boxing in 1995. 3 times France Champion Kick Boxing, from 1993 till 1995. Europe Champion Kick Boxing in 1997. World Champion Thai Boxing in 2001

You took World Champion’s belt of Muay Thai, it was where?

It was in the United States against a Russian champion, in 2001, very beautiful memory!

Preferred you to fight in Muay Thai or in Kick boxing?

I preferred the Thai boxing with the clinch, the projections…

Have you already fought in Boxing?

Not I fought only in Thai boxing and in kick boxing

The first time when you left for Thailand, it was in which year?

It was in 1993

Do you fight over there?

Yes I fought almost everywhere, in Pattaya, in Bangkok, in particular in the Queen’s Birthday. During this big boxing show in full air I fought in side my friend Christian Garros in the time he was also my partner of gym …

Do you go to a camp in particular for you training?

I often went to Bangkok to the camp Kiet Ban Chong of Pimaï. I was as in Jocky Gym or there was Skarbowsky and as in Sityodtong to Pattaya

To the camp Kiet Ban Chong you stayed for a long time?

We stayed one month over there with Farid Villaume and Karim Saada. Farid it was prepared for the world championship against Orono Por Muang Ubon, championship which he won!

And in Jocky Gym you stayed for a long time?

One month also, it was in 1998 with Stephan Nikiéma. Jocky Gym and Kiet Ban Chong were very close camps practically in the same district …

What is your best memory of boxing until today?

I have many of the beautiful memory but I would say my fight in front of Wang Chan Noy (5 times Lumpinee champion). One week before I had fought Krim Amitech and I replaced at the drop of a hat Karim Saada, injured person, who had to meet Wang Chan Noy, it was in the city of Clermont Ferrand!

Wang Chan Noy it is a sacred fighter, do you gained the fight against him?

Not, I lost in points. But Wang Chan Noy it is a legend of Muay Thai, he beat names as Samath Payakaroon. Last French which he beat it was Christophe Levêque, he beat him by K.O. Me I had fought Wang Chan Noy just one month before…

And your worst memory?

I would say my second fight against Ali Oubaali. In the third round I had a wound in the knee, a nasty bruise and I lost the fight by stop on wound …

Ali Oubaali it is also a sacred fighter,  it was a hard fight in front of him?

Yes with Oubaali one it is twice met. He was very strong especially with his fists, very powerful!

What are the known French boxers whom you faced?

I fought very almost all those of my category. I met Kamel Jemel, Totof, Krim Hamitech, Christophe Levêque, Da Silva, Ali Oubaali…

Today you stopped your career, which do you make?

I have made my last fight in January of this year against a Belgian. And now I help my friend Ali Ouagueni (promoter) in his organizations. I’m training always…

Where you training now?

To the gym Le Mée at Bilos with Rachid Kabbouri, Farid Villaume, Karim Saada

That would say you to a small young person who wishes to dash into the Thai boxing?

That he made this sport of neighborhoods by passion, not for the money because it is hard to live on the Thai boxing. That it is a good healthy life and this sport will bring him many things, it will strengthen him the mental, it is a good therapy!

Thank you very much for this interview and Chook Dee for your projects futures!

Thanks to you


Size : 1m67

Weight : 63 Kg

Number of fight : 75. 58 wins. 17 losses.

Titles : World Champion Thai Boxing. Europe Champion Kick Boxing. France Champion Thai Boxing. France Champion Kick Boxing