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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of DJIME COULIBALY by Serge TREFEU (2010)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Djimé what old are you?

DJIME COULIBALY: Hello, I am 26 years old

You began the Thai Boxing towards which age?

I began at about 12-13 years…

You began very young, it was where?

Yes I began young, at the beginning as I did not go to vacancy during summer when I was younger, there was a gym to Laumiere in the 19th in Paris and I began the boxing over there

It was a gym of boxing?

Yes it was an association which allowed the young people who did not go to vacancy to be able to come to train there…

You began directly with Muay Thai?

Yes Muay Thai it pleased me at once

You came to Lumpinee Gym towards which age?

At about 15 years and it makes about ten year when I am here

What are the champions that you faced until today?

I met Abdoulaye Fadiga to Levallois, Moussa Konaté to the Sports center of Levallois and to Villebon, the Thai Sudsakorn in Lyon, Yacine Benhadj to the Sports center of Levallois, Rachid Kabbouri to Villebon, to Bagnolet and to Levallois, Abdallah Mabel to Villebon, Yohan Fauveau to Levallois and to St Denis

It is of good boxers that you met, you gained all your fights?

Yes of very good boxer, I won by KO against Fadiga, I won at points against Benhadj, against Konaté I once gained and make a draw against him, against Rachid Kabbouri it beat me twice and I once beat him by KO, I beat Mabel in points, I have make draw against Fauveau and it once beat me in points, in Lyon against Sudsakorn I lost in points…

What was the hardest fighter that you have met between all these boxers?

It is Sudsakorn because he was very technical and very powerful at the same time!

You fought against the other Thai?

I boxed against Orono, the former champion (Orono Por Muang Ubon) I met him in Thailand in the King’s birthday, I beat him by KO. I also boxed the Thai Panturak Namtong to St Denis whom I beat in points

You often fought in Thailand?

I was only once in Thailand to fight against Orono in the King’s birthday, it was the last year…

How it is crossed your first time in Thailand?

It was good, it was a good experience, I had left with the French team, it pleased me and I think to return to it soon…

In what camp you have made your preparation?

I believe that it was in the camp Pinsinchai in Bangkok

You would like to fight again over there?

Certainly if I have the opportunity I would not say no

There are boxers in particular that you would like to meet?

Not really if I have propositions and if they are interesting I go there, so…

Have you already fought in the other disciplines that Muay Thai?

Not I make only the Thai Boxing

What are the techniques which you like most in Thai Boxing?

I like fists and lows kick and also the clinch

And elbows?

Not I do not use too much this technique

You want to learn this technique in Thailand?

Not here you can learn but it comes from the boxer, there is it comes alone, others who have more difficult to place them, I think it is a question usually

You work them on the gym?

Yes I work them on the training but to place them in fight it is not the same thing…

When you met Yohan Fauveau who is a warrior who advances, you did not use elbows?

Not against Fauveau especially the second time when I fought him have was not any more based on the clinch fight, most of the rounds it was only that…

What is your objective in Muay Thai?

Meet the best boxers and win the maximum of title!

What are the titles that you gained?

I was 4 times Champion of France Professional

4 times in the continuation?

Yes 4 times in the continuation and now I have to aim higher, the championship of Europe!

You are going to compete for him when and where this title?

Normally it is November 6th, 2010 to city of St Denis

Your opponent you know him?

Not I just know that it is a Macedonian…

How much you have of fights?

I have a little more than 40 fights


Victories by KO?

About a dozen

What is your trainer at present?

It is Sam Berrandou in St Denis’s Lumpinee Gym and Hassan Labiah in Lumpinee Gym of Paris in the Gymnasium Ronsard

You train on both gyms of the Lumpinee Gym?

Yes and when I prepare a fight I’m train five times a week and when I does not fight I not me train that three times a week

You have a work?

Not I do not work at the moment I dedicate myself that in the boxing…

You manage to live thanks to the Thai Boxing?

Not we cannot say that we can live on the Thai Boxing

To fight abroad for example in Holland, do you would like?

Yes I would like to fight over there but it is necessary to have the good contacts…

Thank you for this interview Djimé and Chookdee for your champion’s belt of Europe!

Thank you very much

Djimé Coulibaly became Europe Champion WBC in front of Macedonian Jetmir EMRULI. He beat rough Emruli by KO in the second round!

It is a beautiful award for this diligent boxer. Promising Nakmuay, the doors of a world championship are him wide open…

On December 17th, 2010, St Denis’s city hall organized a reception in honour of the new champion of Europe Djimé Coulibaly. With the presence of Anthony El Kaïm representing Europe WBC Muay Thaï and of Sam Berrandou, Manager of Lumpini Gym. About fifty persons attended this gratitude for Djimé and the Lumpini Gym!


Weight: 71 Kg

Height: 1m78

Number of fight: 48. 35 wins.  9 Losses. 4 Draws

Title: Europe Champion WBC. 4 time France Champion of Thai boxing