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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview with DMITRY VALENT by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Dmitry, thank you for grant me this interview. You were born and you grew in which region of Belarus?

DMITRY VALENT: I had born in Minsk in Belarus capital

Towards what age you began the boxing?

I start Muay Thai 16 years old, before this I train taekwondo-do 3 years

In your region the Thai Boxing was developed when you began?

Yes, was very popular

Child you were rather a brawler or at all?

Yes, little bit

How you discovered the boxing?

To see on TV and fight magazines

Who attracted you in this sport?

My ankle Andrei
Speak us about your very first gym, what was your trainer?

My first Coach Yuri Varaxa, and gym Kick fighter, I still work with him. He is famous trainer in my country

Muay Thai is well known now in Belarus what is that there are a lot of events in the country?

No there not so many tournaments, but many champions and press write a lot about them. But some events are very big and big crowds of people see them

Byelorussian like the Thai boxing, they know well this sport today?

Yes our people know Muay Thai very well and they come to see only high level fights!

When you began, do there were champions who you one influenced by their boxing for the continuation of your career?

Dmitry Shakuta, Andrei Kulebin they train near me and help me to grow…

You fought a lot in amateurism, how much you have make of amateur fights and which title you gained amateurishly?

About 110 amateur fights. WAKO 2006 world cup winner and 2007 World champion, Muay Thai  European champion IFMA in 2008, 2010 European Champion in K-1 rules, Muay Thai  World champions IFMA in 2009-2010

You have a beautiful memory of your participation in championships of Amateur world?

Yes very beautiful

What is the first important title that you gained?

My first WKN World pro title that I win by KO in first round from Samir Dourid

Do you fights only in Muay Thai or sometimes also in the other disciplines as the Kickboxing or the K1 rule?

Yes I fight in K-1 also but like full Muay Thai more

You gained several times the championship of the World of Thai boxing, you can say to me against whom you won and when you gained these titles?

The first with Samir Dourid was K-1 WKN in 2007 by KO, next was WAKO-PRO against Fabio Sitsiliani in 2007 by KO, in 2008 4 man tournament in Swiss WKN European Grand Prix, I-1 Grand Slam for WMC World title in Hong Kong I win Shane Campbell from Canada, next against Thai Signoi Sitpolek by KO, WKN World Muay Thai title in Minsk on Big-8 in 2009 against Shane Campbell, WMC I-1 in 2009 4 fighters gala, I win in final against VuyisileColossa SA, WKN World title in France I win against Johan Lidon by points. My last title was King of the ring in Minsk where I win by KO the Holland fighter Tarek Slimany

How much you made of fight, how much victory and defeats?

23 pro fights, 20 win, 3 lose

You fought in Thailand, how much you have make of fight in Thailand?

About 14 fights

In what year you went the first time in Thailand?

In 2006

In what camp you were trained?

On Bangsan beach one week after World championships

What was your hardest fight in Thailand?

Against Alex from Sweden

What are the Thai champions whom you faced?

I fight with only one Thai Signoi Sitpolek

What do you think of Thai fighters?

They are strong fighters

The best Thai in your category it is Yodsanklai Fairtex, do you think of meeting him one day?

Yes of course!

You have make of great fight in front of champions as John Wayne Parr, Yohan Lidon, Abdellah Mabel, Shane Campbell what think you of these opponents and your fights against them, let us begin with John Wayn Parr?

Parr is strong and very experienced, but I think Judges help him in my fight because in Australia was 2:1 with 3 Australian Judges…

Against Johan Lidon?

Lidon is also strong, his Muay Thai school is better than Parr

Against Abdellah Mabel?

Mabel is K-1 style it was easy fight with him in Thai rules

Against Shane Campbell?

Shane strong also his Thai school is good

You met several times French boxers (Samir Dourid, Farid M’Laika, Abdellah Mabel, Yohan Lidon), how many times you fought in France?

One time with Lidon

Do you know French fighters?

Pinca and Lidon. Gym of Pinca and Lidon is real Thai other have K-1 development

Do you have already fought in Holland?

No I never fight over there

What are the champions of Muay Thai of your category who are the best for you at present in the world?

Yodsanklai and Artem Levin

There is an opponent in particular that you would like to meet today?

Levin and Parr

What is your best memory of boxing so far?

With Lidon (One win in points)

And the worst?

With Levin (3 losses in points, 2 in amateur and 1 in Pro)

Your hardest fight of your career it was against whom?

Against Parr, was very short time for acclimatization more losing weight…

Who is for you today after the Thailand the country the strongest in Thai boxing?


At present where you train and with which sparring partners?

In Kick fighter Gym in Minsk, my sparring partners Andrei Kulebin, Maks Maruga, Andrei Kotsur, Shakuta some time

You train how many times a day?

2 time per day

When it is very cold the winter to you continuous to make your jogging outside?

We jogging outside every day even if minus 30 c

What are the techniques which you most like making on the boxing ring?


What are your strong points?


And your weak points which you would like to improve?

Defence, blocks, speed…

Today you make a good living thanks to Muay Thai?

Yes, I am like my Job, I study Sport University to be professional Muay Thai Coach

In Belarus the Thai boxing became professional?

Yes for a long time

When are your next fights?

In February, in April

What are your projects for 2011?

To fight and to win

Thank you very much for this interview and CHOOKDEE

Thank You too

Dmitry Valent is of the same school as his partner of training experimented champion Andrei Kulebin. It is the Byelorussian school of Muay Thai, very technical with a lot of experience in amateur fight. Valent is present among the best of his category. A fight in 2011 between the terror of this category Yodseanklai Fairtex and this highly gifted of boxing rings would be definitely a beautiful opposition, Mr the promoters you turn…


Height : 1m85

Weight: 76 Kg

Number of fight: 133. Professional : 23. 20 Wins. 3 Losses. Amateur : 110

Title: Professional: World Champion King of The Ring (2010), World Champion WKN (2009), World Champion WMC (2008), World Champion WAKO (2007), World Champion K1 Rule (2007)

Amateur: World Champion Muay Thai IFMA (2009, 2010), Europe Champion K1 Rule (2010), Europe Champion Muay Thai IFMA (2008), World Champion WAKO (2007), Winner World Cup WAKO (2006)

Gym: “Kick Fighter” Minsk