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Temps de lecture : 5 minutes

Interview of DZHABAR ASKEROV by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU : Hello Dzhabar how are you. You have just gained four victories in the continuation among which three took place in Russia in your native country. You can return on these fights what were your opponents and for which title you fought?
DZHABAR ASKEROV: Hello mate I’m good thanks. Yes just I come back from Russia where I have fought in TNA tournament, its 16 man tournament which goes for 10 month and I win there 4 fights. Last final fight was at 20 of October in Kazan city against good Russian kick boxer fighter Uranbek Esenkulov. We fought 6 rounds of 3 minutes and were a hard fight. But I’m happy with victory.
Earlier at that tournament I have fought against Tadas Yonkus (Latvia), Danila Utenkov (Russia) and Armen Israilyan (Armenia). And there I earn TNA world title. The Tournament called Tatneft…

At the Beginning of year 2010 in It’s Show Time of Milan you met Italian Armen Petrosyan, you defeated to points in front of him, what think of your fight against him?
Yes I fought him there, and to be honest I don’t think I lost that fight all can say about it, and would be happy with any rematch.

Year 2009 was well busy because you fought against great champions as Mike Zambidis, Cosmo Alexandre and Giorgio Petrosyan, can you return on this year?
2009 was hard year for me fought a lot of tough boys, and fights mostly was close expect Petrosyan I lost KO.
I want rematch so badly with Mike, it was really close fight some people say I win some say Mike. But I just love the way Mike fight we go toy to toy that’s how I love to fight and thanks for him for that fight. But I want rematch I want have my win and I’m sure I can get,  it Insha’Allah. And not just with Mike I want rematch with all fighters I lost.
In 2009 I have lost many fights lot of them gone by wrong decision and it was hard for me to think about lost wanted to take a little break what I did and then I came back to game…

2008 is a beautiful year for you because you beat several great boxers. Let us begin with the first one, Australian Jordan Tai, of whom do you think of your fight in front of him?
It was my debut at K-1 Max Scandinavia and I was so happy to fight there and was ready to leave all I have in the ring to get to top 16. And my first fight was there against Jordan and I win fight, he was like a fighter who fought already in Max so I wanted to win that fight by KO to show and prove to people that I deserve spot in final 16, so what I did!

Against the Dutch Marco Pique?
It was a crazy tempo fight, he is a great fighter with good knees, I would just say it was a good fight for both of us…

Against the Slovene Rudolf Durica?
I fought Rudolf at S-CUP in Amsterdam. We are good friends and know well each other outside of the ring so wasn’t easy to fight. We had a fun there in Amsterdam together but we are professionals and we got to do what we have to do. I win that fight so…

Against the Dutch Chris Van Venrooij?
Chris is a good technical fighter was really close fight when we fought in Amsterdam a bit later we fought again in Hong Kong and there fight was easier for me…

And finally against Australian Bruce Macfie?
The fight with Bruce I win by KO was so hungry for that fight because before I fought John Wayne Parr in Australia and lost there so I wanted to prove and show to Australia viewers who I am there and what skills I’ve got.
And Bruce was in wrong place and wrong time…
You met twice the great champion John Wayne Parr, what was your hardest fight against him and what do you think of John Wayne Parr?
Well he is a good experience fighter he deserve all he have got now name and famous.
My second fight was in Australia harder because I was to light when I fought there, but first one when we fought in Singapore should be mine

When you participated in the TV Show “Contendeur Asia” in 2007 you beat David Paquette, Soren Monkongtong and Rafik Bakkouri, whom do you remember of your fights in front of them and which memory you have of this TV Show “The Contendeur Asia”?
Well it was a great time and I made great experience there, I meet many new people and made a new friends. Was just a young boy who went to the loft and was full of energy my eye was on fire I wanted to win it to get a name. To become some one in this world in this life. That I think what helped me. I just miss that time and people there that a DREAM…

You met great champions Thai as Noppadet Sengsimaewgym, Ratannanoi Sityodtong, Jomhod Kiatadisak, Wanlop Sitpholek and Buakaw Por. Pramuk, you remember your fights against these champions, which one was the most difficult to fight?
Well all of them were difficult in the different way.
But most memory for me was fight against Jomhod. He was old already to that time but he gave me a hard time I was so tired after that fight. I couldn’t even step out of the ring…
My fight with Noppadet was hard as well he is so technical fighter amazing skills
You are installed for a long time in Thailand, in what year you came in Thailand?
I came here in 2005 and then I stay here been based full time, usually once in year I go back home for 1 month to visit parents and family. Now I feel here as at home nothing different I know this city of Bangkok as almost my birth city (Laugh). I love it…

In what camp you are trained in Thailand?
When I came here the first time I trained at Rompo Gym. Then 2 years later I move to WMC camp in Koh Samui been there for 3 years and since this July I based in Sasiprapa Gym in Bangkok

You fought in big stadium of Bangkok?
I fought here at Siam Omnoi stadium

And in the King’s Birthday you already fought several times?
It’s an honour for me to fight at the King’s Birthday its great event with nice history I always love to fight there and maybe you see me fight there this year…

What you like most in Thailand?
Muay Thai!

You began the boxing at which age?
I start train and fight when I was 8 old

Who has you make discover the boxing?
My Father who past away he is the Man who brought me to this sport and made who I am today…

Have you brothers who also boxing?
No my brother was a good judo wrestler one of the best in Russia

What was your first gym of boxing?
It was in Derbent city gym had no name that time. Our trainer was just renting little place it was so small room and he trained there us. I’m so thanks that guy he teach me what is spirit maybe he haven’t give me a lot of technique but he learnt me how to fight with his power…
There was many gym of Thai Boxing in your region in the time?
Nor really just 2 or 3 gyms

When you began the boxing what is what there are champions who influenced you for the continuation of your career?

When I began there was not much big fighters around me, just my trainer he was like an example for us

What was the first important title that you won?
I think first big title for me was silver medal on Russian junior boxing championship. But to that time I had won everything in my region!
What are the titles that you won so far?
“WMC Muay Thai Against Drugs” against some Thai fighter in Pattaya in 2005. “European WMC title” against Rafik Bakkouri. And defeat against Denis Schneidmiller. And “TNA world title” in Russia against Uranbek Esenkulov
Of what title you are most proud?
I’m proud of every title I got

Until today what was your hardest fight?
I don’t really know which one was hardest but one of them I remember it was against Jomhod. I don’t know why it was hard for me maybe because I just weight up and changed weight division so I think that was a reason…

Your most beautiful memory of fight?
Can’t remember maybe it’s in future…

And the worst?
Semi-final in contender Asia still can’t understand why I asking my self and final K-1 Scandinavia stoppage because of cut

How much you have make of fight so far, how much victory and defeat?
All professional fights I made 84 fights 59 wins, 25 losses

Have you a lot of victory by KO?
27 wins by KO

You have a favourite technique which you like making in fight?
I just like to punch love it

Sometimes we nickname you “Genghis Khan” where from come to you this fighter’s nickname?
Oh that nickname gave me by Pek my first trainer at Rompo Gym, great guy. Why he called me like that but he says that it is well to me

Today you live well thanks to the boxing?
Yes thanks to Allah first of all then boxing!
Do you know French boxers from now or of time?

I know Jean-Charles Skarbowsky he is one my favourite crazy fighter, how he fights, he is an awesome!

What do you think of French boxers?
Well I don’t know many fighters but the fighters like Jean-Charles Skarbowsky and Farid Villaume are really good

In your category among our best French fighters there is Yohan Lidon, Abdallah Mabel, Farid Villaume, Gregory Choplin, you know them, would like you to face them?
I like to face any fighter not only French my door is open 24 hours a day so you all welcome
There is an opponent whom you would like to meet in particular or to fight again?
Yes as I have said all of the fighters I have lost I want to fight them again

What are your next fights and against who?
Next one is K-1 Rumble of The Kings in Sweden but don’t know yet who against

You want to add anything?
Watch me guys ill always trying to put up good fights for you guys I know your viewer so its all for you

Thank you for this interview and CHOOKDEE for your fights!
Thanks for interview and good luck for you guys at your job keep it up and take care


Weight: 70 kg
Height: 171 cm
Number of fight: 84 fights. 59 wins (27 KO). 25 losses

Title: TNA World title. WMC Muay Thai Welterweight European champion. WMC Muaythai against Drugs World title. IFMA World Muay Thai Championships Bronze Medal 57 kg. World Junior Championship Gold Medal
Team: Askerov Team