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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of EKAPON by Serge TREFEU (2009)

(Thank to Alex Romain for the contact)



Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you?

EKAPON JUNK : Very well

How old are you?

I’m 31 years

Where you come from in Thailand?

I come from to Surin in Isaan (Nord East of country)

It is the city where there is a famous holiday of the elephants every year?

Yes it is exact

There are several big champions who come from this region “Surin “, the most famous are Buakaw and Attachai. Do you know them?

Yes they are of big champion, normal they come from the same region as me (laughter!)

Are you married, have you children?

Yes I have two little boys (Ekapon lost a daughter in tragic conditions), the one who is 7 years old already train with me. And at present I am a fiancé with English woman (professor of English) which lives to Pattaya

Have you brothers and sisters?

We are four children in the family

Have you a brother who also fought?

Not I am the only one nakmuay

Were you a brawler when you were a child?

Not of the whole, I was rather a frail and very shy boy…

You began the boxing at which age?

At about 8 years

Your first fight you made him for which age?

In 9 years against a boy who was much heavier than me and I won by default in the third rounds!

How did you discover the boxing?

My father had a camp of boxing to Surin, a Singkasang camp. My father was a former boxer and a passionate person. He looked everything the fights at the TV and I should not miss one too otherwise he tell off me (laughter!)

How much you have make of fight for the camp of your father?

About thirty

Towards what age you left for the capital?

I lost my father when I was 12 years old. Then after his death I and my older brother left to Bangkok. Over there I have made several camps before staying definitively in a camp which was called Nongjalem. This camp was to Nontaburi near Bangkok

You stayed for a long time in this camp?

Approximately 9 years

Today you are in which camp?

I had stopped the boxing during 4 years, then one day I came to Pattaya and I have a fight again in the stadium of Fairtex, and I come back. I have made several camps in Pattaya and now I am for one year in the camp of RMB gym (camp of French trainer Rachid Saadi to Pattaya)

In what category you fight today?

In 63 kg

What are the titles which you gained?

I am a World Champion WFKB since January 6th, 2009. I took this belt in Paris against French Hocine Benoui (victory by KO). I am also a champion of Asia PABA (champion’s equivalent of Europe) in Boxing. I was also a champion of Isaan and twice champion of the stadium Thepprasit (Fairtex Stadium)

You have not ever had the opportunity to fight for a belt of a big stadium of Bangkok?

Not I was N ° 1 of Lumpinee and Radja during 3 years but my promoter of time has never offered me the possibility of taking a belt…

How much have you make of fights, how much have you of victory and defeat?

I have made 366 fights. 324 wins. 40 Losses and 2 Draws

You won many fights by Knock Out?

Yes many, I won 260 fights by KO ! 

You have which style of boxing?

I am a boxer who advances and who works with fists (toymat). But I also like to work as the boxer’s fimeuu (technician) with legs and knees…

Your hardest fight it was against which opponent?

It was against Choupong Fairtex in the stadium of Lumpinee. We made a terrible fight which it is settled by a draw. We are everything them two gone at the hospital, Choupong went out on a stretcher and I we have to carry me, I was opened of everywhere to the forehead!

What is your best memory of boxing?

Against Kwanpichit Sit Samlo who was a big name of Muay Thai. It belonged to Rayong and everybody gave me losing but I won by KO, great memory!

You have already fought abroad?

Yes in Turkey, I lost in points but it was K1 Rule. And twice in France or I beat Ningmongkon by KO and Hocine Benoui by KO

Would you like to fight again in France?

Yes a lot. I like France and French are connoisseurs in Muay Thai!

Do you know French boxers?

Yes a lot, Stong Skarbowsky, Farid Villaume, Mehdi Zatout, Kamel Jemel. There is ful which come to Pattaya and to RMB gym

Who is for you the nakmuay best foreigner?

I would say Ramon Dekkers. When I was children I saw him fought on the TV and it was really a big fighter. I also like Danny Bill and Stong Skarbowsky who are excellent fighters!

Who is your promoter?

In Thailand it is Mister Chun. For the foreigner I can work with several promoters. I have no contract with somebody in particular. I have already fought for Rachid Saadi and Bilos (Nicolas Subileau)

You well earn the good purse today?

That can go. I have a house to Surin in Isaan. But I spend a lot, I have two children, an English fiancée (laughter!)

Who is for you the best boxer at present in Thailand?

It is Seanchai Sor Kingstar but I also like very much Sudsakon!

What technique do you like most?

All the techniques with fists, I like

Your next fight it is for when?

April 2nd, revenge against Ningmongkon in the stadium Fairtex to Pattaya

What would you like to make after the boxing?

It is on I would stay in the environment of the boxing. I shall like to have my own camp…

Thank you and chookdee for your fight

Thank you


Ekapon lost in points his fight against Ningmongkon. But Ekapon is a real phenomenon, incredible puncher for 4 years he lost only twice in points and has to link 40 victories among which 32 by Knock Out!



Weight : 63 Kg

Height : 1m70

Number of fight : 366 fights. 324 wins. 40 Losses et 2 Draws. 260 KO!

Team : RMB Gym Pattaya

Title : World Champion WFKB. ASIA PABA Champion. Isaan Champion. Thepprasit Stadium Champion