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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of ENOCH EFFAH by SERGE TREFEU (2008)


SERGE TREFEU: In which category of weight do you fight?


You grew in which area of France?

I grew everywhere in France (15 removals with my credit).

Towards which age you did begin boxing?

17 years

What is attracted in this sport?

Its values and the desire for raising of the challenges of life (school etc…)

You had practised other sports before making boxing?

I practised football with high level

How did you discover French Boxing?

By chance, this sport has bad reputation and in spite of that I had taken a snap there by seeing the techniques employed.

Can you speak to us about your first gym?

My first gym is a very bad memory, because one inculcated in it all except the values of the warrior. My career took a turning after my entry in Team of France and with INSEP (sport school) as with my meeting with the Zankifo brothers (Team Zankifo).

Today you training in which gym and with which sparrings?

I am train by the Zankifo brothers and I training with sparrings like Quarteron, Duarte, Belloni, Konaté Ibrahim…

Which is your style of boxing, stylist or puncher?

Even if at least 70% of the fights were not in extreme cases, I am not able to define me, it is necessary to pause the question with the coach. Often, only one blow is enough in the Heavy

Do you have favourite techniques which you apply at the time of fight and which are your strong points?

I adapt and tries to carry out the debates with a total engagement, that thus does in the head not without favourite techniques

At is the beginning of your career this there are boxers who inspired?

Yes, Ernesto Hoost, ALI, Aerts, Sefo, Trinidad etc…

You remember your first fights, is what you have make of the attacks and the fight before the fight in elite?

Oh yes! I remember it. As I was very badly prepared, the first fight were impressive considering one went there without particular technique but with Just a goal: victory. The attack does not have me too much succeeds (1 only with my credit) because you have too many adversaries (referees, judges etc…) it was frustrating. The fight is made for me which likes to engage me thoroughly, I even required to be outclassed and I passed as a senior with 1 year in advance…

How much did you fight today?

49 fights

Do you have much victory by K.O?

38 K.O.!

You crowned one prize winners can you describe us?

49 fights. 46 wins. 3 losses. 38 K.O !

Which is the title you are most proud?

My last title World Champion

Which is your best memory of fighter?

I do not have badly thus that of it will be hard to answer that.

And the worst?

The fact of fighting free and lack of recognition…

Was your hardest fight until today against which?

Me even…

Did you already boxing in other discipline that the French Boxing?

Yes, all the disciplines kick boxing except Thai boxing

Do you know the “Chauss’Fight” and would love you boxing in this new discipline?

I discovered that in city Marseilles, it will be an evolution for the Slipper if this one is better mediatised and financed. One has all need at one time to raise of the challenges (lucrative) in his discipline, by having the returns which one deserves, I think that the chauss’fight, by the means of its organizers, little will be contributed to that, therefore I want well to test like seeing it developing.

Did you already fought abroad?


Is there a champion in particular whom you would wish to fight?

In France, it is particular to fight a champion, therefore for the moment I just wish to fight.

You were selected to be one of the carriers of the Olympic flame, can you speak to us about this experiment and that represented this moment for you?

Made that started from one of the memorable moments of my career because following my last championship of the World which was repeated in 46 countries (which I co organise in order to avoid reviving another nightmare like those of before), I was received by ministers, I was invited by  TV etc… The fact of being destined for one so important moment shows well that one pays an attention to our discipline, but that paradoxically one contributes our self to his no evolution. The athlete and the character that hides behind start to interest, I hope that will open doors…

French Boxing it is not yet an Olympic sport, would love you becomes it?

Yes, I will like that it becomes it but not with mentality and the system which directs it

What thinks you of the current world level of the French Boxing and which are for you the strongest countries after France?

New emergent countries certainly, but as no average marketing set up to develop the French Boxing, abroad, that made that one cannot speak about level world (best representatives of these countries seldom accept boxer in a discipline which allows neither financial return, nor media). The track is thus distorted because French training itself like high level athletes and faces athletes who come from countries which as well as possible do not profit from the favourable conditions for boxing. The athletes and countries who compete with France often practise the other disciplines of kick boxing

Which is your job and is able you to reconcile it with boxing?

I am to advise youth and that enables me to be training, but for the recuperation it is hard. One makes with…

You have play in movie “In the cords”, is this experiment which you would like to renew?

I renewed it in other movies (in particular Arthur and Minimoys which soon will leave…), the sectors of the advertising, photo movies are not far, I has patience, one will see.

In Ghana the country in which are originating your parents you created an association or boxing is represented there, can you speak to us about it?

It would be very long, but I leave soon to Ghana to develop to with it the sport kick boxing, I will say some to you more to my return.

Is what the French Boxing is developed in Ghana, there are has much gym’s of French boxing?

The French Boxing do not have there to develop for several reasons (materials, media, financial etc…) but they carry there a serious interest, the chauss ‘fight would pass better I think, in these Anglo-Saxon countries …

Want you to add some things?

I will be able to add some enormously but I have badly with the finger (hi hi)

Thank you answered this interview and good luck for the continuation


Weight: 100 kg

Size: 1m93

Number of fight: 49 fights. 46 wins. 3 Losses. 38 K.O.!

Title: World Champion 2005 and 2007. Europe Champion 2004 and 2006. France Champion Elite 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. France Champion Honour 2003. France Champion Hope 2002