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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of FABIO PINCA by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, You are in good shape?

FABIO PINCA: Yes, in full preparation for my next fight

What old are you?

24 years

You grew in which area of France?

I grew in Lyons suburbs, in city of Saint-Priest exactly

You began boxing towards which age?

Around 15 years

Were you of nature brawler when you were kid?

A little, it is true

How did you discover the Muay Thai?

On TV, with the great show boxing on TV channel “Canal +”

We can speak us about your first gym?

My first gym is my current gym, Gym-Boxing Saint-Fons of Nasser Kacem. When I began it was the only gym of Thai boxing not very far from at home, I have quickly to make my first fight and immediately I was motivated to invest me thoroughlyin this sport…

Which was your first important title?

The first official competition that I disputed they are the championships of France junior which I gained in 2002

At is the beginning of your career what there is fighters which one inspired to you?

Of course the fighters the most media attention at the time Dekkers, Skarbowsky, Danny Bill, Sakmonkgol…                                                                 

How many fights, victories and defeats?

70 fights, 60 wins, 10 losses

Which is your fighter’s records?

Twice France Champion Professional, bronze medal to the Championships of the World amateur, Europe Champion Pro WPKC, international champion WBC

Which are the titles of which you are most proud of?

My belt WBC because I think that it is the world federation most credible among all those which exists today, and I slog hard to obtain it in particular on the level it weight to go down in lower of 61.5 kg and then I fighting a former great champion, Kaensak Sor Ploenchit (twice Lumpinee Champion), even if it were not really any more very active…

Do you boxing in other disciplines that the Thai boxing?

There arrived to me of fighting in Kick-Boxing some times and also twice time in Full Contact, simply for lack of competition and to remain active. But I really do not feel at ease in these other disciplines…

Which is your style of boxing, Fimeuu (technician) or Toymat (strong fist)?

Let us say that I try to be most completing possible and to make a beautiful boxing

Do you have much victory by Knock-out?

I gained about twenty fights by Knock-out

You have preferred techniques that you like to make in fight?

Not really I like to vary and use all the techniques

Prefer you to fight Thai Champion or Europeans champion?

I prefer fight a Thai, it is less easy but more positive

You already went several times to Thailand, can you tell us your first experience there?

The first time, I was 17 years old, I remained 1 month in Sityodtong Gym it was quite good for a first time, it is at the time of this trip that I discovered the Muay  Thai “made in Thailand” and makes my first fight in Thailand with Pataya…                          

Then I tested other camps in particular on Bangkok…

In which camp you training in Thailand?

I don’t have a camp appointed in Thailand, I change with each time I go there, the last time I were in Kiatponthip Gym very well, very good atmosphere I think that I will go back there

Did you have opportunity of fighting in a great stadium of Bangkok or with the King’s Birthday?

I had the chance and honour to be invited in boxing for the King’s Birthday on December 5, 2007, unfortunately never in a stadium on Bangkok, but that could not delay…

Are you interested in the culture Thai?

Of course, I think that goes with the sport one cannot be passion by the Muay Thai without being interested in the culture Thai. I like much this country and in particular food

You fought in Paris best fighter current in Thailand, Seanchaï Sor Kingstar, is what this fight was difficult for you?

Let us say that it was difficult psychologically. I knew approximately 1 week before the fight which I met Seanchai and I knew that it was a star in Thailand. I had an enormous pressure and I did not succeed in releasing my boxing on the boxing ring…

Which champions Thai the most tough did you fought until today?

One of the most tough, Kaoponglek, very powerful in leg and very strong with its elbows!

Which fighters gave you the most opposition until now?

There is several, but recently say Attachai, the two fights…

Which difference there is for you, between boxing in Thailand and boxing in France?

It is completely different, in France of the times it does not have no ambience in the boxing gala, over there on are to be motivated by the public and the punters and then over there it is truth Muay Thai not arranged Muay Thai (without the elbows, with protection for elbows, without clinch)…

You fight often abroad and you already fought in Holland?

I have to carry out the majority of my fights abroad: Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Russia, the United States, and Thailand…                                                    

I am already boxing for a Dutch show boxing, The Slamm. But not yet in Holland besides I will love much fight in this country, that does not miss boxing gala and it is often of big show!

What do you think of the current world level in Muay Thai?

I think that there is a good world level with some nations which are detached England, Australia, and the Eastern European countries also have good elements and to set up much without speaking about Thailand which is a cut above!

And in France?

There is a very good fighters in France but there is a true lack of competitions, with high level a fighter must boxing regularly to progress and remain to be the best…

Which is your best memory until today in boxing?

There is much of it, all the trips which I had the chance to make and particularly in Bangkok at the time of King’s Birthday or Los Angeles remain very good memories

And the worst?

My fight against Senchai it is a very bad memory…

Are there opponents in particular whom you would like to fight or fight again?

I will like much to have a revenge against Denthai, at the time of our first fight I was done touched with the 1st round by a good punch but all the same of that I do not think of losing the fight and then it is current world champion WBC so a revenge with the title that would be very cool!

Today you train in which gym?

Always in the TEAM Nasser

Can you describe us a training in your gym?

It is rather classic, heating jogging/cord, work with the bag, lesson with the paos, sparring, and clinch…

Speaks us about your coach?

Nasser is a very good trainer, it can motivate us and is invested enormously for its boxers. Personally I owe him much, and not only on the sporting level…

Which are your sparrings partners?

There is the choice: Piscitello, Lidon, Mabel for most known but also the youngster Bennoui brothers, the Yuksel heavy weight, my Giorgio brother and full with others, I training with everyone in the gym

Do you can at living of your sport or practise you a job in parallel?

Unfortunately I don’t live a Muay Thai, I have a job of leader at the town of Saint-Fons with flexible hours which allow me to train correctly  

What are your next dates of fights and against whom?

My next fight is on November 6th to Levallois in front of Ait-Bassou. Then December 5th in Bangkok

One of the biggest sporting journalists Kick Boxing Pascal Iglicki interviewed on SIAMFIGHTMAG declared that you were one of the boxers of the new generation the “most endowed” and that you really went out of the “share”, what is that it pleases you to make parties of relief from “big” French champions?

Of course that I’m delighted with this, especially coming from Pascal Iglicki who is a big specialist in the world boxing since years

You want to add anything?

Thanks to you, good continuation for your site and thanks to Yoan of   

Thank you to have answered this interview and chookdee


Size: 1m75

Weight: of 63.5kg to 67 kg

Fighter’s records: 70. 60 wins. 10 losses. 20 K.O

Titles: Twice France Champion, Europe Champion, International Champion WBC                                                                     

Gym: TEAM Nasser.K