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Temps de lecture : 6 minutes

Interview of FABRICE AURIENG by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Fabrice, how’s that goes. You are native of the Reunion Island (French Island near Madagascar), you grew over there?

FABRICE AURIENG: I was born and I grew over there, I left my “country”, finally I say my country but for me Reunion Island it is full in France. I left the island I was 22 years old

You discovered the boxing to Reunion Island?

Yes at the age of 17 and half with Stéphane Mélano, an inhabitant of the continent which came to settle down in the country. He taught me the kick boxing and the Muay Thai but I learnt enough late with regard to everybody

This gym was where?

In city of Saint-Denis it was a municipal gym, as we say at home it was “La Case”, La Case of the Chaudron (Chaudron is a district of Saint-Denis)

You quickly fought?

After eight months of training I have make the championship in kick boxing, I have make with the league from my home the championship of Reunion Island 2001, 2002 and 2003

It was of the Kick boxing?

Yes I was another junior and I am making outstripped in class B because I wanted to make French championships. And in 2003 I left in France on the continent

It was the first time when you came in France?

Yes it was the first time of my life, I saw big, big buildings it has me make quite bizarre in Paris. From there I have make the French championship, I have make quarter, half and final which I gained everything by KO!

You began your career directly in heavy weight?

Not I was with in 80 kg but I was never for the weight. I sometimes rose to 90 kg and I wanted to try in heavy because I saw lads as Jerome Lebanner who makes you dream in this category. When you are childish you say to yourself a day I would like to be as this guy there. Thus I raised in heavy weight but a big heavy weight “any fat”, of the bad mass…

What are the champions who you one influenced when you began your career?

The boxer who made me “like very much” when I was young it was Mike Tyson and oldest Mohamed Ali also. Later when I really realized that I wanted to make of the boxing it was Jerome Lebanner by the fact that it was a left-handed person later he had guys as Tony Grégory who have me make dream also. The guy all the same he gained three times K1 of Marseille. I remember myself I was another child when I gained final of French championships Tony Grégory was there, and I saw him it was “Mr Grégory”, frankly I was satisfied to see him

Your dream it is a little realized because you fought against Tony Grégory recently?

Yes because I fought him recently, it was a rather intelligent fight of its part. It is a “ one of the old guard” and to beat an one of the old guard needs have a big b… as that head…

It was a fight in the rules of Muay Thai with a belt in games?

Yes the world belt it was with the news federation unprotected with the authorized elbows

You have made a lot of fight in Muay Thai?

Not I have no it make a lot but I often train with persons as Rodrigo Alamos from Team Impact Aquitaine (Bordeaux), after you go…

You would like to fight more in Muay Thai?

Yes but later it is necessary to wait for the propositions. I fight everywhere where we call me, later needs to see the propositions which are good. Then get ready for the term…

How you came to the Savate from the Kick boxing?

I began the Kick boxing in 17 years and five years later for problems about which I would not speak about it I stopped the boxing. And there is a trainer which knew me since I am quite small who said to me “why you stop the boxing, if you do not want to make any more of Kick boxing we can make of the savate “.

I the first thing which think me it is the “Tights” it is not for me.

He said to me ” why you are had complexes? “. I have him say that I wanted to fight that in pair of shorts and bare-chested, in the limit we make of the Boxing…

He said to me you have a good game of leg, a good style it could be interesting in Savate, you could be a recognized champion…

Thus that from there I have make French championships honour in 2005 which I gained then I had a proposition to integrate a high-level structure into the CREPS (REGIONAL CENTER FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION) in the Pole France of the city of Toulouse. And I came to live in the pink city which is pleasant…

What was your first major title which you gained in Savate?

My championship of France elite

Against what opponent you gained this title?

Against Frédéric Heini a boxer of the region Alsace. I won by KO at the first round

Then you won a European championship?

Yes against a Serbian Sasa Cirovic which I beat by KO in the second rounds

Finally you gained the supreme title against the same opponent I believe?

Yes I became World champion against again Sasa Cirovic, I still beat him by KO in the second rounds. It was in city of La Motte-Servolex one month ago…

I imagine that you are happy to have gained this title, a championship of the World it is important all the same?

Yes but I believed that a championship of the world that was going to change my life …

Well then in Savate not too much?

Not of the whole, not I make fun. I was a World Champion in Savate, yes, I did not become the strongest man of the world, I am not either the most low, I stayed myself…

Do you would like to take a championship of the world in the other disciplines?

Yes I would like to be a world champion in every discipline which I practise.

If I become World champion in Kick boxing in Muay Thai frankly I would be satisfied, as long as it is of the foot and the fist I he am ready has no problem there!

There is a little more money to be gained in Kick boxing and Muay Thai that in Savate?

The Savate it remains a discipline amateur but recognized, we do not get money but we have helps by our federation, by our department. But live that of the Savate it is not possible, it is sure it is more interesting to have a title in Kick boxing, in Muay Thai or even in Full-contact karate to become known on the international…

What are the most known fighters whom you met?

Patrice Quarteron (World champion Kick boxing, World champion Thai Boxing) I have a victory and a defeat in front of him. Enoch Effah (Three times World champion of Savate), a defeat in points. Tony Grégory (World champion Thai Boxing, Europe Champion Kick boxing, France Champion Professional of Boxing), a draw against him. Spanish Garcia that I put KO in the rules of K1. The Dutch Aziz Jah Jah from Team Dekkers whom I beat in points in Kick boxing …

What was your hardest fight in front of these opponents?

Against the Dutch Aziz Jah Jah because it is the big striker who has an explosive boxing and frankly to take his knocks it very hurts…

Who was the most difficult in front of him its power?

Yes because he is very, very electric as guy and every time he got you it made “Tilt”!

You gained all the same the fight at points?

Yes thanks to my experience in Savate I marked my points, I have pay attention because if you take his right you go to sleep…

And against Tony Grégory that it was the difficulty against him?

The difficulty with Tony it is because he is very big and he knows how to control his opponent, he knows how to delay on a boxing ring and that it makes left the quality of a boxer whom I do not have. He has control my ardour and I was not able neither to put him in difficulty, nor myself to be in difficulty it is for that a draw was the fairest…

And against Patrice Quarteron?

It is a very difficult opponent because it is a real Goliath but it is all that he is, he is very powerful but not very technical. I think that he makes quite in the daytime of the body building. Later technically speaking we not to say anything technical on him seen that he puts everybody KO, for him it are a good method. We are going to say that side power he is irreproachable…

Would like you to find him for a beautiful?

Yes why not 

In Muay Thai or in Kick boxing?

We are going to say in Kick boxing because his knocks of knees are devastating and as I am “a novice” in Muay Thai in the category of the heavy it is not for my advantage to fight with him in Muay Thai. If a promoter proposed me a beautiful in Kick boxing will be with big pleasure! 

Until today what was your most beautiful memory of boxing?

It is to have become World champion of Savate because I had promised him to my parents, my law-parents, my wife and I realized him even with very difficult year…

At present what is what you manage to live on your sport?

Live on the boxing with my purse of fight, no. But live on my sport yes because I am now to trainer in a big gym which it is opened, the biggest gym of France which makes 900 m2 who is called Fight Club 31. I have a contract of 35 hours and I work with my partners who are Gael Grimaud, Jess Liaudin and Christophe Tiozzo.

In this gym we give lesson of feet and fist which are supervised by me, lesson of jujitsu Brazilian and of grappling which are supervised by Gael Grimaud, lesson of Shot Boxing and MMA which are supervised by Jess Liaudin and lesson of boxing which are supervised by Christophe Tiozzo!

You opened when this gym?

We opened two months ago and it is the gym which is worth being visited because we have a cage UFC, two boxing rings Everlast, a surface in tatamis, full of material of body-building and have has the trainers which it is necessary. We have canned be not the inborn science but we have some experience and the luggage behind us…

You offer many choices of disciplines it is rather rare to find on Toulouse a gym or one can practise the Kick Boxing, the Boxing and the MMA?

We try to compete with the capital because in Paris you find gym’s in all the corners of street. A gym of Boxing, of Kick Boxing, of grappling, of MMA you have there but us here in Toulouse we do not have all that. We have gyms of Muay Thai, of Kick boxing, Savate, Boxing but a structure as our in Toulouse there is not

What is your objective to form fighters or to make of the leisure?

Both doing of the leisure and the competition. Because in a gym there are not always only competitors. There are people goshawks and these people goshawks make live our sport by their envy to learn. Train competitors, why, because we even we are competitors in activities and to train gladiators as us even it would be a big pleasure, to broadcast its knowledge…

As fighter you also like teaching?

Yes I teach since seven-eight years in Kick boxing, in Savate for Muay Thai it is quite recent. I have my Certificate of State of boxing I crossed him to give lesson and to teach it makes left us…

How much you made of fight?

136 fights

How much victory?

I have only 8 losses

It is in all the disciplines?

Yes in Kick boxing, Savate, Muay Thai and Boxing

You fought in Boxing also, you gained titles in Boxing?

Yes I gained a golden medal in the games of Islands, I gained the championship of Aquitaine and I finished third in French championships amateur elite

You have not fought in Professional in Boxing yet?

Not at the moment I wait another for year before throwing to me in Professional because by remaining amateur I have a journey to be gained, amateur there are the games of Islands and there are Seychelles to be visited. Thus remain amateur on another one year it disturbs me not, to stay one month Seychelles!

What are your projects for 2010?

Lots of victories. I want to fight those great names because it is as it that you learn, because you rise. I thank Tony Gregory for having given me my luck in December. He is at the top of the scene and he has of it to make nothing guys as us, nevertheless he gave me my luck, then respect!

Go to fight one day in K1 in Japan do you think?

Yes it would be kid’s dream which would still come true. Japan it is the top in Kick Boxing. I think that I would have the level to fight over there by another two good years…

To end you want to add something?

A dedication to all my family, to my small wife who I love, a big kiss to my daughter

Thank you very much Fabrice for this interview

Thanks to you

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Weight: 1m87

Height: 102 Kg

Number of fight:  136. 127 wins (80 KO !). 8 Losses. 1 Draw



SAVATE : World Champion (2009). Europe Champion (2008). France Champion (2008)

KICK BOXING : Winner K1 Tournement Marseille (2009). France Champion (2003)

BOXING : Golden medal in the games of Islands. Aquitaine Champion.