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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of FADI MERZA by Serge TREFEU (2008)


Serge TREFEU : Hello Fadi, You boxing since how many years already?
FADI MERZA : Since 14 years
You began at which age the practice of boxing?
I was 16 years old when I began
Can you speak us about your first gym?
Yeah, it’s so long time ago, it was 30 km from Vienna, I’m 4-5 times driven back and forth, and it was the only good kickboxing gym in Austria!
I was so fascinated by the martial arts, which is no problem for me was
the name of the gym was called octagon
Did you start with the Muay Thai or the kick boxing?
How did you discover the Muay Thai?
I looked some Thai boxing fight, this sport has me from their hardness and discipline so fascinated that I coincide with the Muay Thai training had begun
Do you remember your first fight?
Yes, it was 6 month after I began the training
Did you practice other sports before Thai boxing?
ou grew in Austria, how much fight do you have make over there?
Many fight, about 40-50 fights
The Thai boxing is well developed in Austria?
Yes Since the last few years already, it is becoming increasingly popular
Are there much boxing shows of Muay Thai in Austria?
No, muay Thai is much more and that way more popular
How much do you have make fights, how much you have wins and losses?
About 72 fights, 61 wins, and 9 lost

Do you have much wins by K.O?
About 29 fights
Which is the first important title that you gained?
My junior world champion title, I become it when I was 18 years
Which is your best memories of boxing until today?
There are many moments, every fight has for me a special moment

And the worst?
When I lose world champion title against Mohamed Ouali from Belgium
Which was your hardest fight in your career?
There are a lot of hard fights for me, one of them is the fight with John Wayne Paar
You fought much in the “Superleague”, can you quote us some fighters which you met in the “Superleague”?
Ole Laursen, John Wayne Paar, Kamal El Amrani, Peter Crooke, Malaipet, Pert Polak, Hladky, Shin Yakut, Nitta and much more
Did you already go to fight in Thailand?
No, only training
In Thailand you did go to training in which gym?
In Fairtex, Sidyothong, Sitpolek, and Sor. Vorapin
Which are the most strong champions in your category for you today?
Andy Sower, Petrosayn and some more
Would you wish to fight them?
Yes, sure
Do you know French champions of Muay Thai?
Yes a lot, Dany Bill, Dida Diafat, Kamel Jemel, Farid Villaume, Lebaner, and much more, France are a very good country with a lot of very good fighters
Did you already have the occasion to fight in France?
Yes one time, Superleague in Paris
Do you have preferred techniques that you like to apply in fight ?
A lot of low kicks
Currently you training in which gym, can you describe us one of your daily training?
I train now at the fox gym, in the morning I go about 45 min. and in the evening I have my training in the gym
Who are your sparrings Partner?
Some good Austrian fighters, some times I go to Holland to Superpro gym, or Switzerland to my friend Paulo Balicha
Do you arrive at living of your sport?
Which is your job?
Do you have fights for soon?
Yes many, the next one is on 17 January against Thai fighter in Strasbourg, its Europe vs. Thailand, Farid Villaume and Steeve Valente and Paulo Balicha fight also on the same show
After your career of boxer whom would wish you to make?
I will stay in the sport and make my own gym
You want to add something?
I want to thank all my fans, and thank for your magazine giving me this big honour! Thanks a lot
Thank you very much to have answered this interview and CHOOKDEE


Numbers of fights : 72 fights. 61 wins. 9 losses.
Weight : 70 – 72.5 kg
Size : 1m80
Titles : World Champion WPKC. Europe Champion WKA. World Champion Junior WPKL.