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Temps de lecture : 16 minutes


by Serge TREFEU (2013)



Hello Farid, first of all I thank you for this interview, how are you?
Hello Serge I thank you for agreeing this interview. I am thank you well. I lived to in city of Rochecorbon in 5 minutes of Tours (37)
You grew up in Parisian suburb in workers housing of Courneuve in district 4000, teenager you were rather a brawler or not at all?
I grew up in
working-class district of 4000 and I was roaming in the street a lot (while making a success of my studies) without being a brawler. I was very miss not to have to beat me in a place where he does not there need to look for the trouble to find his…

How you discovered the boxing?
At the beginning I made of the educational Boxing. The teacher was a former champion of Boxing. He was called Lucien, he had gained, (of memory, I was 11 years old) the last golden glove in Chicago at the end of the World War II. I trained for the time in gym at the High school “Raymond Poincaré ” in city of Courneuve and on Wednesday afternoon in the ” Boxing ring of Montreuil “. I remember myself two old boxing rings, old posters of boxing among which some painted on walls. I remember myself the smell of the old leather boxing gloves filled with straw. Of very good memories. I then discovered the Thai boxing thanks to Omar Benamar…

Who attracted you in particular in this sport, the Thai boxing?
What attracted me in the Thai boxing, it is that there is no blah, blah. No ranks to take, not of katas to learn by heart, no expensive equipments to be paid. (Elder of a sibship of three children, only my father worked as house painter).
What I also liked it is the order and the discipline that reigned during the periods. Even the most devilish of district became diligent pupils or abandoned. And what I quite particularly appreciated, it is whom in Thai boxing we become very, very fast operational!

You began the Thai boxing with the famous trainer Omar Benamar, to the gym Nemrod to Stains, you have make all your boxer’s career in this gym?
I made my entire career in Nemrod gym with Omar Benamar assisted by Lyazid Bellaoues. They were inseparable and complementary. If Omar had not opened this Gym, I would never have made boxing and especially I would never have affected this level. I really owe him everything!




How passed your meeting with Omar Benamar who I believe also lived in district of 4000?
Omar Benamar was someone at the same time respected and be afraid. I remind myself that even the “Hard Men” of the district had a lot of respect for him. In the evening after his work, Omar caught us in halls of building and explained us the values of the sport, the work and the school. He insisted on the fact of having objectives, to stop having a hard time under halls and bringing problems to the parents. He warned us on the drug which made then big damages in district and made us demonstrations of Boxing, karate and Thai boxing. It is doubtless thanks to his work of persuasion that I was diligent at the school. Even if sometimes we hid when we saw him arriving…

What is the best memory of fight which you keep with Omar?
My best memory of boxing, I had him in Algeria, in Oran. It was an event of Boxing organized by my friend Houary Amri (trainer of Jean-Baptiste Mendy World Champion) who in any fact to give an international luck to the Algerian boxers (as two heavyweight, Moussa Moustapha: Olympic world champion, Boutchiche, and others). In Oran, I had to make a demonstration of Thai boxing, but my opponent in wanted a fight. In the weight their teacher who say: ” no demonstration, neither father, nor mother up to KO! ”

My opponent was 10 kg more than me. This evening there, there was the brother Berrandou who saw their demonstration too being transformed into fights with more or less 5 in 10 kg of distance in their disfavor.
The gymnasium of Oran was full. Only men. No single woman. In the paths which led to the boxing ring of the armed policemen. Suddenly, all the public who begins stamping. Nutcase’s atmosphere, the jungle a wild atmosphere which even more tempts me to gain. During my crossing up to the boxing ring a part of the public offends us as if it was a match (dixit some of the public) the Algerian of France against the Algerians of Algeria. 

Usually during the preparation in the changing room Omar asks me to make a round observation, keep one’s guard up always well, not to go to the battle, to listen to him and to work only the technique. This day there he says to me: ” censored “, you feint him and about you go down him At once. Thus I go he throws me 3 lows kick that I block with the smile. I send a feint of left followed by a hight kick which returns my opponent. I him seized during his half tour to fold him back to front and place him a blow of knees full head. Counted until 8 his public wants that he takes back the fight.

I feint him again with a forgery low kick followed by a right (the basic feint) and by the last blow of knees face. The end of the fight. I kneel down and kiss the boxing ring so that the public understands that we did not deny our origins and there: ovations and applauses. We were also applauded and honked in the street. The brother Berrandou made a technical festival and all gained by KO also!

The atmosphere was to be good within the Nemrod Gym because there were many of the young champions, with what boxers you trained in sparring?
The atmosphere was very good in withinof Nemrod Gym. The atmosphere was directed training, training, training. We enter in the changing room we change, we “chat”, we rise on the tatami, we do not chat any more. Omar puts us in column by two some behind the other, the oldest in front of, he speaks fights gained or lost during the weekend, quickly analyzes them, learns from it, always are positive, we greet him and training. Ban to speak, to have jewels and to show off. The one who show off, to go hup on the boxing ring against Omar. And he does not tell any more, it’s simple, direct and magic.

In sparring I trained many with Jean Philippe Lagrand from district 4000 too and world champion in several disciplines, with my brother Karim, with Farouk Boudard world champion of Thai boxing, not at all mediatized a lot who in nevertheless beaten Dida and fought the terrible legend Somsong says ” the lumberjack ” (nothing that his name made freak out and lose 30 % of your means). I remember myself that Farouk said to me ” you realize I looked at him on magazine Karate Bushido when I was a teenager and now I find myself in front of him on the boxing ring “. With 10 kg less than me Farouk stood up to me in clinch and I crossed rounds of suffering. I also trained with the best Dany Bill and the more serious pupil of the Nemrod Gym.

He made for 15 years two hours of return trips transport to come to train. When he did not train in another discipline he viewed cassettes of diverse combat sports and progressed in a vertiginous speed, a phenomenon ” Impossible to be followed “, a TGV of the boxing. He always remained humble and nevertheless surpassed us all. I also trained with Philippe Renac very respected in the gym, the teacher and the technician he fought against Fabrice Payen (First Westerner classified in Rajadamnoern). 

I trained with Moussa Sissoko France champion, Europe champion, World champion of Thai boxing and champion of Africa of savate, discreet, humble and not at all was mediatized. I also trained with Olivier Abderide (which gave lessons of Thai boxing to the children, in city of Stains), Edouard Gradel very good technician, Mohamed and Karim Bennai, Malik Toumer with whom I made the preparation of my fight against Changpuek, Teddy Boulon, José, Karim and Driss Kadouri, Karim Achouren, Faouzi, Ricko (peace in his soul), Nabil. Sorry if I forget some and for those whose surname I forgot…


What is what there are boxers of time, French champions or foreign champions who inspired you for the continuation of your career?
I begin with those of my district:
Yes there is a lot. The first one, it was not known at that time, he is of my district and really impressed my brain. At the beginning he trained where he could, in a disused theater where young people made some dance, the hip-hop, the music repetitions, everybody mixed, and, in his corner this boxer: it is about Khaled Hebieb (World Champion Thai Boxing), a real enthusiast, powerful, very fast, paos clicked really hardly. I did not make boxing in the time. I remind myself that I said to myself that he really very had to hurt.
His trainer, another figure of the district, “Danone” (Jean Claude Coralie) who broke in demonstration 3 or 4 baseball bats with the only one low kick. The trainings of “Danone” were really physical and testing.
Other young people inspired me: the brothers Allaoui, Scalp (Pascal Grégoire) exceptionally gifted technician and especially a young person of the district Boulbaba Jaballah of whom I continued to learn things even with titles (he gave trainings to city of Stains). 

I do not forget André Zeitoun, reference to district of 4000 and now in the world of the Thai boxing, very respected, friendly of Omar, which gave us lessons free and made the standing splits both thighs stuck against the walls of the elevator in his hall. Guys like that were needed to mark the strong heads.
I was lucky enough to have in my district Léon Mendhi say ” the wise person “, very clean, strong and very effective boxer. He speaks little, but his advice is worth gold for those who know how to listen to.

The French champions (or in France) who inspired me: Somsong in the time The Reference, Kronksak whom I compared with a computer to whom it is impossible to place twice the same feint and which adapts its strategy to the quarter of tour according to the opponent that he had opposite, Dany Bill, Khaled Hebieb, Guillaume Kerner, Joe Prestia, Fred Boigeol, Joel Caesar, Stéphane Nikiéma, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Scalp (Pascal Grégoire), Kamel Jemel, Totof, Jaïd Seddak, Sosso, Cantamessi, Benatia of Nanterre, André Richard Nam, Bruno Benlabed, Gilles Tirolien, Richard Sylla in BF, Youssef Zenaf in full-contact karate, Christian Tissier in aikido!

The foreign champions who inspired me: the legendary and unique Put Pat Noy, Krongsak, Somsong, Kaman, Attapong, Dekkers, Ernesto Hoost, Fred Royers, Mirko Filipovic ” Cro Cop “, Jean-Yves Thériault, Bill Wallace, Mohamed Ali!
I forget forcing…

You quickly fought, you remember your all first fights?
Yes I fought at the end of 6 months of practice in an event in my city of training: Stains, directly in class B or A. I have made never either interclubs or a class C. I fought against a pupil of the Derek Boxing Gym from city of La Courneuve based by titi (Antoine) and René Desjardins. Omar did not know how I was going to behave. I gained…

How much you made of fights, victories, defeats?
I made a fast career: practically that of titles in game.
Many of my fights were cancelled at the last moment by my opponents. I trained quite the year and made no fight of preparation, that fights in the morale to keep my titles.
Thus 26 fights 22 wins (in spite of opponents exceeding hundred of fights see much more), 4 losses


Do you gained a lot of victory by KO?
Yes 19 KO or stop of the doctor, the referee


You gained several titles, always by three, you were three times France champion, three times Europe champion and three times World champion, we are going to begin with your championships of France, you gained your first title against Cledat in 1988, then against Ferreira in 1989 and finally against Boyar in 1990, you can speak to us about your confrontations against these champions?

What I can say of these fights, it is that I always rose on the boxing ring with a very good preparation. I had a very good mental preparation with Omar and suffered a lot in paos with Lyazid. Omar always said me ” I do not think that your opponent suffered as you in gym and in jogging “.

Cledat and Boyar were strong. They had both one good Boxing and good low kicks. I measure 1m88 and they were smaller than me but more sturdy for the same weight. Under the advice of Omar ” They are smaller than you thus do not look for a battle and keep well high guard: wide hooks can come of down, do not make you pick silly “. I observed well the instructions with some reminders during the fights. The knocks of knees made the difference. I beat Clédat by KO in 2nd rounds and Boyar by abandonment in 3rd rounds!

Ferreira est beaucoup plus coriace, technique et fort mentalement. Je gagne aux points dans un match très difficile.

Ferreira is much more tough, more technical and very mentally. I win at points in a very difficult match.
To become Champion of France was for me unreal. I was really satisfied. I trained for the pleasure and I gained titles which validated my learning.
I was proud for Omar, Lyazid, my parents, my brother, Stains, the 4000, and all my friends. The boxing it is a teamwork. It is true that we end up alone on the boxing ring. But you should not forget all the work of those who allow that that arrives in the best conditions…


In 1990 you gain your champion’s first belt of Europe against English Kash, then the second against the Belgian Corromans in 1991 and champion’s last belt of Europe in 1992 against the formidable Dutch Orlando Wiet, which memories you keep of your matches in front of these fighters?

Gilles Kash ” The Flash ” was very fast fists and legs. It is the work of the clinch that made all the difference, KO third rounds.
Corremans was very strong and many peoples gave me losing because of his formidable low kicks. The feints, my knocks of knees worked by Lyazid supervised by Omar during years make that I am victorious by stop of the referee in fourth rounds.

To meet Orlando Wiet, it was for me as to make a world championship.
Now it was not any more the technique which would make the difference but the mental. I had to convince myself that this “gladiator” was an opponent as an other one. I rose on the boxing ring undoubtedly (Omar all had deprived them of me). I made my work. I thought of winning by KO. I won at points…





You make your first world championship in 1991 in front of robust Thai Kongburry, you lose in points, what think you of this first world championship?

To make a World championship, that it is a dream. To lose or win was not important. I had no pressure but many nerves as in all my fights. It was as the test match which was going to open me the doors of the recognition. Of course, I wanted to gain. I lost in points but of few. I felt Kongburry in my reach.

All my techniques were not any more enough. Now we reasoned in term of strategy of fight and with certain parades as had Kongburry against my clinch. Thus Omar wanted a revenge against Kongburry with a winning strategy, a round by round which he had in mind. He asked Lyazid Bellaoues and Jean Melliani to make me other techniques work and to correct my weak points. Kongburry was stronger than me strategically. He managed well his rounds, his breath, his accelerations and his projections. He is victorious in points.
But I had made a world championship against a Thai and I was spared!



You find the Thai for a new world championship in 1992, this time this you win in points, a beautiful revenge?

Yes a very beautiful revenge especially that I went out of working day. Subway, Job, Fight, My weak point in this fight was the projections on the ground and in a more general way the strategy. A first round which is really there only for the observation:

Mark points, not try to surprise Kongburry, to accelerate slowly in the second by placing some feints and especially arrange me for third rounds where normally I have a reduction in energy to find my second breath in 4th rounds. In the fifth it is necessary to impress the judges. During five rounds, always move forward, be in the middle of the boxing ring, to show who is the boss. As soon as I hung on Kongburry to work him in clinch he placed me a projection, always the same. Omar had found that very early during the fight but stubborn, I redid the same error. 

Under Omar’s demand for the training with Jean Meliani (professor of Boxing to Stains) I worked on this weak point so as to take Kongburry with me to the ground as soon as he placed me this projection. I win at points. I am in the seventh heaven!



Your two other world champion’s belts you conquered them against the Dutch Brian Peters in 1991, a champion in the powerful physical appearance which you beat nevertheless by KO in the 1st round, then against the Belgian Bernard Thierry, also a robust champion, him you beat him by KO in 5th rounds, it is thanks to your magnificent techniques of knees that you brought down these champions, what memories you keep of these two world championships?

I keep an enormous good memory of these two world championships. Especially that I opened the way for full of the other belts for my gym and that I thanked at the same moment the city of Stains which helped a lot the gym.
For Brian Peters, Stéphane Nikiema had faced him and had warned me that his low kicks and his Boxing were formidable. He sent his low kicks to entrance of clinch and surprise for me, also to exit of clinch. He made very hurt.

I knew that the fight would finish in KO, either for me or for him. He was powerful and precise.
For this fight (few people know) I rose with the metacarpus little finger of the left hand broken. The official Doctor of the federation and friend Marc Guérin, him the same follower of Thai boxing came to see me and to advise to me: « do not carry your knocks of the left hand but fight all the same as usual, make more feints of the left hand and THINKS keep high guard EVEN IF you have pain! “. He was completely right. I am make touch because I did not return in guard of it rather fast on a left. I could not refuse this fight, it was a title to take. Anyway we never make a fight by being 100 % (ankle, fever, etc.) I was neither the first one nor the last one to make a fight in these conditions. With Omar we work as much the mental as the technique. He always has the small sentence which it is necessary at the right time. In finale it is the mental which pays and surpasses all the rest. Having been touched by a left hook, I send knees to seizure his face by alternating knees left and right.

I gain by KO at the 1st round but that would have been able to be the opposite. I was given losing in front of this very great champion that is Brian Peters!
Bernard Thierry him is a strong and well prepared fighter. He has a mental of steel and a good technique of fist and legs. With an work in knees and feigned I gain by KO at the fifth rounds!




What is that you already went in Thailand to train and fight?
No I never went in Thailand to train and fight. It is certainly one of my regrets not to have registered my name in Thailand. I always made of the boxing for the pleasure without thinking that one day I would have titles.
I worked at the same time as programmer/analyst in computing.
For me the Thailand, it was in city of Stains especially when I met boxers who left 6 months for camp before fighting me and that I put them KO in the first round…
But I shall always regret not having been there…


What is your fighter’s best memory?
My fighter’s best memory. It is strange but it is at the end of my career when Put Pat Noy came to see me for ask me not stop the Thai boxing. I do not know how he knew, but that really affected me because I remember it myself even today. It is master who came to see me, not whoever!

And the worst?
My worst fight: against Howell, I did not manage to catch him, he turned, turned.
I had to block him the way without he surprises me and counter me. Omar shouted: ” not follow him, built calmly, high guard, high guard, stops following him, intersect him the way”. We thought that its strategy was to put to sleep me, then to accelerate brutally for touch me. I gained by KO in third rounds…

Your hardest fight in your career?
My hardest fight: Adel Ferreira.
When I met him he was already a champion of Europe and me champion of France.
I meet him at his home to Clermont Ferrand. It is really a hard in the evil with a good technique of Boxing. First round, I try to undermine him his defenses low kick with violent shins against shins, that makes for him neither warm nor cold, he continues to block. Later, I touch him in ribs several knocks of knees which, I believe, broke him ribs, he continues. I place him a blow of knees face which breaks him the nose, he continues. Later, I think of having touched him and I can finalize the fight, he places me a series of both hands which sends back to me violently in the corner set by the boxing ring.

Omar and Lyazid shout: ” go up your guard and work! Don’t look for KO! ”
We make 5 rounds, I win at points and learn as that a wounded lion can be dangerous up to the end…
Omar repeats us ceaselessly ” DO NOT LOOK FOR KO, high guard and work, KO will come alone if he has to come ” that is the truth, it is not a theory, it is a fact. It is like that.

My hardest second fight: Orlendo Wiet
I found this fight hard because not I was physically experienced but because I won but because a part of the public whistled me. Orlando goes up on the boxing ring abnormally round eyes as balls. I put him a blow of knee full head, powerful and precise, I am sure of my blow, I go to the corner so that he is counted. I turn around and he stands. Incredible. Omar says to me ” I understood ” and to work him technically until the 5th without looking for the hard blow. All the knocks that I sent touched exactly. Orlando made of the show, without touching me really. The majority of the knocks are in side, but he makes of the show. 

The referee Kouider ABDELMOUMENI, the great champion and the precursor become has to professor in Nanterre, almost was able to several times in him has warning because he cam to dry himself one his shirt. He placed me all the same has blow of knees without any power face. What I found funny and daring…

You have make important studies in computing, and when you fought, you worked as programmer in computing, it was not too hard to be able to train for high level and at the same time to have a very hard work?

Yes it was difficult, but the boxing was my only leisure and I made him with passion.
I would have can be due to build on this passion and to leave of side the computing.
There was after the job and the subway jogging or that is training. When I was inside I did not see that it was hard. But if you could do it again I would have favored the boxing, makes other combat sports, and built one ” after boxing ” as made him this champion like Dida, Joe Prestia, Fabrice Allouche and others…


You have moreover to go up your own information technology company which is called “Saint Hubert Développement”, you can speak to us about it?

I developed an information technology company of creation of software of management and internet website design with my wife. The most difficult phase was to recruit commercial. For lack of finance we could not pay that in term of commissions. We had none commercial worthy of the name, just of the amateurs without preparations which promised the moon of the style ” I have an excellent relational, I am a very good seller and I shall sell some sand in the desert “.

We stopped this company to transform our house situated to Rochecorbon (in 5 km from Tours and in 3 km of Vouvray) by restoring family and in place of accommodation. We are at the heart of Touraine. We make for it of the traditional cooking. We take out there because we have no employee. We thus undergo less this economic bend named the crisis. I made a site for the restaurant:

After your boxer’s career you left for Polynesia, where you opened a gym of Thai boxing, how it passed this adventure at the other end of the world?

The Polynesia it is extraordinary, the Heaven on Earth. I was in the Motel Albert to Mooréa in a Polynesian family. The Polynesian are very welcoming. I worked every morning in the motel in exchange for the rent. I sinned almost every night, during eight hours, in the rifle harpoon in the wide or inside lagoons with said Andy Fry the “Dauphin”. For Andy it was sound earns the bread. I swam in the middle of the sharks, the parrots (who sleep at night), carangues etc…. I crossed fishes of my size. I lived on a plantation of pineapple, every day: vegetables and at will fruits (pineapple, guava, banana, passion fruit, grapefruit, lemon, papaya, enormous avocado, etc.)

I thus opened a gym of Thai boxing, where I had around thirty pupils.
The lessons were free. The gym was a provided me with fitness room.
The Polynesian are warlike and belligerent. They have a healthy food, what gives them a strength and a natural power. I really have there a lot of good memories…

Do you look always thais boxing matches, you know the champions from now?

I continued I’m interest in the Thai boxing through videos on the Internet. In another domain, I had a big very favorite for the free fight at many videos of which I looked, especially the UFC: I like what is effective. I followed the very clean way of the warrior Jérôme Le Banner, the phenomena Farid Villaume and Kamel Jemel. Later I was stunned by the very talented Buakaw Por Pramuk. I tried to follow the career of Lahcen Brigui from Derek Boxing’s, a friend of my district, simple, humble and effective. I adored Andy Souwer’s style and of Swiss Andy Hug (certainly my favorite boxer) without forgetting the very brave Cyril Abidi.

But I don’t answer the question:
I am ashamed but I am incapable to give the name of the champions from now on, with the exception of Sofiane Allouache and Yohan Lidon (Two warriors whom I saw fighting in Tours), of Gregory Choplin, Fabio Pinca and Angélique PITIOT (World champion and Inhabitant of Tours)!

Of what you think of the Thai boxing today in France?
I thing that there are less fights than before. And what is safe it is that it is not the fault of the boxers. The general technical level in evolved a lot. Events which I was able to see there are not many boxers waging war on the boxing ring in the suffering in the way old school, like Joe Prestia or Farouk Boudard…

You want to add anything?
After my victory against Brian Peters Dutch wanted I fight against one of their young fighter. For this fight we forbade me the knocks of knees the head. I thus fought in these conditions against Perry Ubeda that I am the only one to have beaten in Europe. It is a fighter explosive, intelligent and full of resources.



I want to thank Isabelle Alcaraz, my partner of moment, who in any fact so that I can train serenely and who always supported me in all my career and with whom I left to Moorea

I want to say thank my father Boualem and my brother Karim which came to all my fights, to Pascal Iglicki for his love of the boxing and which for decades meets all the boxers any sports confused to immortalize their fights and which generously gave us photos of his fights, to Daniel Allouche for this putting in mythical atmosphere of which he has the secret, which knows also how to go to the changing room to say to us the small sentence which makes the difference.





I say thank to Rachid Saadi who was for all the trainings and the events there. He always supported us and participated a lot in the life of the gym. Samy Kebchi for the events and the broadcast of the events. Don Clovis for his passion, his sympathy and all those to whom he opened full of doors. Put Pat Noy, Antoine and René Desjardins, Sam Berrandou, Kouider ABDELMOUMENI and others the name of which I forget. I also thank the public who came to support us.

I say thank Patrick Nonnenmacher practising of Full-contact karate professor of Odje Manda (in his debuts) who gives of his time for the boxers of the region. I trained a lot with Patrick and he often says me as said it to me Léon Mendy ” You have to give all that you taught the others, and not to keep him for you ” Patrick wanted I become a sponsor of the gym of kickboxing Montlouisien and speak about me in all the gyms where he crosses to pass on his knowledge.



I am also to thank the person who offered me in a anonymous way a pair of glove of red and black bag, with which I made all my career…
And thanks to my trainers Omar Benamar and Lyazid Bellaoues!
I thank you for this interview and good luck for your projects
Thank you


Farid Kenniche is a real phenomenon of the Thai boxing in the same way as his companion of training the exceptionally gifted Danny Bill. Having passed in the hands of the “guru” of the Thai boxing, Omar Benamar, Kenniche became a formidable fighter. This boxer was endowed with an extraordinary mental strength and with a big intelligence of the boxing ring. Kenniche knew how to use marvelously his long segments, his techniques of knees were devastating, the kneecaps of Farid electrocuted more than a fighter. 

Besides Farid had made only a handle of fights when he met the best world of his category. Faced these great champions it was already a beautiful performance but Kenniche with fact better still, he beat them all!
This pure enthusiast of Thai boxing worked the day as programmer in computing and trained hard every evening as a professional boxer.
Imagine, two hours before his world championship against formidable Kongburry, Kenniche still was working in front of his computer, incredible!

What makes even bigger his victories in front of “professional” champions such as Gill Kash (World champion of Kickboxing, World champion of Full-contact karate), Kongburry (World champion of Thai boxing), Brian Peters (World champion of Kickboxing), Perry Ubeda (World champion of Thai boxing, World champion of Kickboxing, World champion of Full-contact karate) and Orlando Wiet (World champion of Thai boxing, World champion of Kickboxing)!

His defeats against great champions as Kongburry and Changpuek are more than honorable. In the time Kongburry was world champion and N°2 of Lumpinee when Kenniche faced him. Farid lost in points but took his revenge with a sensational victory on the thai. And Changpuek, it was the terror of the boxing rings of the 90s, he had beaten three times King Rob Kaman and fought in 75 kg against the best heavyweight of the planet!
Kenniche is an example for all the young people stemming from “difficult” districts because this young of district poor, thanks to his determination, made a success of long studies in computing while carrying out in parallel a high-level sporting career!

Here are some important fights in the career of the Champion Farid Kenniche:
Kenniche vs Aulnette, in 1987, semi-final of the French championship, victorious Kenniche by KO in the 1st round
Kenniche vs Cledat, in 1988, final of the French championship, victorious Kenniche by KO in 2nd rounds
Kenniche vs Patrick, in 1988, victorious Kenniche by KO in the 1st round

Kenniche vs Ferreira, in 1989, Final of the French championship, victorious Kenniche in points
Kenniche vs Khaled (Algeria), in 1989, victorious Kenniche by stop of the referee in the first round
Kenniche vs Jacquemont, in 1990, semi-final of the French championship, victorious Kenniche by abandonment
Kenniche vs Boyar, in 1990, final of the French championship, victorious Kenniche by abandonment in the 3rd rouns 

Kenniche vs Gill Kash (England), in 1990, European championship, victorious Kenniche by KO in 3rd rounds
Kenniche vs Boyar, in 1990, victorious Kenniche by KO in the 1st round

Kenniche vs Kongburry (Thailand), in 1991, World championship, victorious Kongburry in points
Kenniche vs Corromans (Belgium), in 1991, European championship, victorious Kenniche by stop of the referee in fourth rounds
Kenniche vs Brian Peters (Holland), in 1991, World championship, victorious Kenniche by KO in the 1st round
Kenniche vs Perry Ubeda (Holland), in 1991, victorious Kenniche in points
Kenniche vs Owel (England), in 1991, victorious Kenniche by KO in 3rd rounds
Kenniche vs Bernard Thierry (Belgium), in 1992, World championship, victorious Kenniche by KO in 5th rounds

Kenniche vs Kongburry (Thailand), in 1992, World championship, victorious Kenniche in points
Kenniche vs Orlando Wiet (Holland), in 1992, European championship, victorious Kenniche in points
Kenniche vs Changpuek (Thailand), in 1992, World championship, victorious Changpuek by stop on wound



75 Kg

Height: 1m88
Number of fight: 
26. 22 wins. 4 Losses
Three time World Champion Thai Boxing, Three time Europe Champion Thai Boxing , Three time France Champion Thai Boxing

Team: Nemrod Gym

Site Web :