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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of FARID KHIDER by NICHOLAS READ (2008)


NICHOLAS READ: Hello FARID KHIDER, thank you for having accepted this interview for our readers. Farid, you have a very beautiful career in kick boxing, can you present yourself.

FARID KHIDER: I am 33 years old, I boxing since age 13 years I beginning are make in Boxing and after the Boxing with French Boxing

Speaks us about your sporting course and of your prize winners since be beginnings? Victory and how many K.O?

After having been educational champion of France in Boxing and better stylist of France Island, I moved towards the kick boxing and as I had good Boxing it was easier for me and I took taste there. I became France Champion of kick boxing after Full-Contact and of French boxing and there I am assembled gently. I must have more than 180 or 190 fights with 140 K.O.!

In which gym you have begun boxing?

I have make met beginning in Orly Gym and after I entered in Team of France in INSEP (sport study), I passed my diplomas patent of state 1st and 2nd degrees after licence STAPS etc…

How to define Farid Khider?

People define me as a monster of the sport kick boxing compared to my diversity, I think that I am the only on earth with being titrated in all the disciplines French boxing, Boxing, Thai boxing, Kick Boxing and Full-Contact…

Which glance do you relate to your career?

On my career there are always criticisms to make on oneself even, I had a beautiful career and I think that I will have been able to manage differently but the life is made as that but I am not to feel sorry for I make the envious ones

With the passing, if you had things to change or regrets on your career, which would be?

I think that to make much fights me I am not a solution boxing every week and I think that for one moment it is necessary to know to say stop but the pride of the boxers exceeds the negative one, one accepts all and anything…

Which is the title you are most proud all boxing confused and why?

In French boxing it is one of the titles of which I am most proud because it is a single title with the difference in the other disciplines or everyone can be world champion…

Does the current level of the kick boxing seem to you of quality compared to the former years?

Yes the level is good, of course the young man has the long teeth and it is normal to beat its champion is the dream of all fighters

On this subject who glances relates you to the organizations of official receptions to France?

The organizations are always very difficult for the promoters, there is a great lack of means and organization leaves something to be desired especially when one sees what occurs in our neighbours the foreigners…

You are a polyvalent fighter, which boxing is appropriate to you best?

Boxing Thai is appropriate to me very well because it allows me to be free on the boxing ring with the difference of French boxing or all is codified

Which are the reasons which pushed to change of French boxing to the Thai boxing?

Once one has make the turn in French boxing one wants to see what occurs in the other disciplines and to prove it self that one can do something elsewhere

Are you already to go to Thailand for fight?

Yes I am boxing in Thailand into 98 for the championships of the world amateur

Would like you to fight in a big show of Thai boxing in Thailand like “King’s Birthday” for example?

Fight for the King’s Birthday one I had already made the proposal but each time dates did not go with my calendar

Prefer you to fight the Thai boxers or European boxers?

I ‘m not preferably of boxer here or elsewhere I boxing…

You already fought in Japan in the rules of K1 max, would like you to start again experiment?

Japan is a splendid experiment, better than that I do not know after that when one boxes in Europe one sees the difference one goes down from 20 floors. It is expected that I boxing again with the K1, Jerome Le Banner negotiate with Japanese

Can you say to us what is your strength as fighting?

My strong is that I have a single boxing, do it boxing in all boxing I have a very difficult technique with boxing

You would qualify how your way of boxing?

I am not stereotyped, I move much and adapts me to the fighter and imposes a completely different technique on that it them has practice to see.

Your fight hardest was against which?

In Bielorussia against Vasilichiche Europe champion in Boxing Thai we were 7 French, I fought the last and I am the only one to have beaten their Star, too much pressure and it was hard with the evil but had of it there others fight so hard…

You arrive at living of your sport?

Today I belong to the boxers who arrive at living of their sport but we are very few in France be lived about it…

To be a professional fighter requires many sacrifices of you?

Professional boxing is a sport full-time with 4 hours minimum training by days with much of sacrifice…

Which is your hygiene of life as a fighter?

Not too much exit out of nightclub, alcohol etc to have a lead over its adversaries which do not follow this policy and to be the best, it is as all in the life it is necessary to make some more than the others

Are there people whom you would like to thank?

It is true today one often forgets the sparrings which enable us to maintain the form and especially the mainstay it is the trainer, mine, Said Bouzid, in particular which has followed me for 18 years…

Thank you to have answered this interview and Good Luck for the continuation



Weight: 66 kg

Size: 1m75

Number of fight: More than 190 fights. 140 K.O!


French Boxing : World Champion 2003 and 2005. Europe Champion 2004. France Champion 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. Member of Team of France. Unconquered since 2000!

Thai Boxing: World Champion 2004 in Birmingham. World Champion in 2003 in Manchester. Europe Champion 2005 in Minsk (Belorussia). Champion Intercontinental with Xalapa in Mexico in 1999. Fighter in K1 World Max in Japan.

Full-Contact: Vice World Champion in 2005 in Marseilles. Europe Champion in 1998 in Lithuania. France Champion 1996,1997,1998.

Kick Boxing: World Champion in 1999 in London. France Champion 1996,1997

Boxing: 40 fights (amateur). France Island Champion 2002. Best fighter style from France Island