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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of FRANCIS KITOKO by SERGE TREFEU (2009)

SERGE TREFEU: Hello Francis, can you present at our readers?

FRANCIS KITOKO: Hello, my name is Francis KITOKO, I am married and father of 4 children!

In what category you fight?

I fight in the category of the middle heavy -81kg

Towards what age you began the boxing?

I began the boxing and the Full-Contact in particular at the age of 24ans! 

Do you have tried the other sports before beginning the boxing?

I began with the Tae kwon do at the age of 15 old that I had a practice during 13 years!

How did you discover the Full-contact?

I discovered this sport thanks to my older brother who made it for DANIEL RENNESSON’S FKC Gym

Can you speak to us about your first gym with what trainer did you begin?

I began in DANIEL RENNESSON’S FKC Gym, I had for professor mister Rennesson and mister Charles MITORI!

I also have a thought for my Master in Tae kwon do Didier PEMBET who has me learnt to give my first kicks, he is thus a part of my success!
Do you remember your all first fights?

Yes I remember it, it was in the championship of Ile-de-France in Full-contact. The first 3 fights take place well, 1 win on points and two wins by Knock Out then!

Finale takes place less well, I am not indeed training, small personal problems and maybe small reliable excess because I won my last two fights by K.O. And I fight Morad TERCHI who gives me a boxing lesson, I lose in points but I say to myself that ever I do not have to undergo so much on a boxing ring. From this day there I become serious and I want to reach the high level!

How much did you make of fights?

I have made 73 fights!

How much victory by Knock Out?

I obtained 29 K.O on 56 wins!

What is your style of boxing, stylist, striker or puncher?

I am a stylist and a striker, I have a very heavy striking!

In what disciplines have you make most fights?

It is in FULL-CONTACT that I made most fight

How is the Full-contact at present in France?

Full-Contact in France goes very well, we have good boxers

Do the Full-contact in good future in France?

I think that Full-Contact in a good future in France, it would have to be simply more to popularize through the media because I assure you that there are a very good boxers…
Had you the opportunity to participate in a big tournament in this discipline, for example ” At night of the Champions ” in Marseille?

Yes I participated in the 10th night in the champions in Marseille in 2003. I had this honor and I am proud of it, it was a dream boxing show with: UBEDA, MEZAACHE, TENDIL, LANDAIS, ALLOUACHE, CERDAN, SANCHEZ and… KITOKO!

What are the champions whom you fought during your career?

I fought Christophe Landais, Franck Mezaache, Marius Bructer, Jean-François Houis, Sidi Koné, Alessio Rondelli, Gosselin…

Who are for you today the best world boxers in Full-contact?

The boxers of the Eastern European countries are very strong and very hard in the evil and there are the French people who are also very well classified!

Have you already fought in kick boxing and in boxing Thai?

I made a small career in boxing Thai …

Pass of the Full-contact in the boxing Thai it is difficult?

I was sad in boxing Thai with the clinch and I lost some fights because of that, I loathed that …
Do you gained a title in boxing Thai?

I was a France champion in 1998 and two final France champion in 1999 and in 2005

What is your fighter’s best memory?

My best memory it is my World title in FULL-CONTACT obtained in 2005 by Knock Out in the 3rd rounds, the SUPREME title!
And the worst?

My worst it is the fight which I made in my debuts in front of Morad TERCHI …

What are the favorite boxing technique which you like placing in fight?

I like the left hook, the uppercut in the liver and I have a small kick leg before rather cool…
Have you already fought abroad?

I have already fought abroad in Russia, in Italy, in Yugoslavia and in Germany!

Now you train in what gym?

I’m training in my gym with my brother Jean-Luc, called “les IRREDUCTIBLES” placed “boulevard de Reims” in the 17th district of Paris

Do you still have challenges of planned for this year of 2009?

I want to become again World champion and to hang up gloves because I do not want to make the fight of excess, it is necessary to know how to stop and leave the place to the young people. But I try to convince my circle of acquaintances and it is not easy thing. They want that I stop because for them I have to prove nothing more, or to prove to myself, I won everything in Full-Contact. They are certainly right but…
What is your job?

I am an agent RATP (PARIS PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM) untied to the group of protection and security of networks (GPSR)

Do you manage to reconcile him with the high sports level?

I have effectively the luck to be able to reconcile both because we go in for sport in our service a lot!
You are native of Congo, how is the boxing feet and fists over there?

Yes I am native of Congo (Brazzaville), the boxing is very well over there, there is young talents but no infrastructures so that they can develop all this talent. My wish and to manage to go up a big structure to Brazzaville!
Have you already fought in your native country?

I had no luck to fight in Congo and I am sad but I made ring the CONGOLESE (the national anthem of Congo) here in France for my first defense of title and that it is an BIG pride!
What advice would you give to a young fighter who wants to do the boxing?

The advice which I can give to a young fighter who begins, it is to be patient, serious, to motivated and especially HUMBLE!

What are your projects for 2009?

My project for 2009 it is to win again this WORLD title!
Do you want to add some things?

I simply want to thank everything those who participated closely or by far in my long career, my trainers, quoted higher as well as Daniel DIDO, Goma KAMBA, Patrick Prosper, Jean-Luc KITOKO, John MOZAR, Kadam BOURDON, Guillaume KERNER, Jean-Marc MORMECK, Madam VASSEUR, Joseph YAUCAT-GUENDI. SORRY to those whom I forget, quite my sparrings parteners and supporters!
Thank you very much and good continuation



WEIGHT: 78kg-81kg
HEIGHT: 1m76

NUMBER OF FIGHT : 73 fights. 56 wins (29 K.O). 17 Losses
GYM : LES IRREDUCTIBLES. 36 boulevard de Reims PARIS 17

FULL CONTACT: World Champion (2005, 2007) Europe Champion (2002, 2005). France Champion (1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2007). Winner French Cup (1995, 2000, 2001, 2002)

THAI BOXING : France Champion (1998)