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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of FRANCK MEZAACHE by Serge TREFEU (2009)

(Thanks to Jean-Louis LAHCENE to having us connected with his partner and friend of the gym of Clichy 92)


Serge TREFEU : Can you present to our readers?

FRANCK MEZAACHE: Soon 35 years, the 16 next January, married 5 children, I have set a term to my career in April 2007, I consecrate  today to the boxers preparation in other that of my brother and to my work of coach sporting

You have grown in what area of France?

In area of Hauts De Seine  (92), to Gennevilliers (city suburb Paris) until the age of six years can to city of Clichy where I am returned for a short time

To what age have you begun the boxing ?

Between 8 and 10 years

What is what has attracted you in this sport ?

Frankly at the outset I was not giving to think to do a career in the boxing, when I was being junior the gym was being more for my sake a ground of play, I was appraising particularly the football in hall that the one was doing to warm , then the taste for the boxing is come little by little in person who can see my groins to boxing to the names like as Momo Ziani, Mouss Saidani…

Besides that admittedly that I was learning fast and that I was being enough endowed but I was being young and I was not having still a mental fat man

Had you practised other sports before doing boxing?

Yes the swimming two years can the football in parallel boxing until 20 years

How have you discovered the French Boxing?

By my father (Sot Mezzache) who was leading me sometimes to the gym with him

Can you speak of your first gym?

In French boxing it has there had him that a this is Clichy, a little the Insep (school sport) in 1994/95, and in English boxing in Valence than city of Perpignan and Clichy lastly after I have taken advantage him to create the section of professional boxing of which I occupy today

What is your style of boxing, stylist, hammer or puncher?

This is not simple of himself to describe to boot I find that makes out pretentious, but nice, one goes to say a stylist who punch.

At the beginning of your career is what there is boxers who have inspired you?

Yes boy as Ernesto Hoost in kick boxing or Thomas Hearns in English boxing

You remember you of your first fights, is what you have fight assaults (technical fight without K.O) and of the fight with protection before the fight in elite (same Pro)?

In French Boxing I have effected 50 assaults all gained by KO, no I pleased was not wearing one the right to carry knocks in assault, but I had gained 49 for five titles of French champion to young’s!

Have you many victories by K.O?

On 70 fights all confused pugilisms to little about 50%

Can you describe us your fight’s records in French Boxing?

No this is too long readers go to bother at last

What is the title of which you are the most proud in French Boxing?

My first Championships of the World in 1997 against Planas Ottero a fighter Spanish of kick boxing (victory by point)

What is your better memory of fighting?

All my fights remain of excellent memory…

And the worst?

My first Championships of France I was having 12 years, I lose in final and I am come back to my mother tearfully

Your fight the most hard until today this was against who?

All fights are hard, but those I remember me the most this is against, Ubeda, Planas Ottero and my friend Jean-Louis Lahcene to which I do to wink at and in English Boxing against Chérifi, Koren Gevor, Mupeko

Have you already boxing in other discipline that the French Boxing?

Boxing Professional 1999 to 2007, Kick Boxing (1 fight), Full Contact (5 fights)

Today you boxing only in Boxing, how this is passed the transition of the French Boxing to Boxing?

It has musted me two years to begin with to feel sensational in Boxing…

What is the big difference enters to evolve in French Boxing and Boxing?

In Boxing this is more physical 10 and 12 rounds of 3 mn, and the boy are really butch but to the level technical tactical the French boxing is really before time this is grace has that I have not the twisted nose today

Have you ambitions in Boxing?

Not now today, I would have been able to when one sees that I was giving do big miseries gives Sebastián Sylvester 6 times Europe Champion but nice this is the boxing.

How many fight in Boxing?

 27 Fights.  18 wins.  1 draw. 8 Losses. 6 K.O.

What is your best memory in Boxing?

My victory in French championship against Hacine Cherifi (World Champion WBC in 1998), I finish the fight K.O. upright!

What do you think the level world today of the French Boxing?

 No coment

Who are for you better nations in French boxing after the France?

It neither there has him step, this is the everything the problem

What is your job, do you arrive have to live of your sport?

Coach sporting, yes it’s good thank you

Do you want to add some things?

Hello to all my boxers friends

Thank you to answer to this interview and good luck for the continuation


Born : 16/01/74 to Asnières

Weight : 75 Kg

Size : 1m82

Number of fights : 70. 57 wins. 12 Losses. 1 draw. 33 K.O. !

Title French Boxing (36 combats, 34 wins, 2 losses): Twice World Champion 1997 and 1999. Twice Europe Champion 1996 and 1998.  5 time France Champion 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999.  Europe Champion of junior 1994.  France Champion Junior 1992, 1993. Island France Champion Senior 1995.

Fight in assauts 50 assaults 49 wins. 1lose.  5 time France Champion.  6 time Island France Champion

Title Boxing (27 fights Professional. 18 wins. 8 loses. 1 draw. Amateur 1 fights. 1 win): 3 times France Champion Pro 2004,2005,2006. Winner of the Tournament of France Pro. Winner of the International Cup of France Pro. Vice Intercontinental Champion WBA 2006

Title Full-Contact (5 Fights. 4 wins. 1 lose): Winner of the Night of the Champions 2004.