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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of GIORGIO PETROSYAN by Serge TREFEU (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello, Giorgio, that is well, how old are you today?

GIORGIO PETROSYAN: I am 23 years old

You were born where and in which region you grew?

I was born in Armenia (Erevan), and I arrived in Italy at the age of 14 in 1999

Have you brothers who make of the boxing?

Yes I have a brother who makes of the Thai boxing, his name is Armen Petrosyan 

How you discovered the boxing and towards which age?

I was 14 years old, and when I was small I looked at the films of Jean-Claude Van Damme and also those of Bruce Lee a lot. From there was born my passion for Muay Thai …

You remember your first fight, you can speak to us about it?

I was 16 years old and I won against an Italian boxer, it was a very technical meeting. But I broke myself the fingers of the foot!

In what category you began to fight and today you fight in which category?

I began to fight in 54 kg and now I fight in  – 70 kg

How is your fight’s records (wins, losses) ?

57 fights. 54 wins. 1 Lose and 2 draws

What is that you gained a lot of victory by K.O.?

30 K.O.

What are the titles that you gained and against whom?

Italy Champion against Zarbo Gionata. Europe Champion MTA against Shemsi Beqiri. Intercontinental champion WMC against Olivier Tchétché. Intercontinental champion WKN against David Javakhia. World champion KL against Imro Main.

How would define you your fighter’s style?

I let you define my style (warrior technician) 

What techniques like you him more fights it?

I love all the techniques, I do not have rather

Until today what is your most beautiful memory of boxing?

When you win they are only beautiful memories!

And your worst memory?

When they made me lose in Thailand… (Lose against Nonthanon Por Pramuk in Bangkok in the Stadium Lumpinee)

Did you already go to fight in Thailand?

Yes in Bangkok among others

You are training in which camp in Thailand?

I am training to Kho Samui in the WMC Samui Gym to Lamai and to Khorat in the camp Thorsilachiai

Have you already fought in a stadium of Bangkok?

Yes in Lumpini Stadium and in Songchai Stadium

Is there a boxer in particular that you would like to fight?

I do not have rather

You have already fought the Thai champion Buakaw (draw decision) would like you to make again a fight against him?

It would please me to make the revenge …

The most redoubtable current champion in your category it is Yodseanklai, would like you to fight him?

Yes because Yodseanklai it is the strongest in 72.5 kg!

Have you already fought in France?

I have already fought twice in France (In 2005 to Villebon, victory against Tarik Benfkih, in 2006 to Villebon victory against Mohamed Bourkhis)

Have you already met the French boxers?

I have already fought against Kaabouri (Anis), Mabel, Bakouri, Bourkhis, Ferre, Tchétché, Benfkih, Tankray, Muller, Cissoko …

How is the Thai boxing in Italy, what is that there is a lot of show of boxing?

There is some more no show because the boxers are not still at the top …

Italian like the boxing Thai and the kick boxing?

That begins quite slowly …

What hardest fighter did you meet until today?

Maybe against Thailand Pinsinchai (3 times champion of the Lumpinee, 300 fights), I have made a draw against him, I had 19 years old and only 25 fights …

Where from come to you this nickname ” The Doctor “?

For my surgical striking, I am precise when I touch my target …

You have already gained the Tournament Janus Fight Night twice, like you this kind of Tournament?

Not too much, I prefer the meetings with a single fight

Today you train in which gym?

To the Satori Gladiatorium Nemesis gym to Gorizia in Italy

With what sparrings you do training?

With my brother and the other very strong boxers but not still famous …

Who is your coache?

Alfio Romanut (founder of the Satori Gladiatorium Nemesis Gym)

Did you live thanks to the boxing or have you a work?

I do not work …

What are your objectives for year 2009?

To go to fight in Japan for K1!

You want to add anything?

I hello all my Fans, bye for now!

Thank you very much and Chook Dee


Size : 1m78

Weight : 70 Kg

Fighter’s record : 57 fights. 54 wins. 1 Lose. 2 draws. 30 K.O !

Title : World Champion KL Thai Boxing en – 67 Kg. Europe Champion  MTA Thai Boxing. Intercontinental Champion WMC Thai Boxing. Intercontinental Champion WKN K1 Rule. Italy Champion Thai Boxing. Winner of Tournament Janus Fight Night in 2006 and 2007.

Gym : Satori Gladiatorium Nemesis