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Elite Fight Club Camp in Hua Hin offers a luxurious and immersive Muay Thai experience, with its high-end facilities and picturesque location just a few kilometers from the beach and an elephant reserve. The presence of a private stadium adds an exclusive dimension to the experience of fighters and visitors.

Hua Hin is a popular beach destination located at a distance of approximately 200 kilometers south of Bangkok. This coastal town is known for its great beaches, relaxed atmosphere and tourist attractions.

Cedric Gautier is the owner of the Elite Fight Club Hua Hin camp and also the magnificent Elite Fight Club camp in Bangkok. He recently opened a third camp on the paradise island of Koh Mak, a small island located in Bangkok Bay, in the province of Trat.

The Elite Fight Club camp in Bangkok also offers modern equipment and an elegant setting. These two establishments combine the tradition of Muay Thai with modern comfort to offer a unique moment for fans of this sport.
Elite Fight Club Bangkok is a well-appointed boxing camp located in central Bangkok on the 10th floor of an upscale condominium complex overlooking the upscale Thonglor and Phrom Pong areas of Sukhumvit Road.

The Elite Fight Club boxing camp in Bangkok is a splendid gym

Cedric Gautier is a Muay Thai enthusiast, having established his roots in Thailand for many years. His knowledge of the boxing world makes him a well-connected person in the field. His experience includes several fights in Thailand, which shows his commitment to this martial art.

A notable facet of his journey is his collaboration with Khru Gae, the personal trainer of One Championship star Superbon Banchamek. Khru Gae is an authority in the world of Muay Thai, recognized for his skills and expertise. Their partnership at the Elite Fight Club camp in Bangkok was successful, benefiting from the experience and knowledge shared between the two men.

Cedric Gautier, the owner of the Elite Fight Club in Hua Hin and Bangkok

A few years after opening his camp in Bangkok, in 2017, Cedric Gautier bought an old camp in the Hua Hin region and completely restored it.

A 7,000 square meter complex comprising accommodation with swimming pool, fully equipped boxing gym, functional training and conditioning area, recovery area with sauna, steam room and ice bath. A restaurant is also available to boxers.

From classes for children to classes specially coordinated for professional Muay Thai talents, Elite Fight Club trainers offer all types of training for all levels of physical ability and ambition.

Hua Hin Elite Fight Club currently has top champions such as Victor Pinto, Khomphikhat Sor Tawanrung and Zaza Sor Aree.

Victor Pinto, little brother of the famous champion Antoine Pinto (WMC and WPMF world champion, WAKO European champion), has fought more than 100 professional fights, he has often fought in the big stadiums of Bangkok such as the Omnoi stadium and the Lumpinee stadium. In 2010, he was elected “Best foreign boxer in the Lumpinee stadium”.

Victor Pinto fought extensively in the famous Thai organization “Thai Fight” in which he made 23 fights for 19 victories and only 4 defeats. Also, he faced great foreign champions in the famous Glory shows in Europe and the One Championship in Thailand.

The French champion has been part of the Elite Fight Club team for two years, he is general director and head trainer of the Elite Fight Club camp in Hua Hin.

Victo Pinto

Khomphikhat Sor Tawanrung is Lumpinee stadium champion in 168 lbs and ENA world champion. He has more than 150 fights under his belt.

In 2017, Khomphikhat made 12 successful fights. After seven fights won, on Saturday December 2, 2017, he won the Lumpinee belt in 168 lbs against the French champion from Reunion Island Vianney Seperoumal (ISKA world champion, WKN European champion). This is the first time that a match for the belt in the 168 lbs (76 Kg) category has been organized, the maximum category in the Lumpinee stadium until 2017 was 160 lbs (72 Kg).

Khomphikhat successfully defended his title once, then the Covid pandemic stopped fight organizations for more than two years. So, the Thai was unable to defend his title and officially, in 2024, he is still the only Lumpinee champion in the 168 lbs category…

In 2018, Khomphikhat won the ENA (Nai Khanom Tom Muay Thai Sports Association) world champion belt against Uzbek Tolipov Mansurbek. The Thai has already fought several times for the Elite Fight Club camp.

Lumpinee Champion
ENA World champion

Zaza Sor Aree is a former great champion, she made 41 fights for 33 victories and won the WPMF world champion belt in two categories as well as the E-1 WMC world title in – 52 Kg. Zaza also won the belt of the Asawindam stadium and the Channel 9 stadium belt.

She is currently the assistant director at the Elite Fight Club camp in Hua Hin.

Zaza Sor Aree

Several French fighters have already chosen to prepare in this elite camp. Among them, we include the WBC world champion Morgan Adrar, as well as his student Julian Carre, French champion, who trained for his third fight at the Radja stadium in Bangkok, as part of the renowned RWS organization. Julian Carre faced the great champion Satanfah Sitsongpeenong (WBC and Thai Fight World Champion, winner of the Isuzu tournament) who beat him on points.

Also, Julien Quentin (French Champion and gold medalist at the WMF World Championship) prepared his student Florent Louis-Joseph (WMF World Champion) for several fights at the RWS Show, also in the Radja stadium.

Australian champion Jayy Tonkin opted for the Elite Fight Club in Hua Hin to prepare for his ISKA World Championship in Cambodia.

Anne Linh Nguyen, French champion, also wore the colors of the Elite Fight Club Hua Hin during the famous King’s Cup organization in Bangkok.
Finally, professional fighter Julian Leo has been based in Hua Hin for over a year now. He represents the Elite Fight Club camp in the major stadiums of Bangkok as well as abroad, in Southeast Asia.

A special place allows boxers to dry their boxing bands, dry bands are important for hand hygiene
The boxers benefit from a beautiful swimming pool near their bungalow, after the effort, the comfort
The Lumpinee champion Khomphikhat Sor Tawanrung in the country with Cedric Gautier
Work on the Khomphikhat punching bag
By taking care of each of his students, Cedric Gautier shows that he really cares about their individual progress
At the Elite Fight Club camp, there are several trainers to take care of the boxers. Each coach brings their own skills, experience and techniques
Victor Pinto is a well-known figure in the world of Muay Thai, and the fact that he is the head coach of the Elite Fight Club camp adds an extra dimension to his reputation
The large crossfit gym offers members an excellent opportunity to work on their general fitness, strength, agility and endurance, which can be extremely beneficial to their performance in the ring
The Elite Fight Club camp in Hua Hin has a spacious and well-equipped infrastructure, good infrastructure is essential to offer the fighters an optimal environment to train and prepare for fight. With so much space, boxers have the ability to move freely and train in different areas, whether it’s striking techniques, ground work, fitness or other aspects of training
Cedric Gautier had the excellent idea of designing the boxing camp centre as a stadium with bleachers. This offers an authentic experience to visitors and creates a unique atmosphere for boxing evenings that he sometimes organizes
Elite Fight Club shows take place almost every month
Saunas and steam rooms are known for their benefits on muscle recovery, blood circulation and stress relief. Offering these facilities to boxers within the Elite Fight Club camp helps create an environment conducive to recovery and physical and mental well-being
The Elite Fight Club Camp Shop offers a varied selection of items, from boxing gloves to shin guards to shorts and training accessories, the shop helps meet the needs of boxers, whether beginners or experienced



Elite Fight Club Gym

462 Hin Lek Fai

Hua Hin District

Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110


The Waterford Diamond Tower 10th Floor 

Soi Sukhumvit 30/1 Sukhumvit Road


Bangkok 10110

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