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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of IELÖ PAGE by Serge TREFEU (2008)


Serge TREFEU : Hello, you live in area Bretagne, is this that you grew in this region?

IELÖ PAGE :  Yes, I am born to Brest in area Bretagne and I of it grew

What old are you?

I am 20 years

Do you practise other sports before the Thai boxing?

Yes, 4 years table tennis, the sport de my father and after 4 years hand-ball, the sport of my mother then I am reconverted in the Thai boxing…

What is this that attracted you towards this sport of combat?

I found that pretty to watch in more that unwinds well

You began the boxing in what gym?


How do you have fights, of wins and losses?

19 fights,  5  losses and 12 wins

In what category you fight?

In – 60 kg

Is you took part in the Championships of Europe amateur 2007 in Spain, how it unrolled this first great competition for you?

That were all new to memory that is the first time that I departed fight à the foreign, although the Thai boxing is an individual sport I found that we were very welded between the competitors, good surroundings, good spirit of team. Finally I have a good memory of it, even though I was lost in finale…

Then in 2008 you participles with the Championships of the World amateur and you take down draws it supreme, that is a tall performance, can you speak us of this beautiful adventure?

Indeed that was a beautiful adventure, I did not want to be lost like in Spain to the final or I cracked mentally. In order happily to me I was well surrounded at the time of the championship, I have a good advises!

Today you training in which gym, speaks us of your coach?

I am to the Wanmeechok gym to Brest the new club create by Fred WYART and Tuï Yotchaï Rimpet  from Jocky gym.  Fred is a very good trainer, he knows how motivates us and is invested in order enormously to his boxers. I owe him much on sportsman, personally…

Is there much girl who training herself with you in your gym?

In order no to the instant I am the only thing

Did you already boxing in Thailand?


Do you know the current international champions girls of your category?

Yes, Dutch ROSALIE BERGHUIS of 57kg, Wendy Miranda No 1 contender WMC in Australia, Jomyuthying Kiat NOR VOR Champion S1 World championship of Thailand

How goes the muay Thai and in particular the female muay Thai  in the Bretonne area?

That starts to develop

According to you, female Thai boxing is you it represented well in France?

Not, there is not much girl still…

Which is your best fight, until today?

I will not be able to say it to each fights, I make progress…

And your hardest fight?

My first fight in classifies B against Angelica PITIOT of it

I believe it that you are student; manage you to reconcile your studies and the high level sport?  

Yes I am in STAPS (FAC of sport), it is not always easy to connect the courses and the training and more the fights but I do what I can

Which are your future projects in muay Thai, is what you will take part in other championships?

Yes I hope for boxing with the championship of France and of the World amateur WMF IFMA then with Queen’ S Cup and I will love boxing this summer for Pariyakorn Ratanasuban the girl of the famous promoter Sonchaï of Thailand!

You want to add something?

Hello with the gym of Athis-Mons, Pascal Mathieu, Nacer Boushma, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Kote d’Or and Jude of the Dausmenil gym, Dany Bill and Luc Mensah

Thank you to have answered this interview and CHOOK DEE


Weight: 59 kg

Size: 1m63

Number of fight:   19. 12 wins. 5 Losses.

Titles:   World champion 2008 WMF. Vice Europe champion 2007