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Temps de lecture : 7 minutes


By Serge TREFEU (2014)

SERGE TREFEU : Hello Vladimir how are you?

VLADIMIR KONSKY : Hello Serge, I am doing great. Thank you. The years of the hard work I have put in this sport are now finally paying off by the achievements in the ring I have always dreamed of. I am really satisfied and happy not only in my sport career but also in my personal life. Sometimes I miss living in Thailand and I like to think back on the time I spent training and living there

How old are you and towards what age you began he boxing?

I am 30 years old now and I started boxing at the age of 17…

You were born in Slovakia in what place you increased?

I was born in Rimavska Sobota, in the south of the central part of Slovakia. I lived there until the age of 9. That is when my family moved to Hrnciarske Zaluzany, a small village nearby. Right now I live and train in the city of Banska Bystrica

How you discovered the boxing?

When I was 17, one of my friends Robo Adam came to me and asked if I wanted to go try some boxing with him. We just started training on our own, sparring together without even knowing the right technique or any rules. At that time, a small gym was opened in our village Hrnciarske Zaluzany, by Mr. Milan Skorna, who became my first trainer. He saw we were really ardent into this sport and he offered to train us and teach us. It didn’t take long before I entered the ring for the first time. After just 3 months of training he enlisted us for our first fights in December 2004.

I started with the kickboxing, at that time I had no idea I would one day end up with Muay Thai. In the years 2006 and 2007 I was Slovak national Champion in kickboxing – lowkick in category 75kg. Despite these achievements I somehow felt I wanted to grow as a fighter and that I wanted something more in my career. In 2007 my trainer started taking me to train in Firegym Muay Thai camp in Banska Bystrica, which is top Muay Thai gym in Slovakia. That is when I met my current trainer Martin Belak.

At first I only came to train in Firegym once in a while, but after some time I decided this was what was missing in my career and I moved to Banska Bystrica, got a job here and have been training in Firegym ever since then. I believe this was the best decision in my life so far !

What are the fighters who are in your gym?

In Slovakia there are not so many top fighters who fight in full muay thai rules. In Firegym I train together with many strong fighters and very often fighters from other gyms or other countries come to train with us. Many guys that train in our gym have already been to camps in Thailand and I believe, that if you truly want to understand Muay Thai, it’s technique, culture, history, it’s training, you have to spend some time in camp in Thailand.

For me, if you want to be a top fighter, this is an experience you mustn’t miss. To answer your question precisely, right now I’m training for example with Jan Mazur, Michal Tomko, Marcel Jager who are fighters who already spent a lot of time in the professional ring, but the true motivation comes from the young blood in our gym, the young hungry fighters who want to be just as good and even better than we are. Now in the days of commercial Muay Thai training, our gym is very special as almost 99% of members are also fighters


Your trainer is always the same since you began MuayThai?

Yes, for the past 8 years I have been under the guidance of Martin Belak, who not only is my trainer and promoter, but he is mainly my friend. We make a great team and I believe that the big accomplishments are only yet to come. My trainer’s goal is to raise fighters that can fight and defeat top Thai fighters. It’s a very ambitious goal, it’s hard to believe him sometimes but we are getting there step by step


You fought a lot in Slovakia?

What does it mean a lot? Until now I have fought 96 professional fights in my career. I used to fight in Slovakia at the beginning of my career, later I started travelling a lot more and when I fight in Slovakia now, it is usually against strong opponents from other countries. During my fight career I had great opportunities to fight abroad in more than 15 countries – Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Russia, New Zealand, Iran, Cambodia, but also in European countries – Slovakia of course, Czech republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France, Germany !

What are the titles which you gained?

In 2006, Slovak Champion in Kickboxing low-kick – 75 kg, in 2006, Czech Open winner, Kickboxing low-kick 75 kg, in 2007, Slovak Champion in Kickboxing low-kick – 75 kg, in 2009, World Champion PK1 Phuket, Thailand, in 2011, Intercontinental Champion WPMF – 69,9 kg, in 2011, Winner of International prestige tournament in Poland -72,5 kg, in 2013, International Champion of Youngblood in MuayThai – 71 kg, Winner of 8 men Youngblood grand Prix!


How much you made of fight, how much victory and defeats?

Currently I have 96 fights, 65 victories (28 KO), 30 Iosses, 1 draw !

You faced and defeated recently the great champion Kem Sitsongpeenong, what do you think of this opponent?

This victory is very precious to me. I respect Khem just as I respect each of my opponents. I already fought him once before, 6 years ago, in the King’s Cup tournament. He won that first fight on points, it was my first time in Thailand I only had 12 professional fights at that time, but losing against such a strong opponent gave me a lot more, than winning against 10 weak ones could ever do.

This year my chance of rematch against Khem came and I grabbed it with all my dedication and the result was very satisfying for me and my trainer. Khem is a well known champion, now I belong to that rank too


What known fighters that you met?

Yodsanklai Fairtex, Khem Sitsongpeenong, Lomesarn Sor Chockkitchai, Antoine Pinto, Singdam Kiatmuu9, Nopparat Keatkhamtorn, Robert Terminator, Sen Bunten, Abdoul Tourre, Rachid Belani and many more. It’s very funny but most of my fights in Thailand very against top ranked Thais in Radja or Lumpinee and the weight of 67 – 70kg. Back then I didn‘t really know who were the top fighters in Thailand and sometimes I took fights against very strong opponents and I didn‘t even know who they were



In November, you’re going to fight in France for the event Top King, this is the first time you fight in France?

No, I have been to France before, I had one fight there about two years ago. I’m very excited to fight in Paris, it’s a beautiful city and people in France understand Muay Thai, so I am really looking forward !


You know current French fighters?

Yes, I know more French fighters, The best known for me right now is Antoine Pinto, even though he lives and fights mostly in Thailand. I also faced Abdoul Tourre. I know other great French fighters such as Samy Sana, Yohan Lidon and Cheick Sidibe, We had Samy, Cheick and Abdoul fighting in Slovakia only two years ago in the Youngblood professional shows

What do you think of French fighters?

My ambition as a fighter is to defeat any opponent I face, no matter the nationality. The strategy of each of my fights is thought by my trainer Martin. I don‘t really care about who my opponent is, where he comes from. Each fighter is different, one is stronger, another may be weaker, but what I value most is how much effort they put into their training and preparations for the fight.

What I really like about French fighter though is the fact that they are always willing to fight Muay Thai in full rules, now when kickboxing, or the no elbow rules are so popular in the rest of the Europe. Slovakia has built very strong Muay Thai, which is the number one combat sport here and opponents from France are well known and respected in our fight scene

You’ve often trained in Thailand?

Altogether I spent three years in Thailand, living and training there. During these years I gained so much valuable experience from training and fighting there that I believe it truly helped to form my professional career. Right now I only come to Thailand once in a while to fight, but in the future I would love to come back and spend some tourist time in Thailand, just travelling and sightseeing. Thailand’s culture, natural beauty, food and the amazing people you meet everywhere are very close to me so I always love to return.

Although I spent three years in Thailand I know the country mostly from the fighter’s view: training, fighting, training, fighting and so on. Many people think that it is very romantic to be a fighter in Thailand, but sometimes it can be very hard. You must get by as you can. Sometimes you have money, sometimes you don‘ t. The guys that are training and fighting in Thailand and staying long time know what I am talking about

What do you think of Thai fighters?

I believe there are no better fighters in the world. Of course I mean in weights up to around 70kg and in full Muay Thai rules

Who are for you the best Thai fighters in your category at present?

I think right now Yodsanklai Fairtex is the best. I have fought him in Thai Fight, I lost at the end of the first round by TKO. I got up but the referee wouldn‘ t let it go. Originally I was supposed to fight Abraham Roqueni, but there was no draw and they told me at the weigh-in I would fight Yodsanklai. Opponent like this needs proper preparation and for me although I decided to fight him it was not a very good experience, because I was not prepared for him.

But I hope I will get the chance to fight him again and I will redeem myself against him. In my weight category around 70kg the top guys are Saiyok, Sudsakorn, Buakaw, Khem, Nonsai…


There is an opponent in particular that you would like to meet today?

There are so many great fighters. I don‘ t have a particular one that I want to face more than the others. I only know I want to fight the best ones. It’s a challenge on it own. I never choose my opponents and I would never refuse to face anyone. Managing my fights is in the hands on my trainer Martin and I trust him completely. Of course I would love to have a rematch with Yod as I mentioned. And of course of each fighter‘ s career now is to face Buakaw, so maybe we will meet in the ring

What is your best memory of boxing so far?

I have so many best memories. They are mostly connected with the fights I won, but generally all the time in my life I have spent training and fighting is a very positive aspect of my life

And the worst?

For each fighter the worst are injuries. Fortunately I haven’t had many of them and I healed quickly. My life brought some very bad situations for me but they are not connected to the fighting

Your hardest fight of your career?

I think those are only yet to come. But the most memorable and probably one of the hardest ones was against Champert Chopisapet in Malaysia. As I have mentioned when I was training in Thailand I took many fights that my trainer wouldn’t allow. They told me I would fight some good Thai and I have only discovered after the fight that he very highly ranked at that time in Thailand. He was sure that he would knock me out, but I survived and made a very good fight. So this a very good experience for me…

What are the techniques which you most like making on the boxing ring?

I like all the techniques I can use to hit the opponent. Of course if they are effective and have the right result. I prefer Muay Thai because you are not limited in using all the boxing techniques, kicks, elbows and clinching. The techniques are various, it’s not only important to perform them correctly, but mostly to use them effectively

What are your projects for 2014/2015?

That is a question for my trainer and manager Martin Belak. On the 15th November I will be fighting in the Top King World Series tournament in Paris, on the 30th November I have a superfight at the W5 show in Bratislava and on 27th December I will be fighting in my hometown Banska Bystrica, on the fast growing Youngblood professional fighting series. I will be fighting for the IPCC title belt in Muay Thai. I am looking forward to each one of them and to what the following year brings

You want to add anything?

Thank you very much for the interview, and for the opportunity to share my ideas and memories. I have been following your magazine for many years now and I think you are making a great job presenting this sport to people. Good luck with your job !

Thank you very much for this interview and CHOOKDEE for your fight !

Konsky is the fighter who took over the great champions Rudolf Durica and Vladimir Moravcik are of the same gym as him!

Konsky is trained in many camps in Thailand, he tested several camps such as Saengmorakot, the Rompo Gym, the Ingram Gym, the 96 Peenang in Bangkok, K.Romsritong in Samut Sakhon and the WMC Lamai to Koh Samui!






He also fought many times in Thailand, where he won one belt World Champion in Phucket!

In 2013, to the Thai fight, Konsky lost by KO against terror Thai Yodsanklai Fairtex. But he did a great performance in August 2014, beating the star Kem Sitsongpeenong!

The Slovak will be to be on in Tournament TOP KING WORLD SERIE who will take place on November 15th to Montigny-le-Bretonneux, a mega show where the best fighters of the planet – 70 kg are going to be in confrontation!


Weight: 70 Kg

Number of fight: 96. 65 Wins (28 KO). 30 Losses. 1 Draw

Team: Eastern Beasts by Dynamo / Firegym

Title: Slovak Champion in Kickboxing low-kick – 75 kg (2006), Czech Open winner, Kickboxing low-kick 75 kg (2007), Slovak Champion in Kickboxing low-kick – 75 kg, (2009), World Champion PK1 Phuket, Thailand, (2011), Intercontinental Champion WPMF – 69,9 kg, (2011), Winner of International prestige tournament in Poland -72,5 kg, (2013), International Champion of Youngblood in MuayThai – 71 kg, Winner of 8 men Youngblood grand Prix (2013)