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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes


Hello Ms. Lohapuea, thank you for granting me this interview, how are you?

MRS. SUNTAREE LOHAPUEA: I am very well thank you

How long have you been a boxing promoter?

I have been seriously involved in fight promotion for six years, before I only helped my husband who managed fight promotion

Is your husband a promoter?

Yes, he was the promoter and manager of our boxing camp, he died in 2018. I found myself managing the business alone with our partner Mr. Somdjit Waenkaew

How old are you ?

I’m 39 years old and I think I was the youngest boxing promoter in Thailand

Your Jitmuangnon stadium has existed for how long?

For over ten years. But it was completely renovated because of a fire which ravaged it three years ago…

Was your stadium completely destroyed?

Exactly, these last few years have been extremely difficult, the covid period forced us to close the stadium, then the fire almost caused the stadium to disappear permanently. Fortunately, we were able to rebuild the stadium and today it is even more beautiful than before!

Do you organize fight promotions only in your stadium or also in other stadiums?

Every Saturday, I organize promotions at the Or Tor Kor 3 stadium (Jitmuangnon) and sometimes I organize at the Lumpinee stadium during the week

Ms. Lohapuea often organizes with Thailand’s most renowned promoters like the Petchyindee family

Are the fights in your stadium broadcast on a TV channel?

They are broadcast live, every Saturday, on the PPTV channel from 12:15 p.m. with five main fights broadcast live

After each fight, at the Jitmuangnon stadium, the winning boxers come to respectfully greet the owner of the stadium

Have you ever worked with foreign promoters?

No, I haven’t had the chance yet

Can foreign fighters fight in your stadium?

Yes, of course, there are regular matches with foreign fighters on the Jitmuangnon promotions program

Does your stadium bear the name of your camp, Jitmuangnon Gym?

Yes, it is called “Jitmuangnon Stadium” but many people call it “Or Tor Kor Stadium” because it is located in the large Or Tor Kor 3 indoor market in Nonthaburi

Your Jitmuangnon boxing camp has been in existence for how many years?

The Jitmuangnon camp was created in 2000 by my husband and the promoter Somdjit Waenkaew (Radja stadium promoter), they joined forces and founded the Jitmuangnon boxing camp, “Jit” is the abbreviation of “Somdjit” and ” Muangnon” is the last name of my husband who was called “Uan Muangnon”

Ae Jitmuangnon with his partner Mr. Somdjit Waenkaew

Today, how many boxers are in your camp?

We have around thirty professional fighters including a dozen great champions. Our camp is one of the best camps in Thailand, it is ranked No. 3 in the top 10 best camps in the country and in 2019 we received the “Best Camp of the Year” award from “The Sport Writers Association of Thailand “. Since its creation, our camp has won nearly forty championship belts!

Jitmuangnon Gym champions Phanpayak, Nuenglanlek, Rodtang, Kiewphayak are among the Top 5 best fighters in Thailand

Who are the most famous boxers in your camp?

The most famous currently is Rodtang Jitmuangnon (Champion One Championship, Omnoi champion) who is the only Muay Thai boxer in history who has won the sum of 300,000 dollars. We also have Phanpayak Jitmuangnon (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion) who is the only fighter to have received the “Best Boxer of the Year” trophy three times in a row in 2013, 2014 and 2015!

Ae Jitmuangnon with the star of his camp, Rodtang Jitmuangnon (current One Championship world champion in 135 lbs)
Ae Jitmuangnon, Rodtang Jitmuangnon, Uan Muangnon (Ms. Suntaree Lohapuea’s husband)
Ms. Suntaree Lohapuea surrounded by her two stars, Phanpayak Jitmuangnon and Kiewphayak Jitmuangnon

Who are the other champions of Jitmuangnon?

There are many, Kiewphayak Jitmuangnon (Best boxer of the year 2019 The Sports Authority of Thailand, Lumpinee champion), Phanpayak’s little brother, Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon (Lumpinee champion, Omnoi champion, Best boxer of the year 2019 Siam Kila trophy), Petchachon Jitmuangnon (Winner of the 2019 Isuzu Tournament), Yodpanumrung Jitmuangnon (Thailand Champion, WMC and WPMF world champion, TV7 champion, Omnoi champion), Phetkarat Jitmuangnon (TV7 Champion), Peemai Jitmuangnon (WPMF World Champion ), Kumarngoen Jitmuangnon (Omnoï Champion), Phetmahachon Jitmuangnon (2018 Omnoï Champion, 2018 Isuzu tournament champion), Superlek Jitmuangnon (2020 Omnoï Champion), Sakaengam Jitmuangnon (2017 Omnoï Champion), Daorot Jitmuangnon (2017 Omnoï Champion), Petchsomchit Jit muangnon ( TV7 Champion 2017, Radja Champion 2020)!

The owner of Jitmuangnon Gym with her dream team

Do you have any foreign fighters who have represented your gym?

Yes, of course, currently we have the young Joseph Jitmuangnon (Slovakia) who is one of the best foreigners, he often fights in the TV7, Lumpinee and Radja stadiums. Also, the Italian champion Alex Jitmuangnon who won the Thailand champion belt in 2022 with our camp. There are many foreign fighters who come to train in our gym

Joseph Jitmuangnon
Alex Jitmuangnon

What is your best boxing memory so far?

Receiving the “Best Boxing Camp Manager of the Year” award was for me a very honorary recognition of my work and my investment in my boxers!

Sor Ae Jitmuangnon was named “Best Boxing Camp Manager of the Year” in 2021, she was awarded this outstanding trophy by the famous institution “Sports Authority of Thailand”

You are nicknamed in the boxing world “the iron woman”, why this nickname?

You know, the boxing world is a man’s world and as a woman I have to impose myself twice as much, I have the reputation of being tough in business and firm with my boxers. But I respect them all enormously, I am like a mother to them, in fact most of the boxers call me familiarly “Mae” (Mom)…

“The Iron Woman” is very close to her boxers
Ae Jitmuangnon with his champion Phetmahachon Jitmuangnon (2018 Omnoï Champion, 2018 Isuzu tournament champion)
Whether he is a simple young fighter or a great champion, Ae Jitmuangnon brings the same affection to his boxers

Thank you very much for this interview and I wish you chookdee for your future events!

Serge Trefeu (Siamfightmag reporter), Nichao Jitmuangnon (Wor Wiriyakun) (Jitmuangnon stadium champion in 112 lbs on February 10, 2024), Ms. Suntaree Lohapuea, Maurice Briere (Nakitail Fighting teacher)

Nicknamed “Ying Lek” (The Iron Woman), Suntaree Lohapuea, or “Ae Jitmuangnon”, stands out as the most influential boxing promoter in Thailand.

The tragic disappearance of her husband, Uan Muangnon, who suffered a heart attack on March 4, 2018, forced her to fully immerse herself in the demanding world of boxing.

Successfully running a boxing camp as prestigious as Jitmuangnon Gym, acting as manager and organizer, developing programs for each boxer, carefully monitoring their well-being while juggling the responsibilities of a family life , represent a monumental challenge for Ae Jitmuangnon.

It also manages activities in the field of sports games. Yet this intrepid businesswoman manages to harmonize these multiple facets of her life with remarkable ease.

It is precisely this ability to manage a multitude of roles, combined with his unwavering dedication to the boxing world, that earned him enormous respect within the boxing community in Thailand!